#CWCPaperdollSwap "Artist Choice"

Dollies from our first swap ~ "Artist Choice" are now at their new homes.
I am pleased to introduce to you...


Victoria  by Linda EdkinsWyatt for Ann Barnes

Angel  by Theresa Martin for Julie Ann Lee

  Annie Belle  by Kim Laws for Jackie PN

                       Anastasia  by Jackie PN for Kim Laws
  BlueBird Fairy  by Monica Downing for Anne Williamson

 Drama Queen  by Sherie Eddy for Tristan Robin Blakeman

Emily Rose  by Jeanne Draachreider for June Walker
  Liberty  by Ann S. Barnes for Linda Edkins Wyatt

 Molly and Holly  by Darlene Campbell for Zina Cate

 Liza  by Anne Williamson for Monica Downing
Orphan Faerie  by Tristan Blakeman for Sherie Eddy
 Woodland Fairy  by Pam Wildeboer for Jackie PN

The Jester  by June Walker for Jeanne Draachreider

  Metamorphosis   by Zina Cate for Darlene Campbell
 Venetia  by Julie Ann Lee for Theresa Martin

Stasie  by Jackie PN for Pammie Wildeboer


Karenliz Henderson said...

WOW, WOW AND WOW!!!! Amazing dolls. I love all the details in each doll. I would have never thought of doing 1/4 of all that detail. Stunning. Amazing.

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

So great to see them all together, what a beautiful collection!

Julie Ann Lee said...

This swap was so much fun! It's really great to see this gallery of dollies all together! I love studying everyone's dolls in all their amazing detail. Thank You so much for organising it all so brilliantly, Jackie.xxx

Jeanne Draachreider said...

I agree with Julie. It's great to see them all here and look them over in detail. Having a great time with the swap. :)

Pam Wildeboer said...

What fun! I love seeing them all :) I can’t wait to see round 2 dollies ❤️ Xoxox

June Walker said...

Wonderful to see all the dolls in one place! I love the creativity! Inspiring!

Kim Collister said...

So much amazing talent here! Love seeing the dolls and can't wait to see the new ones coming up. All so different and inspiring and full of wonderful detail! You Beautiful Dolls You!! Thanks for sharing Jackie! Looking forward to seeing round 2!

Happy Creating!