Friday, March 30, 2018

#CWCPaperDollSwap~Artist Choice

Hello all!
 Today I am sharing with you some dollies I made as well as received from our recent Paper Doll Swap. 
Years ago I belonged to another doll swap and I just loved creating and sharing my makes,and I knew of a handful of people who wanted to play as well. So the #CWCPaperDollSwap was born!
There are two pages at the top of my blog, one explains the swap,if you are interested in joining and the other shows all of the dollies that were crafted and sent to their new homes.Have a look if you'd like

On to the post...first swap was "Artist Choice" so being that it was during the Olympics when we started, I was inspired by the gals from South Korea who escorted the world Olympians in during the opening march.


Up first is my doll "Stassi" 
whom I made for Pam Wildeboer

 vintage plastic foliage was wired onto her skirt

   Her backside

And now, "Anastasia" 
 whom I created for Kim Laws
 this time,I cut out the sections in the hoop skirt stamp.
the "Bring Kindness" tag on her arm is from a stamp by
sisters and proprietors,
Sharon and Chris,are the originators of the
 "She" quotes
 Vintage Mercury stems in her hand and a close up of her skirt

Naturally I had to make a girl for myself and being that my birthday is January and birthstone is Garnet,
 "Garnet" was born
the hoop skirt stamp used on all three dolls was created by Me!
 All of my dolls faces are from stamps by  

and my dolls arms and legs are graciously given as free downloads

and now onto the dollies I received! 
 this lovely wrapped package and this adorable card!


and inside the package was this beautiful vintage "armoire",yes it is a vintage photo frame- how clever Kim! along with a Velcro enclosure~ isn't this just gorgeous!

here is sweet "Annie Bell"  now one of my cherished dolls!
look at that face!
I just love the trim on her skirt!
 isn't Annie Bell just precious!

and here we this magical "Woodland Fairy" by Pam Wildeboer

Seriously,this doll's detail is absolutely amazing!
 Pammie went all outwith her layered skirt and the tops of her legs made with plastic foliage! 
 I mean really-those wings!
My gorgeous fairy is just delightful-I love everything about her! 

Pammie also made me this quirky gal called "Freedom Flight"
I just love her legs-sexy gal!
If you have some time,head over to the CWCdoll page and see all the other wonderful dolls created- such artistic creativity in each one! 
You might want to play as well!

Have a beautiful day everyone and thank you so much for your visit!
Peace & Love
Jackie ")


Karenliz Henderson said...

WOW! Amazing dolls Jackie!!! You put so much detail into your dolls. I can look at them all day and still find something I didn't see. Kim's doll is amazing in that armoire WOW! Pammie's doll! Seriously those wings!! I adore her. Freedom flight I love. It's quirky and fun.

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie, these are just amazing and might have to think about making some myself. Have you heard of Flat Susan? She is a paper doll that travels the world. Just in case here is the link:
Hope you are enjoying the Easter break. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

What a fun swap - you dressed up your dolls beautifully. I can see how it can get addictive making these beauties. Lovely dolls received as well! I haven't been around much lately, but hope to be back in full swing soon. Wishing you and your family (including Chum!) a lovely Easter! xx

froebelsternchen said...

I am in awe of your three wonderful girls - precious !
What a fun swap this is and the dolls you received are fantastic as well dear Jackie ---WOW!

Happy Easter to you and the family and the lovely Chum dear Jackie!
Love from

Valerie-Jael said...

Oh my, what a mouth wateringly delicious post, packed with high class eye candy. Love all the dolls you sent and received. Happy Easter to you and yours, hugs, Valerie

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Wow Jackie your dolls are fantastic. Your attention to detail is wonderful. Love the lace, jewels, crackle texture. Absolutely brilliant. Have a wonderful Easter. Tracy ❤️

denthe said...

The details in your dolls are amazing! I didn't see the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, but you're right: those skirts are beautiful. And I love hoe it inspired you for the skirts of your dolls. Great work, and the dolls you received are lovely as well. Seems like a fun swap! Wishing you a happy Easter Jackie! And thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. It's deeply appreciated :-) Hugs, Denise xxx

Kate said...

What a fun post, Jackie!I am so glad that you shared. I love your dolls and all the fabulous detailed skirts and branches. So beautiful! And that Annie Bell and woodland fairy are so unique. This swap sounds SO fun. I am going to check it out. But I have a question. What do you do with your dolls? Do you display them?
Happy Easter,

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Oh my what a magnificent post Jackie, I love your created paper dolls just as much as the ones you received, highly detailed with so much work put into each and everyone of them. Glad you created Garnet for yourself too, it's often that I have joined in with challenges and regretted not making one for myself during the creative process. Wish I had the time to join in with swaps and challenges but I hardly have the time to finish what I start at present.
Thank you so much for sharing these sweeties with us.
Creative Easter wishes Tracey xx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Jackie, your dolls are amazing! The detail and the gorgeous scraps and all the pretties are simply mind-boggling. I've been drooling over all that detail. And the dolls you received are lovely too. It was great to just dwell on every detail. This is an amazing swap. Thank You for all you are doing and for allowing me to be a part of it. xxx

Redanne said...

What a wonderful post Jackie!! All of the dolls, given and received are beautiful, so much detail, so much to love - I can just imagine them all lined up now! BEautiful work by everyone! Hugs, Anne xx

Dorthe said...

What a gorgeous adventure, of amazing paperdolls, Jackie, -all so cleverly created, and all so different . Your maidens are fantastic dressed, and in such jewel tones, - beautiful.
I love Kim`s amazing doll, too, a stunning creation, and wow the mermaid, everyone have its own style, and special look.
Thank you so much for showing dear friend .
Big hugs , from Dorthe xoxoxo

Margik said...

What a fun swap Jackie! Love all the wonderful dolls. Your skirts look beautiful with those fantastic details. Great ideas and so creative!
Mar :)

Gio said...

OHMY!! How beautiful your dolls are, and so the ones you received. Really a gorgeous swap. My fave doll of yours is the first one, but still the dresses are so precious, in every paper doll.
About the Sardinian symbol, it was an ancient stamp, carved in stone, and it was used by gentry families for bread, to put a family stamp on it.
I hope you had a lovely Easter :-)

Win Dinn said...

These dolls are all - given and received - a gift of magic. What a fabulous swap in so many ways. I can see that all artists have put their hearts and souls into the work, and I am touched is so many ways. xoxox

Win Dinn said...

These dolls are all - given and received - a gift of magic. What a fabulous swap in so many ways. I can see that all artists have put their hearts and souls into the work, and I am touched is so many ways. xoxox

piseth san said...

I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!Thanks for sharing.

Pamellia Johnson said...

Wow, a doll swap, how fun is that! Your dolls are absolutely gorgeous! I just love all the different skirts and tiaras of crystals! Doilies and pearls and sequins, oh my! Such a creative idea for a sway, and you received lovely items as well!

I find every year, that the weather is just a little bit crazier than it was the year before. Last week I was making patio garden plans, this week I I had to pull out the snow shovel!! It sure can be difficult to make any plans when your not sure what season it's going to be tomorrow. lol. I hope all has been well with you this last couple of weeks. Thinking of you and sending hugs :)

butterfly said...

Oh my goodness - what glorious dolls have been making their way around the world. Your Stassi, Anastasia and Garnet are all just lovely - such detail and thought and joy and love in each one... and the same in the dolls you received. What an uplifting exchange of art characters. You have really increased the measure of joy in the world by organising this swap.
Alison x