Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Truly! A Mixed Media Sari Journal Cover


 So,my title says,"Truly a Mixed Media Sari Journal Cover",because this piece has had almost every mixed media product thrown on it! lol
 Let me begin this Tribe post with how this journal cover came about...
 We are going to California to see my youngest son Lindsey and his girlfriend Hannah. Hannah and I share a love of art,but she says she wants me to teach her some stuff. So I pulled out one of my many "extra" Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journey Journals"(yes, heavyweight paper for mixed media) and went to town dressing up the front page!
 After gessoing the initial page with black,I wasn't sure which way to go;when I looked down at my scrap pages and saw this one. You know,those scrap pages that you drew faces on and didn't like, then scraped on extra paint,gesso,modeling paste, glue,wiped off stencils on,left over sand paste, fiber paste,more paint and ink...okay,so you get the picture! heehee
Anyway,this paper had great color to begin with and just needed one of Gwen's stencils!
To be precise, Gwen's 6x6 Decorative Flower Stamen Medallion.I just love the delicateness of this design!
What I really LOVE and I do mean LOVE,about Gwen's stencils is that her designs are totally unique and look nothing like the millions of other stencils that are out there!I mean just look at this flower stamen-gorgeous! am I right?!
Okay on with my page,my thoughts are to show Hannah that mixed media can be used anywhere and any way,and so this page holds a bit of everything!
First up we have one of Gwen's hand block-printed Thai mulberry papers.  (Thailand is where Gwen first rode an elephant and was so inspired) 
Have you ever ridden and elephant?I have not,but would like to!Lucky Gwen!!
 I tore two of the elephants off of the paper and saved the others.The elephant papers were then applied with DecoArt Matte Medium gel.
 My elephants have been "dressed up" using  vintage sequins and seed beads from my Tribe Sister Linda. Thanks Linda! and of course they needed a bit more decoration of Stickles and Liquid Pearls !
Here Gwen's stencil was applied with acrylic paint and then adorned with Stickles and bits of Irresistible India Embellished Sari Scraps from the Fuchsia collection
and...this gorgeous end piece is Irresistible India Sari Scraps-from the red collection-actually the reverse side was just as beautiful,so I had a hard time deciding which side to use!

Washi tape from Gwen's shop-this one is called  Proud Peacocks
and then these circled pieces are cut from a page of one of the Exotic Orient-Japanese Paper Packs 
such beauty and color these papers have-I covet them all! ")
 Sari piece adorning the center of Gwen's stencil.Isn't it amazing that you can find all of these gorgeous elements in one place?
 these white pieces of Irresistible India Sari Scraps from the Neutral collection
again this gorgeous piece of Irresistible Sari below is from the Neutral Collection
don't you just love the blue beading on the white?! What a beautiful design!
most of you know I have a love of Sari!!LOL
the Sari pieces were attached using heavy body matte medium gel. 
 bits of Sari here and there and more Stickles and sequins and beads-Oh My!
 Overall this cover knocked my socks off!(real modest right?)
 I hope Hannah likes it just as much!
I hope you liked it as well and found some inspiration from my post and your visit- perhaps you need to go shopping now at Gwen's store?If you do and create something,make sure to let me know,I'd love to see!

As always,I so appreciate your visits and lovely comments. You truly make my world a brighter place!


Valerie-Jael said...

OMG! This is so fabulous, I am speechless - doesn't happen often! Glad you girls had such BIG fun! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

What an absolute delight to see. Your Journal cover is a true work of art Jackie. The magnitude of work that has gone into this piece is marvellous. You say you have thrown everything at it but it works, how could we not be inspired by Gwen's unique stencils. You have taken those designs and enhanced those shapes with your colour and bead work. A real eye for detail and so inspiring I am in AWE!!
I would love to spend a day sewing, beading and letting creativity dictate my direction with you.. Thank you for sharing it's beauty, a priceless piece.
Creative hugs and wishes Tracey.
P.S I'm not sure I would like to ride on an Elephant but i'd sure like to walk alongside one!

Pam Wildeboer said...

Such rich colors and beautiful details! My eyes feel like it’s their birthday every time I roam from one spot to the next! I love it and I appreciate all the mixed media-ness (obviously a made up word) of it too! Xoxox

Sandee Setliff said...

Beautiful and vibrant art work, you always amaze me!

Dorthe said...

Sweet Jackie, you are the queen of gorgeous colors and India style , this is amazing, and such a gorgeous work of art, dear.
It have all the most beautiful elements from that far away country- so fascinating also to me, and all the materials you have used makes me think India- and see picture for my inner eyes .
Love it all , and admire your very big and wonderful work, dear friend.
Big hugs from me, and thank you for your visits, I really appreciate - xoxoxoxoxoxox

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

You nailed it again! Gorgeous colors and textures and images. You are officially the queen of sari scraps! I must get to work on a crown for youūüėÜ

Redanne said...

Oh wow Jackie, you may have 'thrown' a lot of mixed media products at this but it was worth every single product because the result is stunning! Your use of Sari is always impressive and I just adore those beautiful elephants!! Love this! Hugs, Anne xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Wow, you really went to town with this, Jackie, AND back - three times LOL! Loving the extravagant and boundless textures and colours in this- and elephants - one of my most favourite animals - after cats and dogs, of course.

Ann Barnes said...

This is a gorgeous creation Jackie, all that mixed media yumminess has me drooling! Love the elephants and all your decorative additions, whether they're sequins, beads or even stickles, so amazing and add so much interest, I LOVE this! hugs to you ~Ann xx

Kate Yetter said...

Hannah is one special girl! That journal is gorgeous. So many different things you added. That stencil is also once of my favoites. I love how you dressed up the stencil with beads and the elephant with toenails. The Sari scraps give it that wow factor!
Love this Jackie. Have fun visiting your son and his girlfriend.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, Jackie, this is sumptuous! You are the best for colour, texture and pure imagination! Hannah is going to be overwhelmed with all this beauty and detail. I adore those elephants! Who wouldn't be inspired to create with a cover so glorious? Have a great time with your son and his girlfriend! xx

Angela Radford said...

Amazing Jackie, love it too bits. The richness of the detail is gorgeous. Hope you're keeping well, love Angela xXx

Gwen Lafleur said...

This is so fun Jackie! I'm sure your son's girlfriend is just going to love it, and how cool for her to get to learn from you to get started! Have fun!

Jill McDowell said...

Hannah is lucky to have you to guide and inspire her. What an awesome journal cover. Each element on its own is beautiful but when you pull them all together you made a little bit of magic happen. Hope your having fun on your trip!

Gio said...

Wow wow wow...it is really, truly, madly MixedMedia, with such vibrant , joyful, amazing vibe!! That dressed elephant is stunning, not to mention the stencilled image and all the other fabric details as well. LOVEIT!!!

Mia said...

Wow, Jackie! I love your mixed media creation! It is absolutely PERFECT!!!! GREAT JOURNAL COVER!!!!! Kisses!!!!!!!!

Win Dinn said...

Oh my goodness - there is no need at all to be modest about this cover, Jackie - it is truly outstanding. I just want to run my hands all over it, the texture is that alluring. It is beyond rich and heading into baroque heaven, my friend. B. E. A. U. T. Y. xoxox

Edwige Viel said...

This cover is stuning. I would always close back the journal to see your cover while working lol The colors are gorgeous and the elephants are just perfect !

Gio said...

Hello bella, I've read just right now your comment on my blog about Somerset Place bag (still struggling a bit with no mail notifications by blogger). You made my day!!! And it was so funny. Thank you so much, Jackie :-)

butterfly said...

Wow - the colours and the detailing here are off the charts fantastic. I'm sorry I haven't been by sooner - especially after your mammoth visit the other day - thank you for all your lovely comments!! I hope to be doing some proper catching up around Craftyblogland soon, but I'm in the middle of another big work commitment just now. I just wanted to dash by and say hi, and thank you, and no, I can't see a Privacy Policy!! But maybe that's just me... Hope you're doing better.
Alison xx

denthe said...

I somehow seem to have missed this post. You outdid yourself again Jackie! This truly is a mixed media piece. I love the colours you used, and you're right, Gwen's materials are very unique. But you also really know how to use them! Hannah must have been thrilled to receive this beautiful piece of art!

Sara Barker said...

Jackie, for some reason I am not getting your posts delivered to my mailbox anymore. Guess it's that dang blogger thing again! I can't catch up, and still haven't done my privacy crap. (Sorry, that's what I think of it all, and on a Sunday, no less!) Your journal cover is drop dead gorgeous! You had me at the background, my friend, but then you added all those yummy embellishments! Wow! Have a great day! Hugs!

Lynda Shoup said...

Love this cover, Jackie! Those elephants are awesome. I love the way you use the sari scraps. I still see them through the eyes of a textile artist primarily, so seeing you using them happily this way truly inspires me. Gorgeous color and detail.