Wednesday, August 1, 2018

WOYWW #478

Hello Everyone!
So,this is my first time at WOYWW!Can't believe I finally made it!! I have tried repeatedly to join in,but was never able to get my rear into gear!so to speak! lol

 Anyway,here is a look at my current Workdesk and projects this Wednesday the first of August!
  I had to blur out some spots as I am finishing up my "Circus" Themed paperdolls for my swap partner. As Julie Ann reads my blog,I did not want her to see her dollies until she received them in the mail! 
Hoping to get them posted this morning!
(left to right)
  as you can see,I work all over the desk and tend not to put my products away after I use them!! LOL

Close up of part of the title...
  Again,I work all over and then I even stop to open mail and packages and leave them piled up to the side-geesh!no wonder I could not find those stars I carefully cut out! heehee
 And the laptop gets relegated to the top of the trash can as there is no room above!

So these three photos are of the paperdollies travel case. And as you can see,these "One and only,positively,amazing,Wonderful Women are admired by everyone around the world!"

The Wonderosities of Women Show!
 Step right up and get your tickets!!

Thanks so much for your visits and I will be around to see what you are all up to! Have a super fun day! and thanks for having me Julia!

ps...if you want to see more of our Paperdoll swap dolls,click here on my blog header

 Welcome new followers,thank you for coming along on my journey! And thank you to my current followers and blog friends- you are the Best and I cherish each of your comments and the blog love you leave!

Jackie ")