Monday, December 18, 2017

Very proud to say...

I am here today to share some exciting news about my artwork that was just published this December in the Winter 2018 edition of Stampington's  "Somerset Studio Gallery" magazine.

I can not even begin to tell you the excitement when I opened my email and saw that Gracy Wilkins,the editor for Somerset Studio Gallery, wrote,

Hello Jackie,
Congratulations! The following artwork has been selected to be featured as a Feature article in the winter issue of Somerset Studio Gallery!

I  ran yelling through the house to tell my husband who after hugging and kissing me and telling me how happy and proud he was...promptly started bowing ! haahaaa He is such a joker!

 After  I calmed down a bit,I dragged Riley in to see the the email,and....
there was another email from Gracy Wilkins, stating she wanted to publish two other pieces of my art!!
I could not even believe it!!not one but three piece all in the same magazine issue!

enough of my are my three published pieces~there are no tutorials,as they are all listed in the Somerset Studio Gallery if you would like to know more...

"She Listens to Her Heart" 

The graphic is from itKuPilli Imaginarium
The Stencil is by Red Lead Paperworks 
Dried and pressed flowers-from our trip across the USA June 2016

"Girls Wanna Have Fun"

The substrate for this is from my 30yo son's birth announcement that he did not want. When he saw the original yellow gingham,he said,Mom,you can make something else out of this! and so I did!

 And for my third piece

 "Fairies of Grace"


Faerie graphics all are from Gecko Galz
Triptych substrate and flower graphics are by Gail of PaperWhimsy

Well,over the moon with excitement does not even begin to express what I was feeling.
Tears running down my face,we read the second email together and it truly is a dream come true for me! Something I had wanted for years and here were two emails telling me it was my time!
 Riley was extremely happy and proud of and for me and in his true jokey nature broke the tears up by continuing the bowing and said,

"I will be sure to walk a good two to three feet behind you from now on." 
LOL  I love that guy!

My package I received in the mail...

oh! and of course we had to go to Barnes & Nobles(who btw sells Stampington publications) for a photo op! 

Thank you so very much
 Stampington and Gracy Wilkins for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

Thank you all of my friends,who believed in me and encouraged me to submit my art!

And thank you to all of my fabulous readers who come by and put up with my long winded,full of picture posts! 
You are the BEST!

See you again soon with a post of some art  what's been happening"around here"


Lynda Shoup said...

So wonderful and well deserved! Each and every one a treasure. It took me a few tries, but i finally got my hands on a copy and it is beautiful! You have such talent! We knew that, though, didn't we? So happy for you.

Felicia Aaron said...

JACKIE, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so SUPES excited for you my dear friend!!! BUT......let me just say RIGHT AWAY....that I am NOT AT ALL SURPRISED!!!!!! Who wouldn't publish your amazing creativity! All three projects are the bees knees....but I am a little partial to the Fairies of Grace!! You deserve all the recognition and more and I am so stoked for you! Lap it up, and start your line for autographs! LOL The photos at Barnes and Nobles are too funny! You do it girl! I am so proud of and for you! Merry Christmas to Jackie!!!!!!! I will have to go buy the mag now, just so I can say...."hey, I know that super lady!" :) Enjoy Jackie and truly Merry Christmas to you and your family my dear friend!: ) hugsxo

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my gosh Jackie ! THis is really such an excitement and I am very proud of you!
Those three pieces are wonderful wonderful wonderful done - absolutely adorable unique pieces and really worth to be published! All your fantastic work is this - ALWAYS!
I can imagine how happy you are! Keep on making your unique art!
I am really proud of you!!!
I send you big hugs and many congrats -
That's FANTASTIC Jackie!!!!!

Valerie-Jael said...

BIG congratulations, that's great news, you can justly be very proud of yourself. I'm happy for you Sweetie! Have a great week, a merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year 2018. Hugs, Valerie

Astrid Maclean said...

BIG CONGRATS!!! And so very well deserved!! Your pieces are stunning all 3, but my absolute favourite is that fairy tryptich! Such amazing images! I had to laugh about your dear hubby, - and what a great idea to go to B&N, lovely photos by the way! Have the most wonderful holiday season and to many more publication in 2018!

Kate said...

Very Big Congrats Jackie! Your art is lovely and so worth the feature.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Congrats and well done, Jackie!

rose tresures said...

WooHoo!!!! Congratulations for such an accomplishment!! Merry Christmas! Sounds like a pretty good Christmas present to me. Your projects are simply beautiful and they chose your art for a very good reason. Enjoy the coming days. I know you are beaming with pride as you very well should be! WooHoo, I know I already said it, but I am happy for you!! hugs, patty

Renee said...

Congrats Your articles are beautiful! Love the pics of you with your magazine. So proud of you. Keep up the good work

Roz Willoughby said...

Wow...good on you Jackie...soak it all up!!☺

butterfly said...

Huge congratulations, Jackie - I'm absolutely thrilled for you - and I can well imagine you were bouncing off the walls with excitement! What wonderful pieces they all are - the paintbrush angel is magnificent with that mysterious veil over her face, and the little girls in the frame are simply enchanting. Love your fairy triptych too - amazing use of the GG images to create a fabulous decorative piece. Yay! What a lovely early Christmas gift.
Alison x
(Oh, and I'm more than happy to be masterful!)

Janet Ghio said...

Congratulations!! There is nothing more exciting than when you get your first magazine publication!! and you notice i said first as I am sure there will be many more!! My favorite is girls just want to have fun--how adorable!

Redanne said...

Oh how wonderful Jackie!! Huge congratulations from me too!!! Each of your creations is just stunning and so worthy of being in the magazine. What a wonderful surprise just before Christmas! I am so thrilled for you!! Hope you have a happy holiday season (I am sure you will be smiling for weeks - lol!). Hugs, Anne xx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Jackie, I am so very happy for you. Your work is so special and richly deserves to be in Somerset Studio! These projects had me gasping with awe and delight they are so magnificent! Have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family! By the way, I bet Chum is so proud of you too!

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie, you must be....well it goes without saying!!!! thrilled!!!! though of course I am not at all surprised as your art work is fabulous and perfect for this magazine. I am hoping to get one though the shop that sends them to me doesn't always manage to get them as they have a long way to travel across the pond but I have my fingers crossed. I am sending you the biggest hugs my lovely arty friend and wishing you a brilliant Christmas though it will have to be something very special to beat all this excitement. Angela xXx

Pamellia Johnson said...

WOWWWWWWW!! Oh Jackie, I am so happy for you! Just for the record, I'm not at all surprised that your amazing work would be chosen to be published! You must have been out of your skin with excitement, what a blessing and an honour! I'm so proud of you!

The family has arrived and the Christmas festivities have begun, so I wanna take this opportunity to wish you the very best Christmas and a Happy New Year!! sending hugs :)

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I'm so happy for you, Jackie! And very proud of you too! Those are truly beautiful pieces and they well deserve to be published for a wider audience to enjoy! And you more than deserve the recognition as an accomplished artist! May your string of success continue into the new year and beyond - a great example to all of us that dreams do come true! And remember those nasty women at the library you told me about a few of years ago when you were looking for a job (I still remember!) - go back to them and shove a copy of this magazine under their noses LOL! Wishing you lots of happiness over the holidays - sounds like Christmas came early for you! xx

Annette said...

Oh congratulations my dear, your heart and soul are into each piece. So proud for you xoxoxo

Win Dinn said...

Congratulations three times over, Jackie - I hope you know how richly deserving of this accolade you are. Your work is stunning (and not only the pieces that were chosen) and will grace this edition beautifully. You ROCK, my artsy friend! xo PS Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Dorthe said...

My dear, Jackie, CONGRATULATIONS, - THE MAGAZINE WITH YOUR CREATIONS, IS IN MY HOME, AND i LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. Such amazing creations, all, the paintbrush angel , is so very beautiful, and I love the triptych, too- such beautiful images. They are all so gorgeous, my dear friend. I hope there will be more of your fantastic creations in the Stampington magazines.
Jackie, I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS , filled with fun and laughter, and all the best for your new year. Happy New Year to you and your family . Hugs from Dorthe

Gio said...

It is so well deserved, Jackie, your hree pieces are amazing, truly, especially the first one, but really I cannot point one as my fave. These are made from your heart and with such a eye for details and beauty. Well done.
I wish you a Happy Festive season, mine will be quiet and peaciful with my family here in Sardinia, I will resist eat too much but I will enjoy for sure some Panettone! :-)

sirkkis said...

My warmest congratulations on the fantastic news. Your art is so stunningly beautiful that all want to see it, dear Jackie 👍🌠
I am wishing you and your lovelies very happy Christmas and all the best for the year 2018 💕🎶

denthe said...

Oh Jackie I'm so happy for you!! No one deserves it more. You make so many beautiful unique things and you share your knowledge and how-to's so generously. It doesn't surprise me one bit that they chose to publish all three of these amazing creations. Way to go !!! And what a way to end the year! I'm sure this'll put an extra sparkle in your holiday season :-) Wishing you warm and joyful holidays, and another year full of creativity and unique discoveries! Love and hugs from Belgium xxx

Team Clark said...

Wow! So glad you included all of the details here. I saw on FB and jaw hit the floor! I especially love the photos of you at B&N! <3 I hope you had a very merry Christmas my friend! Wishing you every blessing in 2018. Hugs, Autumn

Michele said...

i am sooooo happy for you! this is well deserved, your art is absolutely fabulous! i have to go get this edition before it is too late! big juicy congratulations to you! xoxo