Saturday, September 1, 2018

Camping in May...

Hi everyone. I am playing catch up here over the next couple of weeks. The summer was fast and furious and even though I am starting to feel much better,a busy life took it's toll on me at times. So now that summer is coming to a close,I might need a vacation! lol
Back in May we went for a two week trip to our favorite camping grounds here in New York. It was gorgeous weather-one day of a light sprinkle was all. Otherwise -Perfect! This was our site,first time we were able to get this one in 8 years of trying!
The site was right on the water and it was beautiful!
Chum had to be leashed as there were too many chipmunks around that he would like to chase!
Below is the beautiful view I had each morning while making my coffee

 Chum and Dad out on the water and Chum beats Dad to the shore every time!
  Look at that smile! He sure LOVES Swimming!
While they were out and about,my body movements were still pretty limited at this point,I stayed back and did some journaling. Laying down thoughts,sentiments and color.The thoughts were reread and then covered up with beautiful stencils and graphics which made this mindful and peace felt spread.
Here I used one of my newer stencils from StencilGirl called "Sacred Feminine" by Carol Wiebe.
 I absolutely love this stencil,it truly speaks to me
 This prayer below is from a card I received after visiting a museum in California.
I will always continue to Contribute.

Early morning fog over the island and a couple of deer eating breakfast.
 Riley is a catch and release kinda guy.Look two on one line!
So,while honey was doing this...

I was relaxing here...

 enjoying this! nothing like a campfire!
I always get lost in the dancing flames,seeing figures and shapes. It really is magical and soothing.
 So from Riley's fishing I saw,came this silly journal spread!

 It was a beautiful vacation,nice time away from it all and we enjoyed ourselves immensely!

 and then on our drive home, out the truck window we see this!!

Special delivery of a Hummer by a transport Chinook .   It was really cool to see this!Actually had to look twice before grabbing my camera!
 In the bottom photo they are getting closer to landing.

Home again and several packages had arrived in the post!
 Dear friends had sent get well wishes and beautiful hand created treasures for me.
These wonderful treasures from the shore came from my friend and fellow blogger Kimberly Laws.

Kimberly has a beautiful way with laces and ribbons and putting colors together.
I just love her stitching and can not wait to write in my journal she created! thank you my friend!
  Next is this beautiful and very cool paper doll who watches over me at my studio desk. She was made and was sent by Linda Edkins Wyatt,my friend and Tribe Sister.

Those boots are just the best- and don't you just love the dial Linda used in the center? And look at the yummy embossing she did! Glorious colors-don't you think?

Here she is posing with with her butterfly wings-thank you my Tribe sister and dear friend!

and who is this posing with her?
Two sweet little kitten paperdolls named Peace & Love. These special little dolls were created by Darlene Campbell, my all time bestest Ohio friend ever! Thank you so much,my forever friend! I love them,Peace & Love. 
 And finally,a rather large package came with these lovely treasure in it!

These came from my sweet friend and another fellow blogger,  Kim Collister. 
Such wonderful goodies! Whenever I sip my tea from this beautiful cup,I think of Kim and her kindness.
And this beautiful doll sits at my studio desk alongside Linda and Darlene's dolls. Reminders of the great friendships I have made through this internet. Reminders of the loving and caring people who are out there,that I have never met in person,but feel I have known for years!
Many of you have asked in private emails,and on comments about my healing. Thank you so much!
To let you know,I have regained most my strength in my left arm and hand and am no longer freaking myself out, by thinking something in me is going to break if I move the wrong way! I have been off of the pain relievers for quite awhile now and am doing well without. From time to time I take the nerve pills as my left fingers are not there yet. They still tingle and hurt sometimes(a signal to let me know I over did it) and there is still no feeling in them. Funny thing how they can be numb and still have the pain/tingly sensation. The Dr. says this is normal and may take up to a year to heal,then again it may never heal. I am okay with this because I am ever so grateful to not be in the horrific, debilitating pain I was in. So life is good,no,life is great!

 Thank you for coming by today and leaving your lovely comments, I do cherish each and every one of them.

Peace & Love my friends
Jackie ")


froebelsternchen said...

OMG - wonderful pages Jackie - you never cease to amaze me!
I am also in awe of all the impressions of your trip in spring!
The fish pages are cool as well and wow - so many lovely art from your friends! This is wonderful!
I hope you will feel well soon again my friend!
Happy weekend dear Jackie!
Big hugs, Susi

Valerie-Jael said...

That's a wonderful place where you camped for your vacation, glad you were able to enjoy a getaway. Your journal pages are wonderful as always, your use of colours and images is really fabulous. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

Kate Yetter said...

What gorgeous journal layout inspired by a scenic trip. I especially love the fish page and all the captions.
I never grew up camping so I wasn't sure what to expect when we started going. We went for a few years when our boys were young and the constant trips to the restrooms wasn't exactly relaxing. I can't picture camping any other way at the moment but I do remember the beautiful morning views by the lake and the yummy food and camp fire smell. It looks like you had rejuvenating time which was well deserved after all you have been through. So glad to hear that your pain has diminished and prayers that all your feeling will return.
What lovely friends you have found in blog land. Those goodies look beautiful!

Jill McDowell said...

Where did the summer go? What a lovely camping trip. Sounds like it was just what you needed. I’m with you 100% on watching the fire and Contributing to Peace. So glad to know that your healing is progressing. Hugs

Ann Barnes said...

Jackie, I loved reading this post, what a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the glories nature provides! Plus, I knew you were going camping but my naive mind was honestly concerned for you you being in a tent, on the hard ground after all you had been through, well now I see (duh) I love the journal spreads that arose from this trip, that peace prayer is definitely an incredible piece. So happy you are healing and although the summer has flown by, I know you’ve made the most of every moment! I wish I could have gotten to meet/create/spend time with you and look forward to the day that it happens! Big hugs to you Jackie!!! xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Looks like you had a lovely time on that camp site, Jackie! Love the pic with Chum swimming! Your journal page is so soulful and calming - love that buddhist/hindu influence in the imagery and style. And what wonderful goodies were waiting for you on your return! You're loved my so many people, Jackie - including me (even though I haven't sent you anything, but I keep meaning to return your kindness - I just have to get myself organised LOL!) I think I'm getting the hangs of life now - it's always a mixture of ups and down - it will never be perfect - but on balance it's mainly good! Sending you love xx

Pam Wildeboer said...

No wonder you had to wait so long to get that campsite! This land of ours is a beautiful one and full of amazing creatures and timeless beauty! Your journal spread shows your calm and peaceful place within and is gorgeous in color and composition. I love the lady meditating with the butterfly coming up to gently encourage her. What a wonderful peace prayer and the perfect place for it to rest too! Loved seeing the fab photos and seeing the “boys” having so much fun! The fish journal page is very apropos lol You are blessed with lots of great and loving friends, which you so deserve <3 Love you Jackie! Xoxo

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Glad to get this update on your life and health. Journaling is so healing and this visual record will become even more meaningful over the years. Wishing you a pain-free, creative and happy fall, winter and spring.❤️❤️❤️

denthe said...

Oh Jackie, it's good to read your posts again, always so full of yummy art and sweet pictures. I missed you :-) Sounds like you had a great camping trip, I just love that picture of Riley and Chum sitting next to each other, and Chum swimming next to Riley. He's such a fun dog and seems always to be smiling :-) And it is so good to read that your arm and hand are practically healed. That's quite a magnificent welcome back home you got with all the wonderful mail you received. Yes, there are a lot of loving and caring people out there in blogland. And you're one of them, so you fully deserve all the loveliness you received. Hugs xxx

Redanne said...

Jackie, your pages are beautiful, lots of beautiful colour and texture! So pleased to hear that you are feeling much better and that you got away for a nice break. Love your photos and your Chum is just adorable! Blog and crafty friends really are the best, you got some wonderful gifts! Hugs, Anne xx

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

So good to see you relaxing Jackie, you had a hard start to the year and to hear you are not suffering as you were is really good to know. To see you creatively play is wonderful you really have had fun with those pages, I long to go on a holiday where I can get out my paints and play. Your sent gifts are beautiful, isn't it wonderful to have such creative friends.
Thank you for sharing with us all Dear, it's a blessing to see you enjoying the outdoor life.
Biggest of hugs Tracey xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, Jackie, I feel like a slug. Every day you leave me a lovely comment and I occasionally check your blog to see if you have posted. Sadly, I'm not doing it quickly or often enough, so first, I would LOVE it if you would let me add you to my left sidebar. That is the way I know when my friends post, since I don't "do" e-mail. However, I will only add your blog with your permission.

The other reason I feel like a slug is because I had NO idea about your health problems you have experienced. Talk about clueless! I feel for you and hope your pain subsides even further and you get the feeling back in your fingers. It's fabulous that you have such a positive attitude about life in general.

Your art is so healing. The colors of the first spread remind me of the beach, but the message is far, far more powerful. I had to laugh at the collaged blue fish.

It looks like you had a fabulous vacation and very relaxing trip and time near the water. I'm sure you came home feeling renewed. Keep those thoughts, photos, and journal pages coming dear. I am SO impressed and grateful I got to meet you and your wonderful and inspiring art.

froebelsternchen said...

Me again dear Jackie, I had to return and have a look at all the wonderful photos and the art again as I had not enough time to enjoy all at my first visit.
I simply love your post and art!
Hope you have a great week so far and healing progresses !
Love from Susi

I have made a spread inspired by you recently.

Angela Radford said...

Great post Jackie, so much to see. Pleased you had a good time away, just what you needed I think and Chum looks as though he enjoyed it too though not so sure about being restricted when there were things around to chase! Have a great crafty week, Angela xXx

Win Dinn said...

I always love the trip over to your blog, Jackie; this post is no exception. The texture, the colours, the sheer creativity is absolutely marvellous. Thank you so much for your visual feast - I'm inspired and energized to the max! Happy weekend, dear friend, and may your September give you a great deal of time for the studio. xo

butterfly said...

What a wonderful catch up post - thank you for sharing your vacation photos with us. I've not had time to get away yet this year, and when I do it's not going to be a restful trip - but that's the way it goes sometimes. I agree with you about a log fire - nothing better for dreaming into - but I'm not sure I'd have chosen a pitch so close to the water - I'm mosquito-phobic!!

I love your page spread with the Sacred Feminine stencil and that calming Zen image of the meditating woman - beautiful, soothing colours - and the fish page did make me smile. Thanks for sharing your happy mail too - what a lovely uplifting post, especially with the Contribution meditation.
Alison x

Regine Karpel said...


ArtyDiva said...

How beautiful everything is, including you! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, surrounded by such beautiful inspiring! love you xooxox

Sara Barker said...

Such a fabulous post, bringing us up to date on your progress, seeing your lovely photos of your trip and of all the love sent to you by your friends! Your journal pages are wonderful; how great you were able to just sit and relax and do this on your camping trip. It stinks you still have the radiculopathy, but I'm delighted you are off pain meds! Sending more hugs!

Marfi-topia said...

Hi Jackie!
I'm visiting you here for the first time:)
Love your vacation photos and the lovely art you created while you relaxed.
I hope you have a magical week!!