Sunday, April 15, 2018

Missing my blog friends and where I am...

Peace and love my friends
Jackie ")


Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Wish you Speedy Recovery Jackie, Take Care!

Shelby Pizzarro said...

Sending all good wishes your way! Be well, my friend! Shelby & Jewel

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

(((Jackie))) I am so saddened to hear you are unwell not only that but to see your pain from your video. So dear to hear you but it breaks my heart to see you so upset. I know we have only been friends a short while but there is a real connection creatively but also on the blogging side. I know you take in every inch of my blogs as I do yours and that is truly valued as my blog is an important way for me to express to like minded people like yourself.
Please do not worry about your absence visiting, YOU are the important one and need to save all your energy for your operation next Friday. I will be thinking of you and I wish you all the best. You will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery and we will all be waiting for you with open arms when you return.
Sweet Jackie, I wish I had the answers to those questions that you asked but I unfortunately do not. I hope there will be someone within the blogging community that may be able to help and give you comfort with a little more knowledge on how to cope with what you are going through.
God Speed Jackie.. and a speedy recovery! You will be back with us all very soon.
Get well wishes & gentle Hugs Tracey xx

Dorthe said...

Dearest Jackie ,
so very sad for you, listening to your hard situation, and seeing you so sad.
We have had so many cozy blog meetings, and I treasure our friendship , so much. You are such an open armed and loving woman, and it makes me cry seeing you like this .
I will pray for you, for a surgery ,coming Friday, which will make the nerve pains disappear, and for you, to be able working with your loved art again, Jackie-
Also I miss you here, and wish so much , also very selfishly , lol, that you will be back very soon .
About the mail problem, I`m sorry I have no answers, to you, - I have not had the same problems, other than a lot of my friends, when commenting on my blog, goes to the spamholder, but that is not what you experience .

Dear and wonderful friend, all the best for you on Friday, you will be in my thoughts , and I will be back looking for you, hoping for you, it is only a question of few weeks , untill you can smile again . Big hugs and kisses, from Dorthe

froebelsternchen said...

Dear Jackie ♥♥♥
I am so sad to hear you have such pains!
I will be thinking of you on Friday and I am sure your nerve pains will disappear soon
as you rest and heal, know that you are thought of warmly and wished a quick recovery.

I will pray for you and you will be in my thoughts!
I can't help with the email problem, but I think you shouldn't mind that now!
Just get well soon - we all miss you and your art and we all
LOVE you
dear friend!

Hugs, Susi

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I had a similar surgery on my spine for ruptured disks. I had 2 fused, the nerve pain before the surgery was unbearable. After the surgery, it was gone. I lay in bed and art journaled as I healed. You are going to do fine. Physical therapy helped immensely. Don’t be scared, you are going to feel so much better!! Love to you, Kathie Barrus

Anonymous said...

Wishing you peace and a quick recovery. theresa mARTin

Valerie-Jael said...

So sorry you are in such pain Jackie, hope the Op goes well and that the pains will soon be gone. I had a similar OP many years back and the results were great.I think the follow by mail notifications are not coming because of blogger issues, this should resolve itself sooner or later. All the best for you and yours, you are in my thoughts. BIG hugs, Valerie

Valerie-Jael said...

Just had another thought. As you have a Blogger blog all of the people you follow should appear on your reading list, which you can find if you go to settings and then choose reading list. Hope this helps!

Janet Ghio said...

Jackie-I am so sorry and I know how terrible it must be to not be able to interact right now with your art family and make art! I hope your surgery goes well on Friday and I wish all the best for you!! Big hugs and much love!! Could Riley update us on Facebook or on your blog to let us know how you are getting along the next 3 weeks? Hope Chum gives you lots of big kisses (and Riley too--lol)

Margik said...

So sorry to hear you have such pain, Jackie! I do hope everything goes well and wishing you a speedy recovery. Take all the time you need, we'll always be here for you and your wonderful art. Take care of yourself!
Hugs, Mar

Roosterhead Designs said...

Dear Jackie~
Taking the time to make a video was such a kind and thoughtful thing to do. There, in the midst of so much pain you have shared with us how much we mean to you! What a sweetheart you are~
I appreciate our 'blogging sisterhood' and am praying for successful surgery. [My husband had C4&5 fused and after recovery felt much better.]
Please just take care of yourself and Know that we will be here when the time is right for you to return.
I wish I could be of help concerning the e-mail follower; but alas I don't know.
We will miss you Jackie, but when you are physically ready to start creating again, it will be that much more of a treat for us! Hugs, karen o

Redanne said...

Oh Jackie, I am so very sorry that you are going through this right now and I really do hope that the surgery eases your pain. I know how debilitating pain can be as I am a chronic pain sufferer, although not the same condition as yours. I hope the doctors are able to help you and that your recovery will not be too long or exhausting for you. You will be missed very much but we will be here waiting for your return when you feel up to it. Big gentle hugs, Anne xxx

Jeanne Draachreider said...

Well Jackie, I can't add much to what everyone has said. You know how we all feel, we love you, and want you to be free of pain. Having read some of the other comments I believe this surgery is going to bring you relief and hopefully full use of your hands. I understand nerve pain...I have two nerve issues that have interfered with my explanation on mine though, just thrown into one of those "idiosyncratic" grab bag diagnosis. But I'm not in severe pain...just very inconvenienced in what I can do these days.
I know you're going to be up and about after surgery and for sure the pain will be gone.
for someone "hopped up" on meds your video was very touching and well spoken.
Love to you my art sister...

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Jackie, I've only just seen your video - I'm so sorry to learn about your debilitating condition. I really do hope that the surgery will improve it 100% and put that beautiful smile back on your face :) though you still managed to crack a joke about eating like a cow LOL! I'm glad I caught you the day before your surgery - I'm sending you lots of love and positive energy! Stay strong my wonderful friend! Thinking of you and waiting for you to get back to creating and blogging when you feel better xxx

Win Dinn said...

Oh, Jackie, I am beyond sorry and sad to hear and see that you are in such pain. I will be sending you all sorts of healing energy for your surgery tomorrow, knowing that if anyone deserves a miraculous recovery it is you. Sending you much love over the interweb, my dear friend. xo

Roosterhead Designs said...

Just me again Jackie~
I couldn't find your e-mail but wanted to tell you (again) I'm thinking of you and praying for all to go well. Take good care of yourself. We all love ya!~ Karen

butterfly said...

Oh Jackie - I'm so so sorry to hear what you've been going through. I'm late to find out, so I'm really hoping that your operation last Friday has achieved at the very least an alleviation of some of the awful pain, and that recovery will be swift and smooth and bring back your left hand motor skills so that you can return to creating your glorious uplifting artwork.

I can only imagine what it must be like to have to deal with that frustration of not being able to create - though I'm happy to hear you have at least managed to make some backgrounds - and on top of that to have Blogger playing you up and not delivering email is just adding salt to the wound. You must be feeling so cut off.

I'm afraid I don't have any immediate ideas - my guess it's a glitch which they'll hopefully be working on behind the scenes - but if I get a chance I'll do a Google search to see whether anybody else is having the same trouble. I've been so absent myself lately that I'm not sure I'd even notice if it was happening to me - I only follow a few bloggers by email - mostly I return visits, or do regular runs around my friends (and I've seen that I've got a magnificent Art Doll post to catch up with here after I finish writing this).

In any case, I hope the wished-for miraculous recovery is on its way as I write. Take care of yourself and know that we're all sending love and good wishes your way.
Alison xx

Angela Radford said...

Jackie, I am so sorry that I haven't been around for a while so didn't realise how poorly you are. I have sent you an email too so you should have that already as I sent it before seeing your video. I am heart broken to see you like this and I hope the operation is successful because I need to see your happy face again. My hubby was due to have a similar operation but he has been lucky and things have got better enough that he may not need it however the doctor told him that these operations are very common and very successful in fixing things so I pray that it works for you.
It's a good job you can't see me because I am being all pathetic at this end. I'm sorry but I hate to see you so unhappy as you always make me laugh you are such a lovely friend.
I will try and find out what is going on with blogger but I do think it's just some silly issues as it is happening at my end too but again only with some blogs so it must be blogger, stinkers! I think you should stop worrying about it and concentrate on getting better.
I love you and I am sending you big hugs though very gentle ones obviously!
Angela xXx

Tami Roth said...

Dear Jackie, I am hoping this finds you well and in a little less pain than before as it is soon after your surgery. I hope it went well and you will be back making art soon. I can't imagine all you have been through. Take care and looking forward to hearing from you! Hugs,

Pamellia Johnson said...

Been thinking about you Jackie and hoping that your surgery went. I'm sure you're all curled up in a hospital bed right now, wishing you could be in your craft room catching up with your friends... so I thought I would stop in and update you on life. Give you something to read when you have time.

Been keeping busy this past week or so doing all of the nasty spring cleaning. I love how the house looks and smells when I'm all done, but getting there is such a pain! Like you, I have nerve issues, so all that bending and lifting is not my favourite. lol. Hopefully by the time the every corner of the house looks shiny and new, the weather outside will be back to warm and sunny! In a month or so, the local nurseries will start opening and I will be choosing my first flowers for the patio. I'm super excited for that!! Well off I go, sending you all of my best healing wishes and hope to see your beautiful face again soon. :)

Karenliz Henderson said...

Jackie!!! Hope by now you can at least feel your fingers. Knowing you, I'm sure you're feeling completely frustrated (hmm is there a better word?) with everything especially not being able to do much art! I'm sure Riley and Chum are spoiling you rotten which you deserve. You take care of yourself and remember WE WILL ALL BE HERE WHEN YOU RETURN! We are not going anywhere.

aimarii said...

Jackie, I will write you email. Sorry to hear what something bad has happened to you. I cannot to hear your video.
Hope you are feeling much better than days ago you had written and made that video.

Kim Collister said...

Well, I'm so sad I'm just seeing your video and getting this information. I spend so much time working and running that by time I slow down and get to the blogs, I have missed so much. I am so so sorry that I missed being able to pray for you before your surgery but I hope everything went better than expected and you are on your way to healing and recovery. I can pray for that! My husband had the same type surgery almost 10 years ago and has never had one regret or any problems. Praying all good things for you as well and while you are recovering, I know you will be filling your head with all kinds of art ideas and will soon be able to put them all in motion. Love love you sweet friend and I am honored to call you my family and art sister!! Hugging you big and don't rush, take all the time needed to take care of YOU!!! You are important ya know!!!

Gerda said...

Oh my dear friend Jacky ,
It hurts me to see you in lots of pain, it brought me to tears. I luckily was getting a update on Facebook. I’m very glad that the surgery went all well. I hope your recovery will work out great and that you got no more pain and can use your fingers again. Sending you my very best healing wishes and a Huge HUG. Love from your friend Gerda.đź’•