Paper Doll Swap

 I am so happy you decided to join in and play dolls with us!
 This swap is dedicated to creating homemade paper dolls to swap out with other paperdoll lovers around the world. You need not be a "perfect" doll maker,but please,try your best,follow the guidelines (only a few)and most of all,have fun!

Every other month(or monthly-will take a vote on this) we will have a new theme doll and after all joining names are received,I will partner you up and give you your partners mailing address. Please remember this is open worldwide, so you may have a partner in another country. 

This swap is NOT a mandatory month to month, please feel free to jump in and out when you can. ") 

We all have issues come up in life, but if you a no show with no warning,you will not be invited back to swap. This I have to be strict with in fairness and out of respect for the others who are playing. Thank you for understanding~ 

Up next are a few guidelines and go-overs below.
  • Please read all of these and before signing up,leave your name as well as "I agree" in the comments below.
  •  Dolls must adhere to current theme for the swap
  • Please mail out 1 week before due date,and email your partner when your dolly goes out in the mail. Wrap her/him gently,so as not to get beat up by the postal service.
  • Please remember there may be first timers here. Be encouraging and helpful.
  • Depending on the number of swappers, you may get the same partner at some point.
  • On the back of your doll,please be sure to write:
  1. Doll's name
  2. Theme
  3. Artist's name~you!
  4. Date
 I have created a Pinterest board which I will send you an invitation to once we begin swapping.
This board has samples of dolls,free templates,and a place to share and introduce our made paperdolls.

to play along,please email me @ (kampyarts) (@) (gmail) (dot) (com) 
  For your interest I have listed several links below,all referring to paper dolls. Some of these links are blogs that show dolls and also have freebies.
 Paper doll convention

These links  in bold Offer freebies to download or printout:
  The International Paper Doll Society/

 PaperDoll School

Gabi's PaperDolls

The Enchanted Gallery

EK Duncan~My Fanciful Muse

 The Sum of All Crafts blog

 The Vintage Moth


Take a visit to Linda Edkins Wyatt's blog and visit her dollies on her Paper Dolls for Big Girls Page

I have also included some of my favorite online shops to purchase sheets from to create dolls.
Please,always remember the Angel Policies when purchasing sheets.


One CrabApple

Paper Whimsy

TenTwo Studios

Glorious paper doll stamps and dies(swoon) are available here:
 CharacterConstruction~Catherine Moore~Stamps&Dies

My dolls
 Ornament  dolls

Woodland theme

 Faerie for a friend!
 Steampunk Theme

 Angels we have heard on high...

Just for fun

Christmas doll theme

 Back to school theme
btw- my first paperdolls as an adult ")
 Mermies and her beau theme
and can't remember what I named him
 Halloween theme

Some of the dolls I have received from a previous swap group
Mermies and beau theme

"Oceana" by MaryJane Chadborne
"Captain Jack" by Janet Ghio

 Steampunk theme
"Ethelrita Flinchpaw" by Janet Ghio

                                    Back to school theme

"Mod Linnie 1967" by Linda Edkins Wyatt
"Alfalfa" by Andrea Spadda
Woodland theme
"Cricket" by JoAnne Robinson
"Castrel Crater" by Darlene Campbell

China Doll head theme
"Hanna" by Colleen Carlson
"Heather" by Kay Milan

I just love what Kay did with this doll!


ArtyDiva said...

OMG YAYYYYYY! Great idea, I can not wait. How do we sign up??

Sara Barker said...

Let me start by saying this is such a wonderful idea! You sure have provided us with a ton of inspiration! I think I will have to watch this one from the sidelines. I know I would not be good at letting my babies go! Ha! Ha! Your blog is looking GOOD! Have you been busy lately, or has it just been that long since I've popped in for a visit? Sending big warm hugs! (We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave!)

Jeanne Draachreider said...

I see a lot of familiar names as I go through the dolls you've received. :) Maybe there will be some meeting up of old friends here. XOXO

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

So exciting to discover other paper doll lovers! And Jackie, TWO of your dolls are in the Wyatt collection, the fairy/angel is always on our Christmas tree, and the Back to School was one of the first I ever traded. Hope to see old friends like Jeanne and meet new ones!

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Just wanted to add, for Sarah B, that I ALWAYS make two, one to keep and a twin to trade, otherwise I couldn't part with my babies. I do the same with ATCs and tags. Always keep one :-)

Zina Cate said...

I would love to join. Linda messaged me last night. She knows I love paper doll swaps! Will email you.

Darlene Campbell said...

Darlene Campbell
"I agree" to your terms and outline for participating in the swap. (Now if I just remember what the terms are) ha ha

Thanks for the invitation...your dolls are beautiful and creative. I treasure the ones you made for me.

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Thank you Jackie, I would love to join your new group! I agree to the terms and am off to email you.

Ann Barnes said...

Thank you so much for inviting me Jackie! I agree with the terms and am "in" for this first swap! Looking forward to sharing my dolls!~Ann xo

June Walker said...

Very interesting swap Jackie! I think I may sign up but not sure how often I could participate!

Julie Ann Lee said...

Hi Jackie, I would love to join in. I agree to the rules. You have my email. I've made art dolls, but never paper dolls so this is an exciting new venture!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Well, this is new to me - but thanks for the invitation - I'm up for a new challenge! LOL
My email is (easy to remember LOL) - just let me know when and where to send!
And, thanks again, for thinking of me.


P.S. Love your collection!

Pam Wildeboer said...

I can not wait! I love your dolls and inspiration and thank you for adding me! I agree to all the rules too...following directions is one of my strong suits lol