Monday, January 15, 2018

Different sort of artwork-feeling inspired

Today's post is full of photos..I mean FULL! 
Just a head's up so you have a full cup~
  This is a picture story of inspiration...
and it all started here in this beautiful Mid Century house in the woods in Port Orchard,Washington.

I wrote months back about making and taking a gift to my son's home for a house warming present.
This is the post here  and this is the gift hanging in Len's great room

Len had called me and asked if Riley and I would come visit and help him in his new home with the many projects he had underway. Len and his friend tore up the whole kitchen down to the bones and after accessing what needed to be done it,began insulating, wiring, plumbing,adding new windows and skylights,and adding all new drywall and shoring up the floor joists, PHEW!!
 He asked for my help with the mudding and finishing of the drywall. He knew his mom is a perfectionist like himself as he watched me remodel three homes while growing up.
Of course we would come! So off we went,Len flew us out to the beautiful Port Orchard,for 10 days.
While there and working from sun up past sun down, my husband Riley and I had no idea the thoughts that were taking shape in our brains about our own place-heehee

Lenny and I being silly-we were getting a bit punchy after awhile!

Riley was very good at showing me spots I missed!

While there, Len's furnace died, and then the pellet stove kicked the bucket.All part of being a new home owner we kept saying to lift his spirits!
I am thrilled to tell you,that after researching through the net, Len found his furnace(from the 70's) and it's manual online. He managed to trouble shoot, and send out for new parts and after he installed a new motherboard, It worked like it was brand new!
 My boy is a genius! not too proud,huh?
Len has already replaced this stove with a new one

Riley helped out with the mudding, I did the finishing and sanding and we were able to get two coats of paint up.
 Of course,organizing mom did her best to keep everything as clean and easy to get around as possible and found great crock pot recipes to make to ease the burden of a semi functional kitchen.
yea, a bit of decorating as well, I set Len up a tea stand by the stove. He makes the best apple chai tea!

this was one of the most essential things to be worked and we were more than thrilled when it was completed.
 When Len was taken down old walls and drywall, he uncovered this. Yup, this is what was holding up the main support beam and was covered with drywall. It was only a matter of time before that 2x2 completed splitting and the 6x6 gave under the weight of the ceiling.

Len and Riley installed a temporary post, cut out the old beam,did more shoring up of the floor and put in the new post! Yay!!

Next we were on to building the kitchen cabinets that Len had designed.
Had any of us ever built cabinets from scratch? 
yea- NO! 
But I told you my son is a genius!

yup, that's me in jammies painting in the trim of the cabinets...I did this while the guys were cutting and assembling

The first cabinet was done and next came adding the sink and plumbing.
 Riley again,pointing out what needed to be done! heehee-such a card!

So while the two of them did the plumbing, I found some time to make a bit of art.
Notice the mood lighting to the right? Len built that light and installed from his computer a blend of changing colors I had picked out to give me some "mood" while I was creating.
I claimed this spot here as my own while we were there.

 they worked while I played,and before you knew it
  we had running hot and cold water and a kitchen sink!!

No more doing dishes in the bathroom sink for me! Woo hoo!! heehee
That was about all we were able to get accomplished while there, as well as a hundred of other things,and I know Len was so very,very happy that we were able to come out!
Since we left,Len is continuing to work on his cabinets and has started the staining as well as building more
My son is amazing and a genius! just saying...

Well now we are home and my husband keeps talking about how our carpet is gross,which I know already! and one morning I come in out of my studio to find him cutting strips of the carpet out! "No time like the present" he says!

After searching for a couple of weeks, mind you this is 2 weeks before Christmas, we find this gorgeous hardwood flooring and the two of us installed it.
Chum did his best to put up with the inconvenience...
And it is done!
By the way, this is our Christmas tree this year-minimal decorations due to remodeling



 we could have stopped there, but...

 I saw this fabulous cabinet on Pinterest
and before you knew it


  we designed our own to fit our space!

might as well paint the moulding as well!
 Now,this brings us all the way back to the photo at the top.

I have a gorgeous collection of vintage as well as current pottery.

This has been hidden away in the other room since we moved as I had no real place to show it.

Besides my beloved Raku pieces, there are  Glidden, original McCoy, some Brush,  Van Briggle, Amano~made in Germany, and Royal Hickman.

and yes, even some of my artwork

As you can see,our style is vintage. We love Mid Century Modern, and we think we did a pretty good job turning our modest single wide into a lovely work of art!(in progress)
Len's home and "Modern" look gave us the inspiration to update our home,but are we done? not yet! Stay tuned for more!

Be sure to come back on Wednesday so you can see how I have brought Gwen Lafleur's style into our home as well!
If you made it all the way here- I applaud you! You are the best!
Jackie ")


Valerie-Jael said...

Wow, wow, wow! A lot of effort and hard work, but it was worth it, it all looks totally fabulous. It looks like you are all creative geniuses in your lovely family. Enjoy the fruits of your labours, hugs, Valerie

Dorthe said...

Oh my goodness, Jackie, you are truly a power woman, -and a wonderful MOM,too- so much great work , to help your son, get his fantastic kitchen ,up- all the hours used for walls and all., and then start over again, when home ,lol- your new floor looks so beautiful, and the shelf arrangement is fantastic.So many treasuries you have collected, and now they get to be admired in this cozy room. Congratulations to you all, you have been great partners.
Sending you warm hugs, and kisses.
Dorthe, xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

What a fantastic post, Jackie! I adore your shelving unit and the way you decorated it. Perfection! Honestly, you could run a business selling those! So good of you to lend a hand to your son (a genius, indeed!) - I wish him all the best in his new abode. Nice that you were able to do some arting as well, while you were visiting. Good luck with your future home improvements - you definitely have an eye for that modern vintage look. Chum seems to tolerate the disturbance quite well - Oreo would have disappeared, sulking LOL! I did get a cuppa as you suggested and thoroughly enjoyed your photo report! Bring on the next stage of your DIY projects!

Karenliz Henderson said...

Oh my Jackie, I love the shelving and that floor. It all looks amazing. I can't wait to see more!!! xoxoxoxox

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Very, very cool! I especially love the flooring! I would love to have that throughout my place (allergies to carpet), but I am hoping to find a different unit to move into if one goes up for sale. thanks for sharing!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

My gosh Jackie I am thrilled about all this - This looks all so wonderful! And such a lot of hard work you all did - really creative geniuses you all, you can be so proud of your son! I am in awe of your wonderful shelving and that you even found muse to do some art even though you were not at your studio! Fantastic!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing --- I love it to see how creative this family is! AMAZING!

oxo Susi

Sandee Setliff said...

You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

denthe said...

Wow Jackie, where to start!?? It's amazing all the things you did. No wonder Len is such a genius when you look at his parents :-) That support beam he uncovered looks frightening! It's good that you found it, looks quite dangerous ... I just love your new hardwood floor. It's so beautiful. Hardwood gives such a warmth and cosyness to rooms. And the cabinet fits perfectly! So good that you found a place for that gorgeous pottery. Would be a shame not to show it. I love how both of you just keep creating great things.Looking forward to what else you did! Hugs xxx

Kate said...

Your pottery collection is amazing and gorgeous! And that shelving unit your son built is so unique. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

Jill McDowell said...

Wow. I am so impressed. You have been busy! I’m in awe of your abilities? Love that flooring, shelf and your MCCoy!

Sanda Reynolds said...

OMG, Jackie, I am totally speechless! It all looks simply AMAZING!!!What a fantastic job you did at Len's home too! All your family is soooo creative! I absolutely loved reading the post and seeing the pics and can't wait to see more!!! By the way, I adore the piece of art you created for Len and I'm sure he loves it! Much love to you, my sweet friend and big, warm hugs, Sanda xxx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Phew, Jackie! Your energy and verve astound me! I so enjoyed this energising and interesting post - I feel totally inspired now. I am really impressed with how you managed to create art while Riley and Len were working too!Respect to Len for sorting out that '70s furnace! It looks amazing. I love your new flooring, and that pottery and its wonderful display case look amazing. I'm very fond of mid-century modern myself, although in our tiny cottage we have to go for an eclectic ( ie Cluttered- he he!) look. xxx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie. What a massive job your son has taken on and how lucky he is to have such great parents to help. What a fabulous setting the house has too. That bronze and blue vase has got me thinking about some colours for a future project, just love that combination. The floor is gorgeous too. It's not so long ago that we removed our lounge carpet, my hubby wasn't sure but so pleased we replaced it with wood though I did go mad and buy the most gorgeous handmade Oriental rug to go on it. Thanks for the lovely comment over at mine too. Have a super creative week and big hugs for Chum too, Angela xXx

Nancy said...

Wow! Fantastic post, Jackie! So fun to see all the progress through the photos! I just popped over to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm so glad that I did! :o)

Pamellia Johnson said...

Isn't Pinterest fantastic for ideas!! Firstly, well done on the work you did at your son's place. I sure love the location of his house, looks to be in the middle of a woodland area, a dream for me!! Secondly, amazing job with the flooring! I loved getting a glimpse into your house, and your world. The Christmas tree made me giggle. haha. Great post Jackie!

We got another light and fluffy snowfall this week and I took over a thousand photos outside! I finally found the Chickadees, just a few degrees warm up in the weather, and they came flocking out from their hiding spots!! I just can't get enough of this wonderful winter we are having.

So my camera is a Nikon D90. It's a DSL camera, so yes I have to carry several lenses with me and switch them out depending on what I am taking a photo of. It's a difficult thing to get used and it can be akward, but totally worth the results. sending hugs :)

aimarii said...

Good heaven, what kind of big work you have done! I think you are with husband and son really master decorators. I like you Jackie are like an carpenter and much more. I loved to see here a lot of pictures. Thanks. I can "read" these much more than english text.
I must ask how is your winter. Have snow or not?

Sara Barker said...

How fun to read this post, and see how multi-skilled you are, indeed! I am so surprised at the amount of work you completed on your son's kitchen in such a short time! Yay, you! Your art work along the way ain't too shabby either! Gorgeous page! And your new floor and Pinterest inspired shelving--love it! It looks as if retirement keeps you pretty busy! Fantastic results and a beautiful collection you have displayed! Wow! I really enjoyed the post; thank you for making my day! Hugs!