Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Shine so brightly~

Good Morning! Back again with another Tribe post for Gwen!
This morning's post is about shining bright and being the light.
Don't we all need a bit more light in our world?
 As I made my paper mache sun months back,I have no in process photos. I had put it aside,because once it was base painted,I decided on a another project I wanted to begin on.
so fickle we mixed media artists are!heehee
 Where I began was,adding more color to the centers of the sun,then brushing outward and blending colors as I went.
Next,out came one of Gwen's gorgeous stencils and of course one of my favorites~from the Decorative Collection ~ Decorative Medallion Stencil.
I mixed up a good size batch of light modeling paste and a blending of pink acrylics.Next I applied a thick layer of this through the stencil and put to the side to dry.
 Here I have pulled out an assortment of Gwen's Going Global Turkmen Jewelry Parts to see which pieces I was inspired by and would end up using.
 Back to the sun,I mixed up another batch of light modeling paste along with a lighter shade of pink acrylic paint and used the spires of the Decorative Medallion Stencil to stencil on as the edge of the sun's rays,again,leaving this to dry.
 Once this was thoroughly dry,I used DecoArt's DuraClear Gloss Varnish over the whole side,leaving to dry overnight .
In between various coats,I printed out the graphic I was to use and and did some fussy cutting on it.

Next,I painted the Global Turkmen Jewelry parts I chose,using various shades of teal and turquoise. Then,I strung all of my charms together,spacing with glass beads in shades of turquoise and silver and then adding some of my favorites,Gwen's fabulous Glass Czeck Beads.
 You may have seen these Czeck beads of Gwen's used before in some of my others creations,here and here as well as other Tribe posts.

For this piece,I used both the Beautiful Butterflies Glass Czech beads and the Fabulous Floral Glass Czeck beads.
 After the clear coat was dry, I applied my graphic to the backside of the sun along with some printed words. And then also stenciled the same modeling paste on the suns rays as on the other side and let this dry. (When dry, I did add the gloss varnish to this side as well)
Lastly was to add my strung tails of Turkmen Jewelry Parts and Glass Czeck Beads
And finally for the hanger I used Gwen's Warm base~Spice Market Silk Yarn from Gwen's Essentials-Darn Good Yarn Sample Packs 

When the outdoor sun hits the gloss varnish on the stenciled parts,it looks just radiant!
This shine brightly sun traveled very carefully with me to the West coast to my son Lindsey and his gal,Hannah. I am pleased to say they love this and were thrilled to see us as well! heehee

There are a few tiny bells which tinkle ever so sweetly when a gentle breeze blows.

Thanks so very much for your visit and I hope I have inspired you to make something shiny and beautiful,or just be the light that shines!

Peace & Love
 to you my dear friends,
Jackie ")

Gwen's Products used:
from the DecorativeStencil Collection ~ Decorative Medallion Stencil

Other Products used:
DecoArt DuraClear Gloss Varnish
Sun/Moon Graphic purchased from Mike Deakin on Etsy 
"Shine" sticker purchased from Maremi's Small Art on Etsy 


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Truly! A Mixed Media Sari Journal Cover


 So,my title says,"Truly a Mixed Media Sari Journal Cover",because this piece has had almost every mixed media product thrown on it! lol
 Let me begin this Tribe post with how this journal cover came about...
 We are going to California to see my youngest son Lindsey and his girlfriend Hannah. Hannah and I share a love of art,but she says she wants me to teach her some stuff. So I pulled out one of my many "extra" Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journey Journals"(yes, heavyweight paper for mixed media) and went to town dressing up the front page!
 After gessoing the initial page with black,I wasn't sure which way to go;when I looked down at my scrap pages and saw this one. You know,those scrap pages that you drew faces on and didn't like, then scraped on extra paint,gesso,modeling paste, glue,wiped off stencils on,left over sand paste, fiber paste,more paint and ink...okay,so you get the picture! heehee
Anyway,this paper had great color to begin with and just needed one of Gwen's stencils!
To be precise, Gwen's 6x6 Decorative Flower Stamen Medallion.I just love the delicateness of this design!
What I really LOVE and I do mean LOVE,about Gwen's stencils is that her designs are totally unique and look nothing like the millions of other stencils that are out there!I mean just look at this flower stamen-gorgeous! am I right?!
Okay on with my page,my thoughts are to show Hannah that mixed media can be used anywhere and any way,and so this page holds a bit of everything!
First up we have one of Gwen's hand block-printed Thai mulberry papers.  (Thailand is where Gwen first rode an elephant and was so inspired) 
Have you ever ridden and elephant?I have not,but would like to!Lucky Gwen!!
 I tore two of the elephants off of the paper and saved the others.The elephant papers were then applied with DecoArt Matte Medium gel.
 My elephants have been "dressed up" using  vintage sequins and seed beads from my Tribe Sister Linda. Thanks Linda! and of course they needed a bit more decoration of Stickles and Liquid Pearls !
Here Gwen's stencil was applied with acrylic paint and then adorned with Stickles and bits of Irresistible India Embellished Sari Scraps from the Fuchsia collection
and...this gorgeous end piece is Irresistible India Sari Scraps-from the red collection-actually the reverse side was just as beautiful,so I had a hard time deciding which side to use!

Washi tape from Gwen's shop-this one is called  Proud Peacocks
and then these circled pieces are cut from a page of one of the Exotic Orient-Japanese Paper Packs 
such beauty and color these papers have-I covet them all! ")
 Sari piece adorning the center of Gwen's stencil.Isn't it amazing that you can find all of these gorgeous elements in one place?
 these white pieces of Irresistible India Sari Scraps from the Neutral collection
again this gorgeous piece of Irresistible Sari below is from the Neutral Collection
don't you just love the blue beading on the white?! What a beautiful design!
most of you know I have a love of Sari!!LOL
the Sari pieces were attached using heavy body matte medium gel. 
 bits of Sari here and there and more Stickles and sequins and beads-Oh My!
 Overall this cover knocked my socks off!(real modest right?)
 I hope Hannah likes it just as much!
I hope you liked it as well and found some inspiration from my post and your visit- perhaps you need to go shopping now at Gwen's store?If you do and create something,make sure to let me know,I'd love to see!

As always,I so appreciate your visits and lovely comments. You truly make my world a brighter place!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Vintage Cage Doll making weekend with Sherie

This post is long overdue, but finally ready to share!
Back in the March,my art and soul sister and girlie friend,Sherie came to stay for the weekend. In true Sherie fashion , she had "an absolutely,scathingly, brilliant idea!"* for a project to create. 
I should mention,the week before hand a giant box arrived in the post that I did not open till she arrived,but it was killing me not to peek! heehee
When Sherie was here,we did our usual,hugging and talking over each other with excitement,snacking,setting up and then unveiled the parcel's treasures(sure wish i had photographed this part).
 The treasures inside consisted of 2 of each:vintage tomato cages,Styrofoam bodies and heads and two cool crowns. Sherie scored the vintage tomato cages at a sale and knew instantly what to do with them!! Lucky me!
Yes,the idea was to create very large Santos or cage type dolls.
So without further are the photos I did get of our weekend of creativity! and there are a ton! So grab a BIG cuppa!

  this is where it all began...
 these are the only 2 in process photos I have of my doll

on to my finished Vintage Cage Doll
 the photos are taken both inside and outside because of the lighting.
 I tried to show a bit of each area,ok,more than a bit really ")
 Vintage sheet music worked perfectly here!
 Gold Tulle around the head to give a sense of mysteriousness.
 I secured it with vintage sequins and straight-pins.
and some gold tulle poufs for the top of her skirt
  this is Bead Gel by Liquitex- very cool stuff to work with
You may notice the artwork on her body.This was from the canvases I had published in Stampington's Apprentice this spring. I enlarged the photos and printed them out,then applied with matte medium.
A few years back, my sister Julie sent me a huge box of these beautiful shells she had collected from the beach in South Carolina. I was so pleased to be able to use them on my doll- I can't wait to show her this post!

The chain is from a vintage hanging light, which is attached to the top and bottom part of the cage.Then I wrapped wire on the four cage sides and wove it through the chain,from one side to the other.

 Putting my vintage laces to use,which I stiffened with Americana Fabric Stiffener by DecoArt
 I tore small strips of vintage ribbons and tied them on the wire and hung more prisms in between
 The vintage prisms were a garage sale find-off of a couple of broken lamps
 and these glass pieces holding the prisms?
 Glass Cocktail stirrers!
 Another garage sale find-a box of 100 for$1.00!!!
 I was feeling the diamonds for her face
 the cocktail stirrers actually secure the crown as they are pushed down through the Styrofoam and glued in place.

now onto Sherie and her doll!
she was smart,she wore gloves, I did not "(
 Sherie was having problems with her Riley cut some off! LOL
 Beautiful Sherie and beautiful Frida!
  Riley came through with some copper parts that worked beautifully for Frida's corset!

 Bits of vintage jewelry and Frida quotes.
Here are used coffee filters that Sherie turned into beautiful flowers surrounding the skirt!



Frida's vintage under skirt was I garage sale score from Washington last year! Love my garage sales!
That face! Sherie is so talented! and the rose on her head!



 and finally,Sherie and Chum having a stare down,
because Sherie climbed on Chum's bed
 Chum got her back with sloppy wet kisses! heeheee

I know this was a long post, but I do hope you enjoyed the journey anyway!
Thanks so much for your visit! I'll be by to return the visit soon!
Jackie ")

The * above is a quote from Haley Mills in the movie,"The Trouble with Angels" my all time fav!