Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kuchi Journal cover Makeover

 Today's post is all about the Kuchi.
 Had you heard of these gorgeous beaded artworks before? I had not till Gwen introduced our Tribe to them.

Shall we begin with a bit of Kuchi 101?
Kuchi's are vintage beaded patches that were made by Afghanistan gypsy people to decorate clothing. These handmade pieces once meant to embellish clothing,come in many shapes and styles.
 Just have a look in Gwen's shop!  
All the visible embroidery or needlework is done by hand and because these are vintage,there may be some missing beads,loose threads,etc. which,in my opinion,only adds to the allure and beauty of these treasures!
What a perfect addition to your mixed media artwork,clothing,or accent to your home decor.
Of course, October is Kuchi patch month for the Artist Tribe so that means that they're also on sale in the shop throughout October. Use the coupon 15OffKuchiPatches to save 15%!

For my Kuchi project, I knew just what I wanted to do...
 I had this journal cover in need of a facelift,so off I went.


Started off by covering in white gesso both sides of the cover. 
When the gesso had dried,using heavy gel medium(heavy because of textured journal) I glued down this beautiful sheet of

Next,I mixed gold embossing paste with mica powder and layered a thick coat through the outside ring of


 Once the paste dried,turns out,I wasn't digging on the copperish looking color. I wanted some POP!
 Out came the gold paint and a quick two coats over the embossing paste.
 When that was dry,again,using heavy gel medium I secured my Kuchi patch into the center of the stencil design.
Now for a bit of Stickles play. 
I  trimmed the outside of the stencil with Black Diamond,along with a few breaks of Gold and a bit more gold in the design.

 Next,continuing with the beading,using Diamond Glaze,I placed those beads one at a time around the Kuchi and the stencil design.
 Did you ever see what a table looks like when auditioning seed beads for color?(and you still haven't put away other product)

 Now,the back page,this was another story all together!
I knew I wanted texture,but just wasn't sure what kind...this went through several stages before I ended up working in flexible modeling paste, trying to recreate some of the wavy pattern from Gwen's paper.

once I was content with my textures,
I added a final layer of polymer gel and allowed it to dry overnight.

In the end, I am pretty happy with the look I achieved. I think I was able to capture the feel of the Chiyogami.

Back to the front,
  I cut 6 pieces apart and made faux hinges for the journal. Again,using Stickles the "hinges" were trimmed up with a bit of black and gold.

And in the center of these faux hinges I attached with E6000 these wonderfully 

Finishing up,I trimmed the edges of the journal with more Black Diamond Stickles.
  And,for my finale I strung a few beads and metal from Going Global Turkmen Jewelry Parts
 onto strips of

and then wove this all through the seam binding  and journal pages.

in  Gwen's words...
"These beautiful handmade vintage Kuchi patches from Afghanistan are unique and versatile and add instant global flair to your projects. "
I do believe Gwen's words spoke of my newly covered journal~Instant Global Flair!

Thanks so much for your visit~ I hope you leave today,feeling inspired! 
If not #Lafleurish
Jackie ")


froebelsternchen Susi said...

This cover is simply W O N D E R F U L Jackie! What an amazing alteration! UNIQUE!
Happy week for you my dear friend!
oxo Susi

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Gorgeous, the colours are fantastic. Love your unique cover and the texture is gorgeous. Very eye catching. Tracy x

RubberMoon said...

This is gorgeous. I love everything about it. Colors, textures, details and of course, that ots a journal! So unique and fabulous.

Sandee Setliff said...

LOVE your journal cover, it's a "wow" from beginning to end!

Nancy TeWinkel said...

Excellent! So vibrant and full of textured design.

Kim Collister said...

Loving all the creativity on this piece Jackie!! Fabulous! Thanks for the awesome share!

Gwen Lafleur said...

This is fantastic Jackie! I just love the whole thing! So many beautiful details, and I love the pairing of the medallion with the Chiyogami paper, and the way you used the Dresden border was super cool! The whole thing is fabulous!

Angela Radford said...

Oh Jackie!!! I don't know what to say other than WoW! this is just amazing my friend. Even the back is gorgeous. You are a very clever lady and it's a pleasure to see all your wonderful work. Have a great week, Angela xXx

Lynda Shoup said...

Jackie! Jackie! This is outstanding! I am amazed at how you made the back cover so like the chiyogami on the front. Impressive skills! I would never have attempted it. The faux hinges also made me stand up and take notice. What a clever way to use them. The hanging parts...so marvelous! What a treasure! I'm sure you will enjoy working in it.

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Just gorgeous! I especially love your faux hinges😀

ArtyDiva said...

Ok, someone wave some mens cologne under my nose LOL I just fainted! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this, my Jackie. It is simply amazing, like you!! Your creativeness is never-ending! xoxo

Jill McDowell said...

Jackie, you've taken Kuchi patches and Chiyogami paper to the next level! I'm sooo jealous of your beading Skill.

sirkkis said...

Absolutely gorges, Jackie!
Have great day, hugs xx

butterfly said...

So ornate and extravagant - how brilliant to hear about the origins of the Kuchi bead decorations - and how fabulous your journal looks now! I love how you created a textured version of that amazing wavy paper on the back cover. Brilliant and original work.
Alison x

Dorthe said...

Oh Jackie, what a very big and stunning work. I can imagine it took you lots of time, dear, not only all the beading you mastered yourself, around the medaillon- but also your amazing back cover . You truly created the perfect cover, -so colorful, and fantastic.
Must be so satisfying to alder the old , to this beauty.
TFH all the details.
Hugs, Dorthe, xx

denthe said...

How on earth do you do all this!? You explain every step and still I'm looking and thinking: Huh, how did she do that? It's of course also because I don't know a lot of the products you work with, but still. You seem to do it all with such an ease and self-confidence. The cover is just stunning. I love the bright colours, I love the swirls and the paper you used, and of course the Kutchi patch. An amazing piece of art, once again! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us, dear Jackie! Wishing you a wonderful week! Hugs ♥

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

What a splendid project Jackie! I've never heard of Kuchi before. Will look into it a bit more. It's so rich and colourful! It must have been very tricky to work with those seed beads! They have a mind of their own and go absolutely everywhere!

Annette said...

love it you outdid yourself here my friend xoxoxo

Anita Houston said...

HELLO to a tribal beauty! WOW...so much fabulous color! I am always enamored by bead art. I can only imagine the time. A fabulous new journal now!

Win Dinn said...

What a stunning and luxuriously textural journal cover, Jackie...I am agog (much better than being a lert, I suspect). Well done, my fabulously creative friend!

aimarii said...

OMG how much work! But never mind you know what you do Your creative talents has not any limits.

Gaby Bee said...

WOW, what a fabulous alteration, Jackie! This is just incredible. The detail and colors are totally amazing.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Gaby xo

Gio said...

Speechless, and drooling over this beautiful artwork, wow, jackie!! Such a work of heart, and so packed with several techniques and such bold colours. Everything is perfectly matching, you couldn't create a better home for the precious beaded focal point.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Jackie - where do begin? This is the most gorgeous and stunning piece of art! I love everything about it! Your eye for colour, design and texture is just so well matched with Gwen's amazing products! Your cover is beyond beautiful - an absolute masterpiece! xxx