Friday, September 29, 2017

 Day two of the Artist Tribe blog hop! 

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Gwen Lafleur

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 So, Up today Is 

Linda Edkins Wyatt- paper doll extraordinaire maker

Sandee Setliff- lover of flat and gorgeous journal pages

Jill McDowell- Obsessive Peacock Stencil artwork designs that are simply stunning
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You have until Sunday, October 1st at 11:59pm mountain time to leave your comments. The winner will be announced on the Gwen Lafleur Studios Facebook page on Monday, October 2nd.

Did you miss Thursday's posts?

Lynda Shoup-remarkable textile genius

Gwen Lafleur - queen of color and fabulous atc's

and me
 Jackie P Neal- lover of Gwen Lafleur's art and supplies

Get to hopping! 
Jackie ")

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hop along with the Artist Tribe and be inspired!

We would like you to meet our Tribe! 
Come hop along,meet the gals of the Artist Tribe and see what fabulous art they have been creating with the luscious products from Gwen's store!
The blog hop is today Thursday and tomorrow Friday
Thursday- Lynda Shoup 
Thursday- Gwen Lafleur

 One lucky winner will receive $20 Gift Card to the Shop at Gwen Lafleur Studios! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on any or all of the blog posts during the hop - the more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to win! (One comment per person per blog please.)
Yes,Open to International as well!
You have until Sunday, October 1st at 11:59pm mountain time to leave your comments. The winner will be announced on the Gwen Lafleur Studios Facebook page ( on Monday, October 2nd.
now on to my post...
 My journal spread was inspired by Gwen's recent trip to India,where she took block printing classes and bought yummy new items for the store!woo hoo!
(if you follow her on Facebook you can see her awesome photos!) Can you tell I am enamored with Gwen's exotic travels?living vicariously here-teehee
okay Jackie,back on track...
 Items from Gwen's Mixed Media Supplies store:
 Peacock tissue paper 
Proud Peacock Collage Cut-outs (Peacock feathers)
Irresistible India (Peacock photo)
Gwen's Stencil~ArtDeco Sunburst Background
Gwen's Essentials~Washi tape~Blue Diamond Tiles
Gwen's Essential's~Emerald Creek Embossing Powder~
Burnt Copper Leaves 
Gwen's Essential's~Spice Market Darn Good Yarn Sampler~Warm Base

I started with white gesso on both pages and then layered vintage ephemera down with matte gel

Then I used Gwen's ArtDeco Sunburst Background Stencil with light modeling paste knifed through.
I briefly auditioned where my main pictures would go,removed them and started spritzing on the color.

At this point I remembered the Peacock Tissue Paper from my packages and tore those small feathers out and adhered these around the pages.
When this was dry,I glued in my focal images,this beautiful Peacock is from a collage of Gwen's~Irresistible India.
Did you know the Peacock is India's National bird? 
I did not till recently-thanks Gwen,😉😉

The feathers below,which were fussy cut,and distressed are also from one of Gwen's collages~Proud Peacock  just look how vivid that color is-stunning!

The gorgeous coloring here on the stencil was added almost at the last.
With embossing ink and a makeup sponge,I dabbed ever so lightly over the raised stenciled areas.Using Emerald Creek's Burnt Copper Leaves,it was brushed off lightly and heated till Spectacular!
Next up,the note which was a later thought,perhaps could have done without,but I was reminiscing of the black&white movies I watched as a child.There were two or three movies in which there always was a family who visited India,and most times a young child who the story centered around. Does anyone else remember these?
Anyway,this is how I created her diary entry...
after writing on vintage paper,I tore the edges and then soaked the areas in watered down Distress Oxide.This bled beautifully,making it look like burnt paper.
 I took several photos of my spread in different stages of the light coming in the window.I thought the ones like this with the curtain shadows had a slightly romantic look to them
 The real peacock feathers were added using Gwen's Blue Diamond Tiles washi tape,which I also used on the photos as well.
 For a finishing touch,I unraveled a bit of turquoise string from Gwen's Darn Good Yarn and added that under my young lady's photo.

There you have it!
I do hope you enjoyed my step through and hope it has inspired you to create something exotic and beautiful as well~
Gwen's shop is full of everything you need!
   thank you for visiting!
Jackie ")
One more time about the giveaway! 
Don't forget to visit the other tribe's blogs and leave some sugar!!

 One lucky winner will receive $20 Gift Card to the Shop at Gwen Lafleur Studios! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on any or all of the blog posts during the hop - the more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to win! (One comment per person per blog please.)

You have until Sunday, October 1st at 11:59pm mountain time to leave your comments. The winner will be announced on the Gwen Lafleur Studios Facebook page ( on Monday, October 2nd.

Other Products used:
Vintage child photo~Paper Whimsey
Lindy's StampGang Starburst Spray~Tiffany Lou Blue
Lindy's StampGang MoonShadow Mist~Treasure Island Aqua
Distress Oxide~Vintage Photo-Funkie Junkie
Liquitex~Matte Gel
Peacock feathers(no bird was hurt by me, these were found at a yard sale!)

I would like to include this journal spread in the following challenges:

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Incense & Sage Shrine for Gwen's Artist Tribe

  Today I would like to share with you my first Gwen Lafleur's Artist Tribe project.

I have to tell you,working with Gwen's products is
both heavenly and mind boggling!
 I say this because as I set about to do my piece,my brain starts saying..."OOOhhh! You could do this with that paper,and woaoooh! wouldn't that ribbon look gorgeous used like this?and on and on" heehee
 mind boggling~lucky I keep pen and paper close by to take brain notes! LOL
 Starting out with two pieces from my stash,I went about re-making these into something beautiful as well as useful. 
The front of this domino box slides open,so I figured this would be a perfect place to keep my new sage bundles and small incense cones.

There were already three small screw tips at the bottom of the house piece,so after adding holes in the domino box in the same place,these would be attached together later using E6000 glue.
Each part received a coat of black gesso.
Most of the pieces used in this project came from Gwen's Enchanting Elephants Collage & Embellishments Pack.

After having glued a sheet of Gwen's hand printed paper from the same pack,onto the house,next,centering Gwen's Art Deco Flower Medallion Stencil,I scraped modeling paste through and set aside to dry.

Once the modeling paste was dry,I drybrushed Silks~Solar Gold & Stargazer onto the medallion till the look I wanted was achieved.

It is at this point I went all out and totally forgot about more step by step photos! oops So,going from memory,here's what happened next...

After the bottom box was dry,I added a piece of sari with a bead to the end as a pull. This was done with my mini stapler. 
Next,covering the front slide of the box with Tacky glue,I adhered that Gorgeous piece of Black and Gold elephant trim!! Is that trim not stunning???
This trim and the beads below,all came from the Enchanting Elephant pack~
just have to tell you,this pack is filled with exquisite pieces!


 From there I went on to cover the roof the sides as well as the back with papers from Gwen's Essentials Florentine Paper Samples Pack.
 I edged these with a bit of Quinachridone Gold,using my finger.
Then,I attached the two pieces together and set to dry.


 While drying I played around with the beads and charms and put together center hanging piece.
Here I used the beads from the Enchanting Elephants pack, and the Irresistible Bronze Hamsa Charm . The center piece is from the Going Global Turkmen Jewelry Parts. I strung these together with fine wire and glued on with E600 as well as with a tiny brad.

 For the roof line,I used pieces of leftover bead trim which was small enough and the perfect size for the front.
This was also dry-brushed with Silks Stargazer.
 Here on the back, after fussy cutting two Lotus' from Gwen's Lovely Lotus Collage digital sheet, I applied these with Decou-Page,as well as this sweet hand stamped elephant piece that was also in my Enchanting Elephants Pack.
Below these I added a strip of Blue Square Tiles washi tape 
Felling like there was something missing again,I used the Art Deco Flower Medallion. This time I used embossing ink with a sponge and covered it with embossing powder from Emerald Creek's~Winter's Mistake,also adding a bit of the same to the top edges of the roof trim.  Beautiful!!
Gwen carries a wide variety of Emerald Creek Embossing powders

 Up next,were the addition of these mosaic tiles to the back base,these were secured with E6000.

To give a more finished look,I added embossing ink and Emerald Creek's~Charred Gold embossing powder between the tiles and around the edges of the back of the shrine.

My Buddha treasure I have had for some time was added last,finding the perfect place to rest.

Well, if you have made it to here,phew-right?! teehee
 I certainly hope you leave inspired today by both project and by all of the beautiful global mixed media supplies and kits available at Gwen Lafleur's Online Store

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As always, I thank you so much for your visits and comments~
you always make my heart smile! 

Links to other products used:
Emerald Creek Allure Embossing Powders~
Winter's Mistake
Charred Gold
ColourArte Silks~
Stargazer,Solar Gold

Friday, September 1, 2017

Creating dolls on retreat

Today's post will bring our 3rd annual Art Sisters Retreat to a close.
We truly had so much fun and shared so much love and creativity~it was difficult to say goodbye to these lovely gals!
no more tears,there is always the next gathering!

on with the show!
Each morning walking in to the art barn was like this-
Our table over-flowing with artful goodness and the excitement to create became overwhelmingly too much to contain!!
So naturally- we dove right in!
 and yes,crazy Chum! has to be included as well! teeheehee
Today's project, mine is our last.
 I designed a fabric doll,inspired by Pinterest and my favorite doll artist Danita.

To save time for the class,I traced,cut and sewed the doll bodies in advance,
this so the girls could get on with the turning, stuffing,stitching and painting.

 For the class,I did not present a painted doll as we are all at the same painting skill level and we all work at our own designs,letting our imaginations run wild!
We used DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paints which DecoArt so generously supplied for us
 Thank you DecoArt!
#DecoArtIsMadeForMakers !!
We also used many other of DecoArt 's acrylics as well as their Fabric Medium to aid in the sealing of non-fabric paints.

On to the dolls and their makers!

Up first is Pammie and her doll 
 I love Pam's expression as she works so intently on her painting! ")
 Pam thought to go Ballerina at first...
 I just love the colors she chose!
 somewhere during the process she changed her mind to a fairy doll
 Pam's doll is gorgeous and her ideas of what comes next are fabulous!
 Love the sparkly legs and Tulle skirt!
  Can't wait to see the finished doll and added embellishments!

 Beautiful doll and beautiful Pam!!
I have to tell you,the really cool thing about this class and project was that each of our dolls were so different, each had their own personality brought out by the creator!

Up next is Sherie and her rocking doll!
 Sherie never holds back when embellishing and her pieces always lend themselves to turning out fantastic!
Just look at this determined expression!!




After trying many different looks on her doll,the copper frilly scarf had to go!
just our opinion of course! LOL
Much better choice of neck scarf and
 don't you just
 love the button placement and the beads down her sides- so cool!

 Sherie used Lynne Moncrieff's stamps on the back of her doll~
 wish I would have thought of this~I love it!!

again, Lynne's stars stamps on the front of the doll as well 
 Sherie posing with her doll~

and don't you just love that t-shirt? designed and created by Sherie!

On to Karenliz's doll...
Karenliz was inspired by a doll on Pinterest
 and it was totally her style!
Isn't this cool!! I just love her arrows and her bow on her head!! 
and yes, those crazy goofy teeth are pretty awesome as well! 
Great job K-liz!!

here we have Karenliz's doll and mine unfinished posing together- see what I mean about absolutely different styles?

This brings our retreat to end for this year.
 I will leave you with a few photos of us posing for the camera!


Thank you so much for visiting and your lovely comments~
I can't say enough,
just how much they mean to me! 💜