Monday, October 29, 2018


Hi everyone!
 It has been quite awhile since I last posted...oh my! over a month!
Truth be told, like many other bloggers and artists I have read,seems there has been some sort of "Funk" going around! heehee Not sure if it is the dramatic weather changes or just plain ole a little bit of burn out.
What ever it is, for me I refer to it as this; remember the "Hey Diddle Diddle" Nursery rhyme,where the Dish ran away with the Spoon?
 in my case, it is, my Mojo ran away with my Muse! LOL

So for today,I am going to show you a  bit of early this summer stuff.
Our paperdoll group had a Fairytale/Nursery Rhyme swap.
For my paperdoll to trade,I created two Humpty Dumptys 
 "it's always funny ...

 till the egg falls off the wall
 and cracks open!"
 Silly eggs!
My two  paperdolls went to Jeanne in Washington, and these are the dolls Jeanne sent me
Red and her Wolf

I am working on linking a second paperdoll blog to this one, so you can go in and view all of the fabulous dolls our group players have been creating! Stay tuned!

Early July,three of our grandsons came for our week together adventure,and we had the best fun here,swimming in our newly cleaned pond pool!
 The boys call it the world's biggest swimming pool! LOL
 playing rub a dub dub!
 and they made up this game with Chum,they call "Scratch Dog" LOL
  Basically Monkey in the Middle with Chum chasing the big blue ball. Only he gets too close sometimes and inadvertently scratches the kids with his paws-hence, "Scratch Dog"
 they got the biggest kick out of their game and were in the pond a good 3 hours!
 time to shower up- they love showering when it is outside with heated water!

We had reservations for camping at the same spot as last year,Fair Haven State Park,but had to wait for our site to open up.
So Calem and I were off to the art barn to "play art".
bummer the other two boys are more into their video games and we could not convince them to join us. but we had lots of fun and he learned how to use stencils and mark making tools and different kinds of paints.


Calem's masterpieces!

After all the hard work of creating, time for a chill with Chum

 Time to go camping!

 spending time with Chum
and these two knuckleheads found this board on the way to the private beach carried it all the way!
 but what fun they had, teeter tottering
 and playing...
walk the plank!
 Calem was busy building his city with a "Wall" to keep out,his words-not mine,Trump!
Sure is something when even the young ones are affected by all this nonsense.
He did a great job and when we went back a month later,most of it was still there!
and finally,while the kiddos slept in, I did some camping journaling
 and cut & pasting,while working on new paperdoll designs~ to be seen soon ")

Thanks so much for hanging in through the photos and taking the time to visit me! I do hope everyone is doing well and having a beautiful season, whichever it may be for you!
Peace & Love


Valerie-Jael said...

Sorry that your muse went for a hike, but she seems to be back now. Love humpty dumpty pieces, and the summer journaling. Great photos from the camping adventure, too. Looks like you all had BIG fun. Have a great week and look after yourself, hugs, Valerie

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hi Jackie, this was a wonderful post!! Great Humpty dumpty! Really cute AND clever my friend~
I enjoyed seeing a bit of your camping journaling; and of course a peek into some of your beachy camping trip too~ How fun to spend time like that with the grandkids; they grow when you're not looking! Thanks for sharing~ Hugs, karen o

Kate Yetter said...

Love your paperdolls. Those humpty dummpty dolls are so adorable. And I loved seeing all the camping pictures. A colorful and fun page to commemorate your camping trip. Looks like everyone was having fun in your pond pool. Every child loves to play in water and get dirty!
Happy Tea Day,

Dorthe said...

Dear Jackie,
what a wonderful tour you have had, with the boys - pure fun, and joy I can imagine, and maybe you two were kind of tired, when returning home again, lol.
Your paper dolls are great fun, and really special, my dear,- love they are movable .
Sending you hugs and smiles,- Dorthe xoxoxo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Goodness Jackie, those Humpty Dumpty doll ATCs are simply unbelievable. I adore how you created them and how the one cracks and cracked me up, too!!!

Those boys were certainly full of ambition and energy. I'm surprised even Chum was able to keep up with them. These were beautiful photos of the wonderful time you had and the joy you got while making your lovely journal page. I wish I could give you some mojo, but mine seems to be on the wane, too. I always love seeing what you do with journal pages, and stencils, too. Thanks for sharing your summer with us.

sirkkis said...

Hello Jackie ��
What a wonderful happy post!
Thank you for sharing the cheerfully summer photos and showing your amazing Humpty Dumpty pieces �� Have great time ��

Redanne said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post Jackie. It is so lovely to see kids playing - really playing instead of being attached to a piece of technology! Your pond/pool looks amazing too.

The Humpty Dumpty dolls are just adorable, I love that they have movable limbs! Hugs, Anne xx

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a lovely, colourful and happy post! Your Humpty-Dumpty and Jeanne's Red Riding Hood were such gorgeous swaps and it looks like your summer was lots of fun! What fantastic photos! Thank you for sharing all this with us and I'm sure your mojo and your muse will soon be back with loads of energy and raring to go! xxx

Win Dinn said...

What fabulous paper doll pieces, creative and I love that they're movable to reposition in crazy ways. And you know I love seeing all your family action photos - it looks as though you had a fabulous time there this summer! Wishing you a speedy return of your Mojo and Muse - you're quite right there is a lot of that going around, and we need it all back - everywhere!!! xo

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie, I was starting to wonder what had happened to you. Sometimes when Mr Mojo goes on holiday it's better to go with him/her, the rest is good for you both sometimes. Lovely photos of your time away, very impressive art work by the boys too. Your journal pages will be a lovely reminder of your adventure. Even Chum looked as though he was having a good time, he's such a sweet boy. Your Humpty Dumptys are brilliant, love them to bits. Big hugs to you all, Angela xXx

froebelsternchen said...

Those Humpty Dumptys are so fun Jackie ! Your muse was there the whole time I think. Such great times with the grandsons! That was enough stuff to do for 3 muses I bet!Lol!
And I love how Chum enjoyed it all as well! Your journal pages are fantastic Jackie!
You are such a talented woman!
Happy November my dear friend!
Wish you time and muse for all you want to do!

I am excited - looking forward to the paperdoll blog!

Hugs, Susi

June Walker said...

Wonderful humpty-dumpty's !! Glad you got some journalling in, on your family break!

denthe said...

I love the cracked head Humpty Dumpty. Makes me smile :-) Your mojo will come back, don't worry. Sometimes there's just too much other stuff that preoccupies us. And with everything going on in the US at the moment I can imagine that your head is somewhere else now. I love the pictures of your grandsons, and Chum is just so adorable. Looking forward to your new creations, whenever that will be. Don't stress about it. I'm sending good vibes to the US so that next Tuesday a new chapter may start and people may have hope again. Hugs and love from your Belgian friend ♥ ♥ ♥

Lynda Shoup said...

What a fun post! It looks like you had a great visit with the boys. I love the fact that they carried that log all the way! They sure made good use of it. As for funks, I have one too. Haven't posted to my blog in too long. Pushing along enough to post to Instagram. Trying to get my mojo back and I started tonight by visiting all the posts I had missed from you and feeling much inspired. Big hugs to you!

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I'm so glad I came a looking for you Jackie, I was wondering why I had not seen your creativity out and about. I think we all have times like this for one reason or another, I get very itchy fingers when I know I do not have the time, energy or motivation to crank up my creative side. Your post shows you have enjoyed life and had lots of laughs along the way with your family and managed to have a play during those light bulb moments.
Your eggs are Cracking hee hee!!
Biggest of Hugs and Thank you's for your sweet concern and kind words, Hubby is on a slow road to recovery and enjoying all the attention along the way..
Take good care Dear friend...Tracey xx
P.S Regarding the wax on the Autumn Fisheye Lens canvas.. Buffing means polishing, I used a soft cloth rubbing gently over to bring up the sheen of the wax that you know can dull down when reheated. It makes those die cut leaves look quite realistic xx

Sugar Lump Studios said...

what a fun post and adorable paper doll! "Hum Dum" was my second son's favorite as a toddler. It looks like your grandson's had a lot of fun swimming in that special pond and creating too! thanks for sharing the fun!

butterfly said...

What a wonderful post... As you know, I've also been pretty absent, so I'll confess I'm a little relieved that I haven't missed hundreds of amazing projects here!

I adore your Humpty Dumpty dolls - so, so clever... that poor cracked chap - I feel sorry for him. The doll exchange seems to be going great guns - congratulations on such a lovely idea bearing such fabulous fruit. Still no time on my plate to join in sadly... one of these days.

Looks like you had a wonderful summer with the boys - I envy you that pond. But I'm aiming to have more of that sort of countryside around for my future. You were half right. Cestina already lives in the Czech Republic for half of each year (that's where Small Worlds, her dollshouse museum is), but will probably go for shorter periods, more often, from now on. We're expanding the house there (though mainly internally) so that when I make the move full time, she'll still be able to come over (and her friends) without us getting in each other's hair.

I've got another NYC stint before that, but hopefully the building work will get done over the winter, and at some point next summer or autumn, I'll attempt to pack up the craft room and relocate. Aaaggghhh!!!

Love and hugs to you.
Alison x

Evi Erlinda said...

such adorable paper dolls and fun series of photos.

greeting - evi erlinda

aimarii said...

Oh, what kind of lovely summer pictures you have!
Your swimming pool is very best I think you are fond of that.

Constance Collister said...

You have been a busy one! You can't be too busy though when you are having such fun! Making those memories is so important. Your Humpty Dumpty is a pretty dandy chap too! Taking time out is good. Sometimes I get so focused on all the art stuff I want to do that I forget about other things around me. Enjoy the holidays, it comes so fast and is over so quickly. I am looking forward to a little break and the welcoming of the New Year! Lots of hugs and love to you my friend

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Lovely summer memories, Jackie! We're thinking about putting up our Christmas tree already, so it's a nice reminder that summer wasn't that long ago! The swimming pond must be so much fun - at least you didn't have to think too much about entertaining the grandkiddies - what gorgeous little boys and Chum is just the best dog in the world! I'll vouch for him without actually having met him - those doggie eyes say it all! The Humpty Dumpty dolls are so fun and I hope your mojo will come back with your muse - hey, maybe they'll bring their kids too! Sorry I couldn't visit earlier - I'm glad I didn't miss this! xx

Michele said...

i love your humpty dumpty! i also love the camping and playing photos -- so much fun!
i'm sure your funk will end soon. until then enjoy the time spent filling your well. xo

butterfly said...

Thank you for your lovely visit. Hope things are okay with you... we're still grey and rainy too - very grim - I think that's why I've gone all snowy on the blog... wishful thinking!

With this journal, so far, I'm only working one side of the page. In fact, owing to a mistaken double stapling with the first page, I'm now gluing them to the next page on, so that they're more sturdy (two more pages done, but won't be posted for a day or two). Some journals I work both sides, some I work just one. I have, on one occasion, taken a journal background out and stuck it onto a clipboard to alter it, but other than that I don't think I've taken any pages out of journals either for framing or anything else so far. It's an idea though...

It's fairly immediate family for the Advent lists... me, my mother, my brother and his wife and two children (now 15 and 10 - eek!). We sit by (mostly) candlelight with coloured pens and pencils to decorate the lists, and German/Czech/Central European Christmas biscuits (decorative gingerbread, almond biscuits and so on) for sustenance. Then all the lists get photocopied so that they can be pinned up in each household and followed for present-giving ideas. It's a lovely tradition, and very useful too!

If you'd like those two snowflake tags, for decorative purposes at your son's or just for yourself, let me know, and I'll organise some happy post.
Alison xx

Gio said...

Kackie's mojo, where are you??? Your paper dolls are super fun.

I miss so much Summer, and you publish these wonderful moments of your Summer...shame on you ;-)

suziqu's thread works said...

HI dear Jackie sorry for the long delay but just away with a dear friend's funeral and still having issues with my sprained ankle and foot. Slow to heal so my mojo was forced to run away with my muse LOL!
Loved your post and you had so much fun with the boys. Such great fun!
Perhaps your muse will return after the festive season and holiday is over - so much going on in all directions, media, life, Christmas etc. etc.
Take care my dear friend and thank you so much for visiting my blog too.
Love and hugs,
Suzy xox

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie. Hope you're okay as you've been very quiet. Have a lovely Christmas and a very happy and creative New Year. Angela xXx

Wen Sylvestre said...

Oh lol, your egg dolls are so funny!! I hope your muse will come back soon again, I love your colourful art! Wishing you a merry Christmas and sending you lots of love, big hugs xx

Redanne said...

Thank you Jackie for your lovely Christmas wishes, we have been out all day with family so I am late coming back. Merry Christmas to you too and I hope 2019 is a good one for you, with lots of crafting! Big hugs, Anne xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Dear Jackie, I had intended to stop by last week, then got caught up in real life events. I also stopped by to wish you a healthy, safe, and joyful new year for you and your loved ones. I hope you have a fabulous and productive 2019, too.

froebelsternchen said...

Dear Jackie!
May you have a smashing new year filled with lots of delightful surprises. May you have a Happy New Year.

Big , big hugs,



Michele said...

dear Jackie, wishing you a new year of joy and wonderful experiences! take good care of yourself! xo

craftytrog said...

Wow! A fabulous array of coins Jackie!

Colorelaxation said...

i really love your humpty dumpty! i also love all of your's camping and playing photos -- so much fun you guys had! Enjoy your best time with your loved ones. Your art is also beautiful.