Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mixed Media Tri~Perfecta

Welcome to another Artist Tribe post for Gwen Lafleur.

Today's canvas is inspired by our recent Blue Moon. Ours was not really blue...but consisted of gorgeous colors like the ones on my canvas. 
So to tie this into the title of my post,the Blue Moon was referred to as Trifecta,which is derived from Tri plus Perfecta
Add to this,I used the perfect trio of Gwen's Art Deco Medallion Stencil, Gwen's Exotic Orient Traditional Chinese Screen Die and Seth Apter's Trifecta Die Set, hence Tri~Perfecta!

Lots of photos to share,full of textures, and colors and interest.

I started with a gessoed canvas,to which I added scraps of vintage maps and thin layers of the dies.
First colors down were opaque followed by several layers of Quinachridone colors. Then I randomly brushed on DecoArt crackle glaze and while this was still drying,added several more layers of colors.
Also blocked in a few circles with color here and there.
Next added was embossing paste through Gwen's Art Deco Medallion Stencil in various areas and left to dry.
I was thinking I wanted to do the same thing with these small circles like I did on my last post so I filled these in with Glossy Accents and as they were drying,decided to change it up,by adding #BakedTexture~Deep Sea embossing powder by Seth. I melted this layer a bit and next added  Hammered Metal,a bit more cooking with the heat tool,and then another layer of Charred Gold.

Then I went onto adding the dies to the canvas,which I had previously cut and stamped with Delicata Gold ink.Here I layered embossing powders of Deep Sea and Burnt Copper Leaves(which has quickly become my favorite powder!)

I love the BurntCopperLeaves ep,so much,I decided it had to be my frame choice.
Is that not just Gorgeous??!!
 on these rings to the right,you can see the Enhanced Gold Pearl ep.This translucent ep gave nice shine and truly did enhance the gold color!

and yes,I added more BurntCopperLeaves ep,here and there on areas of the stencils. It just looks so cool on Gwen's stencil!
To the outside edges of the canvas I randomly stamped embossing ink and dipped this into the #BakedTexture~Deep Sea ep...
 then heated and melted and melted and dipped and heated and turned...well,you get the idea! 
Didn't this turn out just yummy?!

Here I drilled down through the canvas and added this vintage Art Deco Key from my stash. 
Thanks Gwen for supplying the best products to combine with my hoarded  saved best vintage stash.

In the above photo,I added the Emerald Creek Quarry Gem Stones, to this die
 mmmmm #texture  #tactile

To highlight the various golds I used my fingers to rub over and into the background crackle,DecoArt's Metallic Luster~Gold Rush
I really liked the BurntCopperLeaves ep on the edges and decided one more layer for those circles...
I heated up the circles one at a time,sprinkled Burnt Copper Leaves in the bubbles,quick dose of heat and left the texture as it was-matching the framework
Below,the ring to the left is covered with Judikins Chocolate Twinkle ep and kinda feels like sandpaper  #tactile  

If you love that die of Gwen's I used...that and all the other  items from the Exotic Orient category are on sale in honor of Chinese New Year!
 on sale through the end of February!

you know,looking at these rings here,kinda reminds me of the Olympic rings... 
Perfecta timing as the 2018 Winter Olympics start this Thursday~tomorrow!

 I do hope you enjoyed my post and were able to follow my descriptions as I remembered them!
 If you have any questions,please email me,
 I will be happy to reply
Jackie ") 

Gwen's products used:

Gwen's StencilGirl Stencils - Art Deco Collection~

Gwen's Essentials - Emerald Creek Embossing Powders~

Emerald Creek Quarry Gemstones~


Exotic Orient Traditional Chinese Metal Wafer Dies~ 

Round Chinese Screen Die 


Other products used:
Judikins EP~Chocolate Twinkle

DecoArt Products used:

Media Fluid Arcylic paints by DecoArt ~
Cadium Orange Hue,Raw Sienna,Quinachridone Magenta,Quinachridone Gold,Quinachridone Burnt Orange,Cobalt Blue Hue,Dioxide Purple
Metallic Luster~Gold Rush
Media Crackle Glaze

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Pamellia Johnson said...

I totally missed the blue moon, but I'm sure enjoying the artwork that it inspired you to create! Dang this is gorgeous Jackie! This is one of those times that I wish screens were a touch thing, so I could reach in and run my hand over the surface of this... I imagine it to have so much texture! The colours are brilliant and the composition is incredible! Totally loving your gilded edges, they look straight out of a treasure chest!

So as I am writing this comment, I look outside and see that it is snowing like crazy! How excited am I!! I haven't been outside for almost 3 weeks, but I'm thinking I'm heading out there this afternoon and grabbing some more snowy photos, before this wintery season comes to an end! Hope you're having a great week my friend, sending hugs :)

Janet Ghio said...

yummy yummy!!

Angela Radford said...

This is just so lush! The colours are amazing and work so well together. By the way the moon is not really blue but it's too long a thing to explain here. The only time a moon would actually look blue is if there is smoke or dust in the atmosphere. You will have heard the phrase, "Once in a Blue Moon" which comes from the fact that this is a rare event but there are other reasons for the name relating to old English words that sound similar and I'd better stop there as you will almost certainly be getting bored around now HeeHee! Have a great week my lovely arty friend. Big hugs, Angela xXx

Karenliz Henderson said...

OH MY JACKIE!!! THIS IS GORGEOUS! This is my all time favorite piece of art you've ever done. I love all the colors, textures and circles!!!!! SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Love all the layers of glorious colours and textures, they make me want to reach out and touch it. This is really and absolutely won*der*ful! Well done my friend! Have a great day, take care, hugs, Valerie

Joi at RR said...

ASTOUNDINGLY INCREDIBLE. Once again you have just blown me away with your AMAZING CREATIVITY Jackie. This is EXTRAVAGANTLY ELEGANT and ELABORATELY EXQUISITE. I'm going back to look again... just AMAZING. Xj.

Joseph Cuccurullo said...

Wow, this turned out great, it looks like wax this is something I would like to play with.
Miss you BIG HUGS !!!!

Gwen Lafleur said...

This is gorgeous Jackie! Love how you layered the stencil and diecuts with the embossing paste and powders, and such great layers of EP too - love the color blends you chose! Looks awesome!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my gosh - this is royal and terrific - what a made!
This is a work of art! You amaze me every time I come see what you are up to.
I wish you a wonderful rest of the week my friend!
oxo Susi

Renee said...

Wow you got the maximum effect on this! Gorgeous, love what you accomplished. I feel like I can touch it.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Gorgeous Jackie, the co,ours are so rich and eye catching. Wonderful textures too. Tracy x

Julia Aston said...

Yummy? Yes Jackie!! You lost me half wY through but I enjoyed the creation story and the beautiful outcome, if I layered all this it would surely be mud! Thank you for sharing with us at A Vintage Journey Melt it challenge!! Julia xx

Kate said...

Wow! So many amazing textures in this canvas. I love that you used bolds colors in the background with the gold/dark colors for the stenciling. The art deco key and the Chinese symbol are wonderful touches. I love this!

Aimeslee W. said...

Jackie, such a delicious piece! Girl's not afraid to bake up some goodness. #eppower ;-)

Wen Sylvestre said...

Oh wow, there is a whole lot of beautiful texture going on here. So much to see and take in! What a wonderful inspired piece of art this is, dear Jackie! Big hugs xx

Win Dinn said...

What a total knock-out piece, Jackie. I'm drooling at all the delicious colour and texture as I move through those wonderful closeup photos. I just want to run my hands over it for days on end (and perhaps a lick or two on it as well :D ). Awesome, my artsy friend. xo

Dorthe said...

Sweet Jackie, truly a gorgeous piece- so many amazing textures, I love the frame , wow, and the circles also makes so much interest with the texture and your stunning colors. For me, it also now after reading your text, feels like fire and sundown- when we often get that kind of pinkish color tone here- You created a magic for sure, dear friend.
Big hug from Dorthe

Jane said...

Glad to see another crafter inspired by the blue moon although I went with fairies for mine!There are lots of lovely textures and colours on your great piece and it's perfect for our anything but cute challenge over at Country View, thanks for joining in with the fun xx

Darlene Campbell said...

Whoa, those quarry gem stones caught my attention. I like the key on top too. This has a beautiful palette and so cool it was inspired by the blue moon...your close up photos of texture makes me want to reach out and touch it. It all is oozing with color, texture and a perfect composition!!

Bozena Wojtaszek said...

If this is your "Blue Moon" I'm afraid to think what your sunsets might be - Jackie, this is simply gorgeous!!!

Lynda Shoup said...

Jackie your piece is simply to die for! What texture! It just gets better and better with each layer, doesn't it? The colors are just the type I love, the texture yummy and the composition spot on. Love the key on top. You are absolutely on fire!

denthe said...

I would love to run my fingers over this piece of art! the texture looks amazing, and the colours are again so utterly gorgeous. I could keep talking about that ... :-) Those circles made me think of Valentine's day right away. But they could be Olympic rings too :-) Great work once again Jackie! Have a lovely weekend xxx

Gio said...

The texture is so darn yummy!!! Gorgeous , brilliant artwork, Jackie!

Corrie Herriman said...

Love all the texture ! Fantastic !
Thank you for joining us over at Country View Challenges !
Corrie x

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Happy Valentine's Day dear Jackie!


butterfly said...

Just phenomenal - the textures here and those fabulous circle designs intricately overlapping - so much for the eyes and the fingertips to enjoy. I have Seth's powders on order to arrive with me here in NYC - I can't wait!! This is one of my favourites of yours ever, for sure.
Alison x
Oh, and I noticed Frantic Stamper has the word stamps in stock in the US - xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Those metallic textures are just amazing! I could sink my teeth into them - though that's probably the wrong expression LOL! I must get my embossing powders and heat gun out - I haven't used them since I bought them years ago! I feel like I'm missing out now! Hope all is well with you Jackie! xx

Annie said...

WOW Jackie !!!! This is such a pleasure to look at x I love the colours and layers of embossing that you have created. The overlapping and intertwined sections are just amazing. Thank You for the great step by step too.
Its great to have you on board with us over at A Vintage Journey for Julia's Melt It challenge and theres certainly been lots of melting here !!

Best Wishes
Annie CG x

Sara Barker said...

OK, Jackie, this one needs to be in a gallery somewhere! What an amazing textural composition! I love the colors and of course, that fabulous texture! You have rocked the new Seth powders; I just got mine last week and can't wait to use them! Mixed them with the EC powder and that chocolate truffle (or whatever) is some delicious baking from the craft room! LOVE this!

I saw the moon, and didn't notice anything different when it was rising. Maybe I should have kept watching. I'm sure happy you captured the colors here! Hugs!

Sara Barker said...

PS I see you've added this to the Melt It challenge at A Vintage Journey--clever girl! I was just going to suggest it! Thank you for blessing our gallery with this amazing piece! Hugs!

Redanne said...

Jackie, I am almost lost for words - this is absolutely STUNNING!!! The colours are just so amazing, glorious in fact and the texture you created with the embossed die cuts is just superb. This is one of those pieces I just want to reach out and touch.... incredibly beautiful!!

Thanks so much for joining in our Melt It challenge at A Vintage Journey. Hugs, Anne xx

Sara Barker said...

Yay! You rocked the Melt It challenge! congrats on being one of our Pinworthies! Hugs!