Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Gypsy Prayer Flags with Intentions

 This month at Gwen's,she had challenged The Artist Tribe to create something using the embellished trims she carries in her store.
Have you looked there yet?Seriously gorgeous and exquisite selection!
Right away I was totally excited about this challenge as I had so many ideas of which to make!
After seeing what clever and brilliant creations my Tribe sisters (links at the end of the post) had made I was even more enthused!

   But,I have to say,when it came right down to actually USING my coveted trims,I froze with thoughts of,"what could you possibly make that would really showcase these exquisite trims?" and"where would this creation end up-on a shelf, in a bin,where no one could see it?"   as well as "what happens once you cut the trim?-measure twice cut once,because that's all there is..."
 When I was done brow beating myself-lol,
I went into my studio,pulled out my trims and looked into my stash for other beautiful pieces to go with them-that's when the idea came to me.

Again with the upcycling...
I pulled out a garment that I had been saving since my folks handed it down to me.It was the slip from my First Communion dress(the dress to be upcycled at a later date).
A piece of fabric that had meaning but only to me.
This is where I thought of,not so much a prayer flag,but intention flags. Beautifully detailed flags with a gypsy,bohemian flair.Each one hand sewn with special intentions known only to me.
I would hang these where they could be seen; and certainly not out in the elements where those precious trims would be destroyed.



I set to work,cutting pieces from the slip
 and then stenciling with Gwen's Decorative Medallion Stencil  
and using DecoArt's Metallics to accent the richness and lusciousness of these trims
  Four panels,each receiving some gold,and the rest with color found in the trim(full color list at bottom of post)
  Once the stenciling was dried,I chose which trims would go best with each panel and set to work,matching up vintage laces and other fibers and beads to honor each intention.

BTW...this is where you need to fill your cup-many photos ahead!
The first panel I used the
Gold Embroidered on Orange Proud Peacock trim
 as you can see,I fussy cut around the peacock,leaving just enough of the orange to highlight his golden embroidery-such a fine bird in all his gold glory!
 The next one has one of my favorite trims Red&Blue Flowers from the Fabulous Florals trim collection

 again some fussy cutting adding a few more leaves here and there
This third one has the most exquisite trim! and it is called,
 Red Flowers with Gold again from the Fabulous Florals Trim collection
and finally the fourth one.This was actually the first intention flag I put together.
 In case you are wondering,yes,this is the same Decorative Medallion stencil,just using the inside design. 
Tribe sister Jill McDowell of Infinite Possibilities has a super post on this technique

 This stunning trim comes from the
 Irresistible India trim collection-Teal and Gold Scallop 
are those teal and gold scallops not gorgeous!!
 I added a few beads (from my save for special projects stash)
For the binding,I choose to use some of the
  Istanbul Sparkle Silk Sari Ribbon  
that I recently ordered from Gwen!
This is the cluster I made trying to pick which parts I wanted to use! heehee

Some close ups of this exquisite Silk Sari


 For the back I did use some pale green silk to cover the stitches as even though I am showing the flags on the wall of my art barn in the photos,I intend to hang them across the barn over the table for inspiration as well as something beautiful to look at!

Phew! now that's a lotta photos!! 
and trim?some real gorgeousness here-wouldn't you agree?
 I joked with Gwen the other day about feeling Extravagant when I use her mixed media supplies. I really have to admit,these materials really do make me feel like I can create anything,and it will be beautiful!
The supplies Gwen carries are all amazing,all carefully chosen by her from all over the world,just to be shared with us! 
ahhhhh I feel so #Lafleurish!! Thanks Gwen!😉

And thank you my dear readers,for your visits and comments! 
When I say,they make my day,I really mean this-you make my heart smile and my world a bit brighter!


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DecoArt Dazzling Metallics~ 
Peacock Pearl
Festive Green
Worn Penny
Splendid Gold

Thursday, November 9, 2017

House Warming Patchwork Gift

You may have heard me say once or twice,I am a recycler.Today's project is made with leftovers and recycled papers from my last piece, Meditative Wind Chimes.

My wall hanging came about because I just could not part with these beautiful scraps and I wanted to "patch them together" and build something fresh and new from them,similar to the way quilts were once made.

Without in process photos,let me explain how I created this...
After prepping a piece of cardboard with black gesso I adhered a piece of mulberry paper to that.
Next,I layered the strips of scraps using matte medium under and over each piece. Pieces were placed just slightly atop the one before them,overlapping as I went.

 Making sure to vary the colors so not all of one design or palette was in one area.

  Because I  just love this Exotic Orient Calligraphy Washi tape of Gwen's and had not had a chance to use it yet,I filled in a few remaining places with it. 
With the close up photos you can see where I previously stamped using Gwen's Irresistible India Mini Wood Block Stamps~Leaves and also the other previous stenciling~
Gwen's Ornamental Peacock Feather Stencil 
Gwen's Decorative 6 Petal Flower Screen Stencil

 These diamond shaped pieces are what was left after cutting the circles from the original Marbled Papers of Gwen's.

 As you can see,I love the glitz and glimmer of the gold,so using Enhanced Gold Pearl embossing powder by Emerald Creek,I gave the diamond edges a bit of glamour.

and in case you had not noticed,
 I am a huge fan of this stencil design from
 Gwen's Art Deco Collection~Art Deco Flower Medallion. This seems to be my go to stencil!💗

So,using DecoArt acrylic paints I sponged the design onto a loose piece of Khadi paper and this became my focal point. 
Again,with embossing ink and powder,the outside of this focus piece was gifted with gold!
and,just because...I added,a few flakes of gold gilt here and there. 
Before adding the stenciled Khadi piece and diamonds,I gave the overall piece one last coat of matte medium.

Here I stamped a sentiment by RedLead Paperworks onto a teabag.
I gently tore the edges and attached it to a circle piece edged in turquoise.
The overall piece was edged and I painted the hanging dowel with the turquoise as well.

 and lastly,I drilled holes through the canvas to add the Sari ribbon from Darned Good Yarn for hanging and wrapped and tied it all together.

and lastly,for reals this time...
 I strung some of these gorgeous!Floral Czech Glass Beads of Gwen's and added the beautiful turquoise Enchanting Elephant Glass Bead for the finishing touch!

  This has now traveled with me cross country to Washington state to my son's home. He recently purchased his first house and this is is first piece of art hanging in his new home!

 Thank you so much for joining me this day and I want to say thank you so much for visiting me and leaving your wonderful comments, which always make my day!

for the month of November, Gwen is having a sale on Trims and Embellished Ribbons!

 Other products used: