Friday, May 18, 2018

True North...a Camping Adventure Journal

 hello everyone!
Just a quick visit this morn to say hello, show you a few photos of a WIP and let you know, I won't have internet for 2 weeks,from tomorrow, so I will catch up with you when it's back on!

Now onto my Camping Adventure Journal-True North (Lynne Perrella Stamp)

 So, I found a couple of these ledger journals at a garage sale real cheap and I decided to use this one to start recording a few of our camping trips as well as adding a bit of nature.
Please forgive the shortness of this post as typing is just starting to come back and also, I created this journal awhile ago- so I might have forgotten a few things! ")
 I first stenciled out some diamond shapes from CrafterWorkshopStencils Harlequin stencil. Then sprayed on some of Lindy's Starburst Shimmer Sprays.
The center piece was done separate and added to the top of the of the journal using heavy matte gel.
The stencil of the sun rays is by Memory Box and I used lightweight modeling paste with gold paint added to it.
 The sea faring woman is one of my favorite stamps from Lynne Perrella! She is headed North as that is where our camping trips usually take us- up North!
The waves underneath her are again modeling paste through a stencil with a bit of Lindy's sprays added as I scraped the paste through the stencil.
For interest I added a bit of Ranger's Glossy Accents to a few places.


 Next up is one of the spreads I created in my journal.
This is about the North Eastern Bluebird-New York State's official bird.
 a fishing lure i found on the beach while camping. At all NewYorkState campgrounds, Bluebird nesting boxes have been put up to encourage their reproduction and return, as they were endangered here for awhile.

 Oh Dear! I am afraid the Bluebird's diet is not just fruits and berries,but also mealworms and yummy flying bugs and butterflies(small ones of course) !

 Silly birds and their politeness....
 The papers in the background are from the book Tangle Starts by Alice Hendon that I received from her generous giveaway! These pages are awesome for backgrounds in journals!
if any of you recall the cartoon series "Chip & Dale" , you will remember they were forever being overly polite to one another. That's where this bird chit chat comes from-lol
Thanks so much for your visit! I will be back around to visit in 2 weeks time when I again have internet!

My friends, you are the best! thanks so much for your constant love and support!
Peace & Love


Ann Barnes said...

Love this idea Jackie! Safe travels my friend, so happy you are getting better every day! Hugs, Ann xx

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

JOurney safely!
I love what you've done here - and I adore that Marie 'toinette stamp! I love the way you've brought life and movement to the stamped image!

butterfly said...

A fabulous cover for your adventure journal - and the page spread inside is wonderful too. I adore Lynne Perrella, as you know, and this was one of the first images of hers I owned - she looks magnificent amidst the shimmering Harlequins. I hope you have a wonderful, restful trip. Safe travels.
Alison x

Valerie-Jael said...

Fantastic work, love the colours and the style, just wow! Have a fun time! Hugs, Valerie

Darlene Campbell said...

Love those birds and happy to see you are unplugging and venturing out into nature! (I'm there with yo in spirit.) Cheers-

Julie Ann Lee said...

It's so lovely to see your beautiful vibrant work with its whimsy and humour and fabulous colour again. I'm so happy that you're healing. Have a wonderful trip and come back refreshed and free from pain. xxx

Dorthe said...

My dear Jackie, I wish you the most wonderful camping, tour - where you can regain your strength, enjoy nature, and being with your husband, only living, without many obligations- it will be sooo good for you , sweetie.
Your traveling journal, looks amazing- such gorgeous colors used,- and all the chirping birds await you out there :-)
Big hugs, take care, and return to work - painfree .

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Beautiful display and I love what sneak peeks we see inside. Those birds sure do look happy enjoying their breakfast!! Your travelling journal will be full of thoughts and the wonders of the world all interpreted by your very own hands.
Wishing you a wonderful two weeks of recovery Jackie, enjoy the peace, quiet and surrounding nature, Sunshine and Hugs Tracey xx

sirkkis said...

What a fun conversation! Love the beautiful blue and the fab birds đź’•
Happy weekend to you 🌸

Lynda Shoup said...

What a beautiful book! What a treasure it is and will become. Your bird page is so striking! Love it. I look forward to seeing what is put in it! (Hint. Hint.)

Redanne said...

The cover is beautiful Jackie and I love the page with the birds too, the blue is such a lovely striking colour. Sorry to hear about your internet but glad that you are starting to feel well enough to type - that's great news! Hugs, Anne xx

Roosterhead Designs said...

Beautiful colorwork Jackie!
The layers are great and the bird page so charming : )
Glad you will have this camping experience to continue documenting~
Sounds like a wonderful time. Please take care of yourself! and
get rest~
Hugs to you, karen o

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie, great journal pages. Those birds are so funny, love them. Not sure why there is no internet for you but hope it doesn't end up being a big problem. Take care and happy creative week, Angela xXx

Gio said...

OMG! You put a smile on my face with that page, so funny and brilliant. Love it

The cover is amazing. The LP stamps, that I adore, are a bit gloomy, but in your hands are bright and cheerful. Brava!!!

Have a safe journey :-)

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Super projects, Jackie! That bird spread cracked me up - so funny! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning! (I swear I had not read the comment above mine, so why am I using the same words LOL? Is it because subconsciously I can see it, even though I did not read it until just now? Spooky or what - this way we could put thoughts into peoples minds!) See you when you're back online! It's good to be away from cyberspace once in a while. Big hugs xx

Win Dinn said...

I'm so delighted to see you back, Jackie, and I LOVE this project. What a great journal and a wonderful idea. Sending you massive wishes for a full recovery and an even fuller return to cyberspace! Massive hugs, my friend. xo

froebelsternchen said...

FANTASTIC - WOW - I missed that - so good I browsed now .
This pages are fantastic and the cover is amazing dear Jackie!

Kate said...

Looks as though I am having to play catch-up on my blog posts. Time just gets away from me and blogging seems to be the first thing to go since it is not food or cleaning ;) Hehe.
I love this true north stamp by Lynne Perrella! It happens to be one of my favorite although it has been a while since I used it. Your journal cover is fabulous and goes perfectly with your theme.
We used to live in NY and the Northern section is beautiful. We loved camping in the Adirondacks. Stunning scenery and cool temperatures make the perfect vacation. I hope you have many more wonderful vacations to fill up your journal.
Happy Weekend, Jackie!

Meihsia Liu said...

Love your fabulous creation! The texture and embellishments you created are so beautiful! :)