Sunday, March 4, 2018

more mail love

Good Sunday morning everyone!
Last post I promised a bit more mail love and so here it is!!

 Some of you,many of you,may be familiar with Lynne Moncreiff of Adorn.I have been an enthusiastic,(well maybe her #1-in my mind) fan of her and her art since i first discovered her. Lynne is a regularly published artist for most if not all of Stampington's magazines and her style is uniquely hers.Well this lovely,dear friend,has generously created and sent me some of her artwork.
All the way from Scotland!

In this wonderful package, Lynne also included a packet of tea,mmmm and a small bar of the most delicious dark chocolate I have eaten to this date! Yum! Simply Scrumptious I tell you!
On the backs of the artwork and tag, Lynne wrote to me beautiful words of encouragement and support of my artwork.
 This means the world dear Lynne, and I so very much appreciate you,my friend and our faraway relationship.
Thank you sweet Lynne! 💜💜

Up an assortment of colors, like I've never seen!
My childhood friend and neighbor Jennifer Gammon Murphy,and I grew up across the street from one another. Almost everyday we were outside playing kickball,ghost in the graveyard or Barbies and staying overnight at one another's houses! 
Now,as adults we still have much in common. Jen,has also grown into a hoarder/collector like me! LOL Only Jen actually sells the vintage things she buys!teehee 
Jen's successful company, LadyJaneVintage specializes in vintage clothing,and she does quite a business for set designers and the like!  I am so proud and happy of and for Jen!
anyway, Jen was out carousing the local thrift shops and saw some beautiful bags of material. After reading my numerous,love posts about Gwen's Irresistible Sari Scraps. Jen told me she had seen something I might have liked.
Well,didn't she go back to that store,and was lucky(for me)enough to find the bags still there?
 She sent off to me a package with 6 bags of various color and sizes of GORGEOUS Batik material
These are just a few of the pieces,I share,as there are so many more delicious colors and designs.

Jen sure does know how to make a heart happy and a girl jump for joy!

Thank you so much Jen for all the love~I am so happy we grew up together and still share such a close family connection!

That's it for this Sunday morning, I do hope your day is filled with sunshine and happiness!
Mine is sunny already and I have a very special friend visiting for the weekend, SherieWeiserEddy. ssshhhh she is still sleeping, but when she gets up, it's back out to the Art Barn for some heavy duty creating and fun!
Jackie ")


Valerie-Jael said...

Oh my, what gorgeous gifts. I have several lovely pieces from Lynne, her art is gorgeous. And all those wonderful fabrics - I'm drooling! Have BIG fun and enjoy all of your lovely goodies. Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I know that you are the lovliest person and a wonderful friend and so it doesn't surprise me that people love you and send you such tender loving gifts! Who deserves such wonderful gifts more than you?!
Gorgeous - and I am looking forward to seeing your projects with this amazing fabrics!
Happy new week my friend and enjoy your vistor!
oxo Susi

Redanne said...

A sunny day indeed Jackie, a lovely post and such gorgeous gifts! Lynne is just the loveliest, talented and generous person and her heart always shines through in her wonderful creations - the ones you received really are gorgeous! The gifts from your friend are just amazing too, such wonderful designs! Hugs, Anne xx

ArtyDiva said...

Well....I got to see all of this amazingness in person! I am sooooo glad Jackie introduced me to Lynne! I also got to drool over all of Jackie’s beautifully created work! I am sooo blessed to share time with her; loving, art-ing, and laughing! Jackie has the BEST treasures, and she shares them all!!! It it like art-heaven! Full of inspiration, everywhere you look!

Renee said...

So sweet! Thanks for sharing all your lovely gifts from Lynne and your friend. I adore Lynne and all her beautiful creations. Enjoy!!

Astrid Maclean said...

Wow Jackie, gorgeous pieces from Lynne, and wow again for those amazing pieces of fabric!! Now I can't wait to see what you will do with them! How wonderful to have kept in touch with this childhood friend!

Kate said...

OMG!! Those amazing prints and patterns are gorgeous. You really hit the jackpot. What a wonderful and generous friend to send you all of that. Beautiful creations by Lynne. She certainly sent you some gorgeous pieces. Love that you shared all of this with us.

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Jackie
Those gifts from Lynne are of the most beautiful artworks in her unique style - so inspiring and so kind!
And what a special friend you have since childhood who knows you well sending those beautiful batik fabrics!
You are one lucky girl who so deserves these lovely gifts!
Enjoy my friend,
Love and hugs,

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a fabulous package to receive ... it sure beats the packets of forms from the IRS that I get :P

Seriously, beautiful stuff - and what a lovely friend to share her talents with you!

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie, how lucky are you to get such great gifts but then you deserve them. I'm sure you will make good use of these lovely items my friend. Have a great week with lots of creativity, Angela xXx

Win Dinn said...

Aren't you just the luckiest lady, Jackie - I can hardly wait to see what you'll come up with using all these lovely items...they will be knockouts, I know. Waiting impatiently...... Big hugs, my friend. xo

Pamellia Johnson said...

Holy cow, how lucky are you!! So many wonderful gifts from your friends, I can't wait to see what you create with those gorgeous fabric pieces! Hope all has been well in life and crafting, just popped in to say howdy friend!

So many people have been hit with snow recently, but here in Canada it's been lovely spring weather for the most part. How ironic is that! I haven't had a chance to get out yet and enjoy any of it, but the summer birds are arriving and the smells and sounds of the warmer season are starting to become more noticeable. Looks like it's shaping up to be a season of tons of babies!! sending hugs to you and hoping you have a lovely weekend :)

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Jackie, these are all just stunning!
Beautiful colors and designs and an amazing package to receive! Enjoy!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I'm in awe of all those art pieces you've received, Jackie, you lucky girl - I'd better check Lynne out for more inspiration! And those batiks are to die for as well. I would so like to learn how to make those!

Gio said...

Wow, I'm drooling over those fabrics scraps, these are amazing, I understand your joy. And don't mention the lovely stuff from Lynne, she is so so talented. Lucky girl, you :-)

aimarii said...

You have got great gifts. Surely you are glad.

Autumn Clark - SewPaperPaint said...

WOW Jackie! What amazing treats indeed. I just loved reading this post and hearing the enthusiasm and gratitude come through! Love ya girl! Hugs, Autumn