Friday, March 30, 2018

#CWCPaperDollSwap~Artist Choice

Hello all!
 Today I am sharing with you some dollies I made as well as received from our recent Paper Doll Swap. 
Years ago I belonged to another doll swap and I just loved creating and sharing my makes,and I knew of a handful of people who wanted to play as well. So the #CWCPaperDollSwap was born!
There are two pages at the top of my blog, one explains the swap,if you are interested in joining and the other shows all of the dollies that were crafted and sent to their new homes.Have a look if you'd like

On to the post...first swap was "Artist Choice" so being that it was during the Olympics when we started, I was inspired by the gals from South Korea who escorted the world Olympians in during the opening march.


Up first is my doll "Stassi" 
whom I made for Pam Wildeboer

 vintage plastic foliage was wired onto her skirt

   Her backside

And now, "Anastasia" 
 whom I created for Kim Laws
 this time,I cut out the sections in the hoop skirt stamp.
the "Bring Kindness" tag on her arm is from a stamp by
sisters and proprietors,
Sharon and Chris,are the originators of the
 "She" quotes
 Vintage Mercury stems in her hand and a close up of her skirt

Naturally I had to make a girl for myself and being that my birthday is January and birthstone is Garnet,
 "Garnet" was born
the hoop skirt stamp used on all three dolls was created by Me!
 All of my dolls faces are from stamps by  

and my dolls arms and legs are graciously given as free downloads

and now onto the dollies I received! 
 this lovely wrapped package and this adorable card!


and inside the package was this beautiful vintage "armoire",yes it is a vintage photo frame- how clever Kim! along with a Velcro enclosure~ isn't this just gorgeous!

here is sweet "Annie Bell"  now one of my cherished dolls!
look at that face!
I just love the trim on her skirt!
 isn't Annie Bell just precious!

and here we this magical "Woodland Fairy" by Pam Wildeboer

Seriously,this doll's detail is absolutely amazing!
 Pammie went all outwith her layered skirt and the tops of her legs made with plastic foliage! 
 I mean really-those wings!
My gorgeous fairy is just delightful-I love everything about her! 

Pammie also made me this quirky gal called "Freedom Flight"
I just love her legs-sexy gal!
If you have some time,head over to the CWCdoll page and see all the other wonderful dolls created- such artistic creativity in each one! 
You might want to play as well!

Have a beautiful day everyone and thank you so much for your visit!
Peace & Love
Jackie ")

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Journaling my art adventure~Reaching for stars...

Here with a Tribe post this morning,I am sharing a page from a special journal I am making titled "Reaching for stars..."

This first page for my journal is one very special and close to my heart as this was made using photos of my published art as well as many of my favorite products from Gwen Lafleur's online store
 You see,I became an Art Tribe member of Gwen's within days of learning about my artwork being published.So to me,this became the beginning of my new journey of Reaching for the stars.
I have a few beginning photos of where I started but soon was lost in the creative process,and once again,neglected the"during"photos! 
However,I am going to walk you through the best I can,but beware,very picture heavy post here,so fill your cup now!

I like to use my saved package boards as substrates,so this one received the gesso treatment on the front and back.

When it was dry I applied torn layers of Gwen's peacock feathers tissue paper she wraps her store packages in.This was applied with Decou-Page.I did not wait for this to totally dry before adding a coat of Paper Artsy~Glacier Ice.The harsh look of gesso was not the background I wanted,instead I found the soft greyish blue hue of this color to be more to my liking.Once it was on,I wiped back areas with a moist towelette.
And that's where the in process photos ended!
After this was thoroughly dry(I used a hair dryer)out came  Gwen's Ornamental Peacock Feathers Stencil from her Ornamental Collection.
I picked this stencil because I just love the way Gwen designed these feathers,almost organically,with clean and simple lines. You'll see how beautiful they look as I continue.

Up first,I mixed modeling paste with Lindy's Magical Powders in shades of teal and turquoise.
I varied the shades of Magicals as I needed more paste. 
When all the feathers were on and dry,next came the additional colors.

What I did next was to spritz the edges lightly with water and using Infusions from a shake of the powder on the table,I worked the colors from the outside in with a paintbrush and spritzing more water as I went.
The Infusions worked almost like watercolors.
oh how I wish i took in process photos for you!
When pleased with my color play I added a bit of random stamping  with a script stamp and left to dry.
 Then came the placement of one of my gorgeous Irresistible India Sari Scrap Embellishment pieces. I sewed this onto the center of the substrate using a straight stitch on the sewing machine.
 Before placing my pictures,I decided to add some gold to the stenciled Peacock Feathers using Lindy's sprays,again with a paintbrush and lots of water.
At this point I also edged my art pictures with the same gold,just enough to give them a glimmer and take away the harsh edges.
The gold from the sheer Sari Scrap compliments the gold edges of the pictures so well as does the shimmer from the gold on the feathers below!
After this came the auditions and placements of my graphics and additional Sari Scrap Embellishment.
And yes,I am still head over heels in love with Gwen's Sari Scrap Embellishments!
 just can't get enough of that beautiful stuff!! LOL
Once I was pleased with the layout,I adhered the pictures and the pearl embellished piece of Sari Scrap with gel medium. 
   How I just love those beautiful Peacock Feathers of Gwen's surrounding my artwork.
I made sure to leave the fraying edges of the Sari Scrap,as I like the imperfectness of these pieces.
While the gel medium was drying,I set about to use pieces from my stash of Going Global Turkman Jewelry parts.
 I also pulled out some beautiful glass beads in coordinating colors and attached these with jump-rings to the Turkman Jewelry chain piece I decided upon.

 I secured this strand and beads to substrate using very small gauge wire and knotting the wire on the back.(the back will be covered when it is added to the journal paper later on)
This next photo shows the way the sun shimmers and shines on these beautiful Turkman parts~
how gorgeous is this!
 Here,I stamped this quote from my stamps from Lynne Moncrieff,then edged it in gold and adhered this to the bottom of my page.
 and lastly I adhered a few tiny glass seed beads to parts of the canvas using the small gauged wire again. 
And so begins my documented art journey~this page is now ready to go onto a page in my journal.
 A dear artist friend of mine Renee Zarate once told me to be sure to record my published pieces and keep some kind of a scrapbook.Renee told me,she wished she had done this. So,following her advice,I have made sure to purchase extra copies of the Stampington magazines I been published in for this purpose.The pictures used on this journal page are my artwork,cut from the 2018 Spring edition of Stampington's Somerset Apprentice, which I am so grateful and honored to have my artwork in.
 And this ledger journal that I found at a garage sale last summer,will hold all of my special art journey pages.

 I have not yet decorated the back & cover,but have now created my first journal page.

  Hopefully I have inspired you today to go make some beautiful art!
 I also hope that you will continue with me on my journey and return for future posts!
Wishing you a day filled with sunshine and creativity!
Peace & Love
Jackie ")

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 Mixed Media Monthly Challenge #46
my three mediums used are,Modeling paste, Infusions,Magicals and a stencil!

Products from
 Gwen Lafleur's Mixed Media Online Store:
Ornamental Peacock Feathers Stencil
Irresistible India Embellished Sari Scrap  both from the Blu-Green package and Blue package
Going Global Turkman Jewelry Parts 

You still have time to shop Gwen's anniversary sale at her store! 15% off till the 28th! hurry in!

other Products used:
Reaching for stars stamp from Lynne Moncrieff  Affirmations #1
CWS Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste
Lindy's Magicals ~ Shabby  Turbine Teal,Time Traveler Teal, Tibetan Poppy Teal
Lindy's Starburst Spray~ Golden Sleigh Bells
Infusions~ A Bit Jaded, Violette
Paper Artsy~Fresco Finish~Glacier Ice
DecoArt Decou-Page
heavy matte gel
Small gauged wire
seed beads
ornamental glass beads