Friday, September 1, 2017

Creating dolls on retreat

Today's post will bring our 3rd annual Art Sisters Retreat to a close.
We truly had so much fun and shared so much love and creativity~it was difficult to say goodbye to these lovely gals!
no more tears,there is always the next gathering!

on with the show!
Each morning walking in to the art barn was like this-
Our table over-flowing with artful goodness and the excitement to create became overwhelmingly too much to contain!!
So naturally- we dove right in!
 and yes,crazy Chum! has to be included as well! teeheehee
Today's project, mine is our last.
 I designed a fabric doll,inspired by Pinterest and my favorite doll artist Danita.

To save time for the class,I traced,cut and sewed the doll bodies in advance,
this so the girls could get on with the turning, stuffing,stitching and painting.

 For the class,I did not present a painted doll as we are all at the same painting skill level and we all work at our own designs,letting our imaginations run wild!
We used DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paints which DecoArt so generously supplied for us
 Thank you DecoArt!
#DecoArtIsMadeForMakers !!
We also used many other of DecoArt 's acrylics as well as their Fabric Medium to aid in the sealing of non-fabric paints.

On to the dolls and their makers!

Up first is Pammie and her doll 
 I love Pam's expression as she works so intently on her painting! ")
 Pam thought to go Ballerina at first...
 I just love the colors she chose!
 somewhere during the process she changed her mind to a fairy doll
 Pam's doll is gorgeous and her ideas of what comes next are fabulous!
 Love the sparkly legs and Tulle skirt!
  Can't wait to see the finished doll and added embellishments!

 Beautiful doll and beautiful Pam!!
I have to tell you,the really cool thing about this class and project was that each of our dolls were so different, each had their own personality brought out by the creator!

Up next is Sherie and her rocking doll!
 Sherie never holds back when embellishing and her pieces always lend themselves to turning out fantastic!
Just look at this determined expression!!




After trying many different looks on her doll,the copper frilly scarf had to go!
just our opinion of course! LOL
Much better choice of neck scarf and
 don't you just
 love the button placement and the beads down her sides- so cool!

 Sherie used Lynne Moncrieff's stamps on the back of her doll~
 wish I would have thought of this~I love it!!

again, Lynne's stars stamps on the front of the doll as well 
 Sherie posing with her doll~

and don't you just love that t-shirt? designed and created by Sherie!

On to Karenliz's doll...
Karenliz was inspired by a doll on Pinterest
 and it was totally her style!
Isn't this cool!! I just love her arrows and her bow on her head!! 
and yes, those crazy goofy teeth are pretty awesome as well! 
Great job K-liz!!

here we have Karenliz's doll and mine unfinished posing together- see what I mean about absolutely different styles?

This brings our retreat to end for this year.
 I will leave you with a few photos of us posing for the camera!


Thank you so much for visiting and your lovely comments~
I can't say enough,
just how much they mean to me! 💜


Pam Wildeboer said...

This makes me miss you all even more! I had a blast and can't wait to finish my doll :) Such a fun project and so fun too see all the different creative ideas that came out of a blank canvass doll that we started with <3 I absolutely love this project and will send a pic of the finished piece ASAP! xoxoxoxo

Jean Moore said...

Everyone should have the opportunity to be at this retreat!!!
Fabulous creations!

Renee said...

This looks like such a GOOD TIME!!! (I'm so envious) I love how gorgeous your art barn is looking. The doll project is a fab idea, they are very cool. Hugs.

Valerie-Jael said...

LOVE those wonderful dolls, each one a true treasure in its own right. You girls made some GREAT stuff, and I am happy for you that you had such a good time together. Well done you all. Like that your doggie had to join in, too. Have a nice weekend, hugs, Valerie

Karenliz Henderson said...

It was such a fun weekend! I can't believe I sewed a doll! It went by way too fast. I'm drawing quirky doll faces to save for next year!!!!!

Joi at RR said...

OHhhhhhhhhh AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - how I ADORE this post Jackie. You ALL look WONDERFUL!! So fun seeing your smiling faces all together. And your dolls are DOLLS!!! Sooooo FABULOUSLY done with such SPLENDIDLY UNIQUE PERSONALITIES. Thank you so much for a glimpse into the Art Barn and your retreat. Loved every inch of this post! Hugs to you all. Xj.

Dorthe said...

I so understand it was difficult to say goodbye after all these wonderful day together, Jackie. You had so much fun, and the last day surely did live up to the other two days, lol- such wonderful-crazy- and gorgeous dolls, you all created.
I have been teaching doll making, for many, many years ,and there were never two allike , when the weekend ended :-)
Thankyou for showing all your happy days with the girls, I had fun too.
Hugs and a happy weekend, Jackie.

Shel C said...

How fun! Everyone's dolls are so different and all so awesome. Someday I will come across the country to this retreat! It is on my bucket list LOL

Nancy TeWinkel said...

Awesome dolls! What fun! You are blessed to have created such a lovely retreat.

Maria said...

So much fun! The dolls are awesome.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my goodness - you did an amazing job in preparing the dolls for your friends and they made AMAZING variations--- I love all of the dolls - ! FABULOUS! That must have been so fun to do this project together with your friends! I would have enjoyed your art-retreat for sure!!!! Chum thought you are making a doll for!!!
I wish you a happy weekend my friend!
You brought joy to me on a rainy , cold evening here - thank you my friend!

Angela Radford said...

It's great to see how different you all approached this project. They are all brilliant. The Art Barn looks like a great place to work too. I am sending you the biggest hugs my lovely friend, here they come..... can you feel them yet! Angela xXx

Purnima Agarwal said...

your art barn looks so colourful , cheerful and creative. loved the idea of the dolls with different designs. best wishes to all.
love- Purnima

Kim Collister said...

Just Love the dolls!! And such a happy space!
Love and Happy Creating!

Gio said...

Such a lovely and sweet meeting! You had some fun for sure, the dolls are gorgeous, the cutiest Chum, and your friend's tee-shirt woooow. And you art it!

Brenda Brown said...

What fun and superb results all so different, beautiful and magical xxx

Seth said...

What a total blast this must have been. So much fun!

Redanne said...

Oh Jackie, what fun you must have all had on the retreat! The dolls are each amazing (in love with the skellie one)and so individual. I can see why you would all be sad to leave but as you say, there is next time to look forward to. Sherie's T-shirt is fabulous and I just love how Chum likes to be in the photos too. A very happy post and a wonderful time for you to reflect on!

PS. the photo of me is 3 years old, I really do need to update it, but thanks for your kind words!! Hugs, Anne xx

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a brilliant post! I love Art dolls and how individual each of your dolls are! There were 'oohs'and 'ahhs' as I scrolled on to each new 'lovely'! You are all so talented at making the dolls your own: they are brilliantly decorated! How clever and kind of you to create the basic dolls for your retreat. I love the use of Lynne's stamps. I'm sure she would be so delighted with the result. Each and every one of these dolls is unique and already such a work of art: I do hope we some day get to see them complete. It must be so inspiring and such fun to do these 'retreats'. Thank You for sharing with us, my talented and generous friend. xx

Lynda Shoup said...

Oh, the dolls! What a lot of fun to make those as a group. You are right, each of them is so different. It's really fun to see the variety. It must have been so hard to have it come to a close. Gatherings like this are special, indeed.

Sandra Foster said...

Jackie, looks like you all had great creative fun. Thanks for sharing.

Sara Barker said...

How fun! You all look like you had a blast (Including Chum!) making these dolls! This is a fabulous fun project, and I love seeing how your personalities came out through your dolls! Hmmm. a little therapy session perhaps? Tee Hee! I'm sure it was hard to say goodbye! Thank you for sharing your memories with us! Hugs!

Win Dinn said...

What a fabulous thing to do - those dolls are totally awesome. I love it, too, that Chum spends so much time with you all in the studio - I'm sure he's a great overseer! Hugs to you all!

aimarii said...

Lady dollmakers. I can believe you have had very fun together. Of course with Chum.

Sandee Setliff said...

I just loved looking at all the different styles that everyone has! It looks like ya'll had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Such fun - you girls are unstoppable! When I got to the photo of Chum both me and my son went "awww" in unison! Such a cute little doggy face!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Jackie, how very very fun! What a wonderful get together with your lovely ladies! The projects you shared are beautiful! I am hoping to be a better blogger as we head into October.
Happy Autumn!