Friday, February 16, 2018

I got the best mail yesterday...


I was almost speechless! (almost)
The tears absolutely poured down my face as I opened  my
 "Artist Complementary"
 Issue of
Somerset Apprentice by Stampington!

Even though I knew I had been chosen ahead of time...
truly it is not believable until you open that magazine and see your artwork on the pages!

My"Beautiful Dreamers"are a six page spread!
I just couldn't believe it!
The gang at Stampington&Company did an absolutely beautiful job photographing and sharing my artwork. Truly a gorgeous spread.

and then,if this wasn't enough,I was asked to answer a few questions for the regular article

"We Asked the ARTISTS" 
What's your favorite embellishment to use on a project?

and for the regular article "Glossary Spotlight"
 they asked me:
What Types of Findings are you drawn to?

and finally they wanted  to know:
Please share a humorous/embarrassing story from when you were a beginning artist

As you can probably guess,I am still reeling with excitement and thanking my lucky stars!
Sending out huge thank yous to #Stampington&Company Publications, #SomersetApprentice, and to Gracy Wilkins and Danielle Williams for appreciating my artwork and giving me this fabulous chance to have it shown worldwide through their magazine!
 I am beyond blessed!
About seven years ago,my online friend Darlene Campbell and I were discussing my submitting for publishing. Darlene is a much published artist and was constantly encouraging me. 
I told her at that time,my dream was to be published in Somerset Apprentice!
Darlene always had faith it would happen for me-thanks my bestest Ohio friend! 
and now,I am here to tell you
thank you for your visit
Jackie ")
The faerie images used on these canvases are from Gecko Galz 


Nancy said...

How exciting! CONGRATULATIONS to you, Jackie! :o)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

This is such terrific news for you - I can't wait to get my issue! I'm going to mail it to you so you can autograph it!
The work you're showing looks exquisite (as always!). Good on you for following through on your hope and getting your work published and seen.
I sincerely hope this is just the beginning of many more good things for you and your work.
I send you virtual bushels of roses and congratulations!

Karenliz Henderson said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! So exciting. I can't wait to see the article!! You'll be teaching around the world soon!!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Congratulations, I am so happy for you. Wow, you can be very proud of yourself. Have a nice weekend, big hugs, Valerie

Ann Barnes said...

Jackie, I am so so happy for you. Your pieces are gorgeous and truly deserving of this publication. My sincere congratulations to you, I am sure this is just the beginning. Hugs to you!

Joi at RR said...

Oh Jackie - I'm smiling so BIG at the news of your being published in such a GRAND magazine. It's really one of the hardest to get into (in my opinion) so this is EVER such a GREAT DREAM COME TRUE for you. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Day!!! So excited for you. YES YES YES!!!!! And WOW - what BEAUTIFUL artwork... that full page photo of your work is just STUNNING. CONGRATULATIONS... this just makes my whole month! YEAH!!! Xj.

Winton Rose said...

Jackie this is absolutely wonderful! Congratulations to you!!! What a perfect way to celebration of all the hard years of learning your craft and sharing it with others so they too can enjoy it too. Your art is gorgeous! So excited for you! Karen.x

Astrid Maclean said...

Big congrats Jackie and so very well deserved! These pieces look stunning and the pages in the magazine look amazing! Well done you!!!

theresa mARTin said...

Congratulations! That's a wonderful spread, happy to see it!

Felicia Aaron said...

Well, the hits just KEEP ON COMING for our all star Jackie Neal!!!!!! You do it girl and show em whose the Art Boss!!!!! LOLOL Jackie, you know how fond I am of your amazing crafty talents and I am so proud for you! You sooooooo deserve the accolades!!! If they are smart.....they will put you in ALL of their publications! So happy my friend and I TOTALLY love the works they featured! Go out and CELEBRATE your gift!!! Blessings my friend! :)

Lys Scrap said...

Congratulations, Jackie! Wonderful news and creations!

Kate said...

Huge Congrats, Jackie! Your artwork is definitely publish-worthy. And such a beautiful spread. You are right, those photographers at Stampington have a way of making your artwork look amazing. I always think they make my art look better then it actually is. ;)
Happy weekend!

Jill McDowell said...

Jackie, I’m so excited for you. Wow what an incredible milestone. Al, your hard work is paying off. I get tingles in my toes thinking about how many people will get to appreciate your wipirk. I need to go get me a copy. Congrats,

Sanda Reynolds said...

OMG, Jackie, this is sooooo wonderful! HUGE CONGRATS, my sweet, dear friend, I'm so happy for you! Your artwork is truly amazing, so it was just a matter of time to publish you in such a prestigious publication! So well deserved! Much love to you, hugs, Sanda xxx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, Jackie this must have been so exciting! Your work is gorgeous and it absolutely graces those pages. Congratulations on your well deserved publication. xxx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

And your dream came true ♥♥♥ I am so in love with all this yumminess on stampington magazine paper I can see here and I will order this issue for sure my friend! This pieces are simply amazing and I send you my best wishes and am so happy with you ( tears in my eyes just now - really!)
Be proud my friend! You are a wonderful and unique artist and a wonderful person!♥♥♥
You made the wordl richer and happier with your art and your personality!


Dorthe said...

Oh Jackie, you must feel so in heaven , seeing all your gorgeous creations , filling the pages in this magazine, --for which you dreamed , many years .
They are amazing all, dreamy and yet in your bright colors, all the details, and little wonders you added , all so much like a fantastic fairytale, dear friend.
Yes you can be proud, but also Stampington, must feel so very lucky , to have you and your art featured , in their magazines .
Big hugs and congratulations to you , and a wonderful weekend, sweet lady., xxx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Your beautiful pieces of artwork look right at home in that publication, Jackie, and it's a lovely bonus to get a complimentary copy as well! And this is just the beginning! I'm so excited for you! xx

Darlene Campbell said...

Dear Jackie,
Dreams do come as a friend and you published...(all I did was recognize true talent) You have the gift and I am grateful you are creating and sharing with the world. So much fun to talk with you in person about it today. I'll be smiling in and out of the day...much love to you...keep creating as we need to see more!

Angela Radford said...

Well done Jackie, though not surprising as your work has developed into something all your own. It's really special and I think we may well be seeing more in future as your style is just the sort of thing that Stampington love. I am sending you great big hugs and congratulations, proud to be your crafty friend. Angela xXx

Wen Sylvestre said...

Congratulations my dear friend!! Your collages are so so gorgeous!! They are so dreamy and fairy tale like. I love the beautiful colour combinations you used in these. How wonderful they did such a huge article, well deserved dear!
Big hugs and love xx

Win Dinn said...

There is nobody I know more deserving of this than you, Jackie - you are truly one of the greatest inspirations on my blog roll, and I am beyond delighted for you. Well done, my friend...congratulations to the MAX! xo

Roosterhead Designs said...

Jackie, I was standing in line at M@c#a^l'% and grabbed the magazine to browse through.
Stampington is the best!
And low and behold there you were! I am not surprised ; )
Congratulations - it was a gorgeous lay out. Your work is unique and beautiful~
Wishing you many more complimentary issues! lol best wishes, karen o