Wednesday, August 1, 2018

WOYWW #478

Hello Everyone!
So,this is my first time at WOYWW!Can't believe I finally made it!! I have tried repeatedly to join in,but was never able to get my rear into gear!so to speak! lol

 Anyway,here is a look at my current Workdesk and projects this Wednesday the first of August!
  I had to blur out some spots as I am finishing up my "Circus" Themed paperdolls for my swap partner. As Julie Ann reads my blog,I did not want her to see her dollies until she received them in the mail! 
Hoping to get them posted this morning!
(left to right)
  as you can see,I work all over the desk and tend not to put my products away after I use them!! LOL

Close up of part of the title...
  Again,I work all over and then I even stop to open mail and packages and leave them piled up to the side-geesh!no wonder I could not find those stars I carefully cut out! heehee
 And the laptop gets relegated to the top of the trash can as there is no room above!

So these three photos are of the paperdollies travel case. And as you can see,these "One and only,positively,amazing,Wonderful Women are admired by everyone around the world!"

The Wonderosities of Women Show!
 Step right up and get your tickets!!

Thanks so much for your visits and I will be around to see what you are all up to! Have a super fun day! and thanks for having me Julia!

ps...if you want to see more of our Paperdoll swap dolls,click here on my blog header

 Welcome new followers,thank you for coming along on my journey! And thank you to my current followers and blog friends- you are the Best and I cherish each of your comments and the blog love you leave!

Jackie ")

Thursday, July 26, 2018

You Can...Go Your Own Way

 Here again today with another Tribe post for Gwen Lafleur and like my canvas last week, I must have had music on my mind as well!
I know, I know...Fleetwood Mac surely were not singing about fish...but I was singing this song while I was adding layers and well if the title fits-use it!
As per my usual lately,I get lost in my layers on the canvas and before I know it,I know longer know what colors or products I had out,let alone having taken any photos during the process!
 Sorry,but just finished photos again,along with links to the wonderful,fabulously #Lafleurish products used!
  So here they are gang,lots of photos showing off Gwen's gorgeous products,and some very yummy, textures!

 So,if you please... sit back,relax and have a look!

 Right off the hook,(haahaa)
we have one of Gwen's Boho Fish,from her Stupendous Sea Life category,stealing center tank!(haahaa)
 Is he/she not gorgeous?Just look at those combined papers and fabrics Gwen put together to create this uniquely beautiful Boho Fish!
 And,under this beautifully,handcrafted Boho Fish is some exquisite netting trim,which is found inside Gwen's personally curated Stupendous Sea Life Collage & Embellishment Pack.
 I used a piece of the trim upside down to secure my titled words in the netting.
Just like a fish,caught in the net,so too were my words! Literally!

       Up next a few texture and crackle photos



   and do you see this stencil here? The arc of sorts? 
This is one of Gwen's signature stencils from her newest unique stencil Collections...this one is the Boho Striped Circle Stencil from this Spring's release of Gwen's Boho Stencil Collection
 and how about these sweet fish?
 these fish are cut out from Gwen's Downloadable Collage Cutout Sheets  the Stupendous Sea Life Set.

 and yes,the Coral and Starfish are both from the very same Stupendous Sea Life Collage set.
 yummy textures with a sideways view

and how about these gorgeous hand stamped seahorses on Mulberry papers,created by Gwen?!
Aren't they Amazing? they look so real!
These stamped Seahorses are exclusively available when you purchase Gwen's Stupendous Sea Life Collage and Embellishment Collection.

 Well,I hope this canvas has wet your under sea appetite enough to head over to Gwen's and peruse her Mixed Media Supplies & Kits,or Downloadable Collages or even pick up a few of her gorgeous and uniquely created Boho Fish!

and here is a bit of music to leave you with

As always,I so appreciate and love your visits.
and I so appreciate and love you!
Peace&Love my friends!
Jackie ") 

Gwen's Products used:
Boho Fish
Stupendous Sea Life Collage & Embellishment Pack
Boho Striped Circle Stencil
Stupendous Sea Life Collage  
Trim & Seahorse stamped images from the Stupendous Sea Life Collage & Embellishment Pack

Other Products used:
DecoArt Media Acrylic Paints
DecoArt Weathered Crackle Finish
DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss 

I'm playing along with these challenges this month:

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Are the Stars out Tonight...

Hello! I am back with a post for  Gwen LaFleur's Tribe today.
 Using lots of stenciling,from Gwen's stencils and loads of paint layers,i mean loads of luscious layers of paint!and then some other added elements tho give depth to my design.
This style is something different and new to me,and I struggled at times, but am happy with the results.
 Let me know in the comments what you think!
Sooooo,because I was "just going with it" I have no step outs,just lots of yummy close ups
 These large stars are from Gwen's online Mixed Media store- Gwen's Essentials~German Dresden Embossed Stars colored up in a soft pink

The very first stencil layer I put down was from
Gwen's Boho Stencil Collection~Collage textures and Patterns~Circle Stencil using the center stencil vertically with modeling paste.

 Just look at the texture and colors! I was in color heaven!

 The next stencil I layered was from Gwen's new line,available only through StencilGirl StencilClub,which I spoke about here in my last post.
This stencil is the Fleur-de-lis from Gwen's Ceramic Tiles Collection
I applied Embossing paste through the stencil, through the circle areas as well as through the fleur-de-li areas


 On the circular area, I added the Emerald Creek's Baked Texture Embossing Powder~Vintage Beeswax and bubbled the heck out of it! I love texture, in case you did not know! LOL
In the center of the canvas/stencil,I added with matte gel,another Dresden from Gwen's Essentials German Dresden Trim~Ornate Ornament
I really think this worked well with fleur-de-li stencil. 

Omgoodness- I just LOVE these stencils by Gwen!!! Her designs thrill me each time a new set comes out! I so love that her stencils are always unique and her designs are fresh and there are no others out there like hers! Can you tell I am a fan?!!
 On the corners and sides of my canvas I used another stencil from the (available only through StencilGirl StencilClub)  Ceramic Tiles Collection~the overall design stencil 9x12
What a beautiful pattern design this is!!
 and then back to the middle, I just had to add a piece of jewelry,again with matte medium from my Going Global Turkmen Jewelry Parts stash.

I love the way this piece fit perfectly!
 and as you can see here, I added some Mini Art Stones to help complete my canvas

There you have it- hope you enjoyed the photos!
I'd like to send a shout out to Sanda Reynolds of who makes the most inspiring mixed media videos and classes. I have been watching her create for sometime now and finally jumped in and tried my hand at some of her techniques-thank you Sanda for your constant creativity and inspiration. This canvas was inspired by a recent tutorial of Sanda's.

Thank you for your visit and support my friends!
sending out hugs,
Peace & Love
Jackie ") 

Gwen LaFleur Products Used:

Other products used:
*DecoArt Matte Medium
*Wendy Vecchi~Embossing Paste~Clear
*ColourArte Silks~Stargazer
*Prima ArtExtravaganca~MiniArtStones
Art Alchemy Metallique Acrylics~Vintage Rose,Light Patina,Rich Turquoise
Art Alchemy Acrylic Opal Paints~Opal Magic Pink-Blue
Art Alchemy Sparks~Dragons Eye
Art Alchemy Patina Effects Paste~Mint Green,Blue