Monday, August 7, 2017


Hello! Glad to see you are all still following even though I have been away for a bit.
After a rough start to our summer,we finally started to get back into things.

We've spent much time working in the yard and as well as cleaning out our pond,
(more on that another post)
these are some of the treasures we have been finding~
 have no idea what this is,but just love the rust
 this gear is HUGE! at least a foot and half in diameter
 never heard of this beer,Rile says it was popular in the 60's.
This is one of literally a thousand cans and bottles that were in the pond-very sad
a beautiful friend stopping by on the dried muck
We also spent time beach combing


you can make some cool things with "found" animal  bones
my favorite lake stones are the ones with the white lines going through them
~I call them my Zen stones
  and of course some beach trash which absolutely can be used in art projects!

Back at home in the art barn,
I have a bit of painting going on.

With lots and lots of glorious, colorful paints here~
 Thank you DecoArt!! 
 updating yard gnomes and totem posts
COLOR and more COLOR!!!
 the bird houses need fresh paint as well~
I'll show all the finished pieces in place another post.

In July, we went camping again, 
this time taking three of the four Neal grandsons with us
 (the fourth had soccer camp)
we did a lot of swimming and digging for treasures
Peace,Love & Understanding...
we bought the screen room for rainy days~seems like every kid in the park was in there-heehee
 waiting for a fire to roast marshmallows
 oh heck let's eat the chocolate now!
 and at their favorite playground, 
of course Chum has to do everything the kids do~doggy see, doggy do!
 Chum and Dec on the spinner!
they made me laugh so hard I cried!!
 Poppa created special bowls so Gramma wouldn't be doing dishes all the time!
 One time use, then recycle!
 Poppa and Picachu
(I think he was loosing it by day 5)


way too much fun has worn everyone out~Chum says~enough of the pictures,we are trying to sleep please!

Back home again the turkeys have grown considerably and are even talking a bit~although, no gobble gobble yet! heeheee

and now for a bit of art journaling I squeezed in

 these cool, Coffee cup, Beans and COFFEE stamps are from Darkroom Door~
 I won these recently and my muse said get outta your funk and use those stamps! 
Thank you Rachel Greig for Fabulous products!!

These cool spiral circle stamps are ones I purchased from Kate Crane- her home made stamps- Love them!


Also,the artist palette quote stamp is from the fabulous
 Lynne has designed two sets of quote stamps that are carried by That's Crafty.
Being the huge fan of Lynne's that I am,of course I had to have them as soon as they became available!Love them!!

So,I really have much more to share,but I think I will write a second post for that,I don't want to loose you with overload! ")

Thanks so much for your follows,comments and support~this all means so much to me-truly! 
huge hugs,
Jackie ")


Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful art and great to see you posting again. Love all the bones and other found objects. Have a good week, hugs Valerie Plame

froebelsternchen Susi said...

You had a fantastic camping vacation! It looks like much much fun with the grandsons and Chum - lovely! All those founds are wonderful Jackie and I love to see the colorful wooden parts you have already painted. Your Journal pages are brilliant - I love all the layering with this fabulous STAMPS and a fantastic quote !
Looking forward to seeing more of what is going on at your place and those lovely turkey babies and Chum the charming Golden Retriever!
Happy week Jackie!
oxo Susi

Renee said...

Wow that looked like so much fun! Great art pages, fresh air is restorative! Hugs ~ Renee

Lys Scrap said...

A post as joyful as your journal spread, Jackie! Beautiful vacations indeed with your family. Have a nice crafting week!

Roz Willoughby said...

Love those rusty treasures. Looks like you had lots of family fun Jackie☺

Karenliz Henderson said...

Oh Jackie, I'm loving all those rusty pieces you found in the lake. I know you must have plans for them!!!! You have turkey babies!!! I have a feeling I better bring an extra card for my camera. I'll be taking lots of pics when I'm there!

rose tresures said...

Oh my gosh Jackie, I love all you found treasures!!! When I seen that big cog, I thought of some really big multi media project coming about with that one. hahaha I love all the rocks and the fishing lure, such a great find. You really hit the jackpot!!! Have fun creating with all your lovely treasures. Not a fan of beer, but there are people that might pay big bucks for that can. I noticed it did have the date on it, that makes it even more special. Beat up and all, some people would pay for it. Thanks for sharing all the great finds and your art was beautiful too!!! Thanks again for sharing, it was fun!!! hugs, patty

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wonderful finds, wonderful art, and sounds like a wonderful family vacation - you are having a lovely summer. Good on you!

Astrid Maclean said...

Oh wow, you certainly have had a busy summer and what a collection of finds, experiences, joys, adventures and art!!!! A fun post to read with so much going on, you certainly do live a life as colourful as your art! I have been very tempted by Lynn's stamps and I think you have just covinced me that I really do "need" them....

Sorry for my lack of visits, and thank you for all your many lovely comments. I really appreciate them and will really try and do better from now....

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie, looks like you've been a bit busy! I bet Chum is pleased to be home so he can get some real rest time. I so love your treasure and hope to see what you do with some of them. Have a great week, Angela xXx

Mellowood Gallery said...

What a fabulous time you have been having. I love the colour in your studio - maybe this winter I will paint my garden people brighter colours. It will be interesting to see what you do with all the trash and treasure you have found.

Dorthe said...

Oh Jackie,
so many happy pictures, from both your family tour, and your hands. The kids have been in Paradise ,there, with you, and so much fun you all had, beach comping and treasure hunting, I see many treasures :-)
Your art room looks huge, and wonderful, and filled with joyful colors of all kinds, I`m sure you are happy in there.
Your journal pages tells me you enjoy every minute with colors and stamps- love the tea cup, and also Lynne`s Affirmations .
Sending you big hug-
Dorthe, xxx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie, just had to pop back to thank you for the lovely message you left me. We may have never met but I count you as a true friend. Pleased you like my new photo too. I am not known for being a good subject, my husband says that I always pull a silly face when being photographed. I did my best for this one. I am sending you the biggest hugs my friend. Angela xXx

butterfly said...

Looks like it's been a summer full of fun, sunshine and scavenging! Who could ask for anything more? Love all those bright colours filling your craft space - a rainbow of creativity... and the same on your fabulous page spread. I love the layered circles drawing the eye around the page. Your zen stones are wonderful as is that incredible bone sculpture, and I can't wait to see what use you put those amazing rusted pond-finds to use. Sounds like lots of hard work, but the creative results are already worth it!
Alison x

Annette said...

Hi lots of beach treasures, wonderful memories with the grands and some art also. This sounds like a time in your life you will not forget. Can't wait to see what you do with the findings oxoxxoxo

Sara Barker said...

Jackie, I always enjoy reading your posts, especially when they include your travels! Those grands are so sweet when they're sleeping aren't they? That lake looks so inviting and you certainly brought home a treasure trove from the shores! Love your colorful artwork in the barn and that huge rusty gear! Oh, my goodness! I wonder what that came off of!

So pleased you were able to get some art journaling in; these pages are so rich in color and fun design elements. It seems you have the luck at DRD with a stamp win and now the stencils! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear which you've chosen--it was hard to narrow it down!

We've had a couple of weeks of humid, HOT, rainy, thunderstormy weeks preceded by three of the most gorgeous summer days I've experienced here to spoil us. The calm before the storm; and now onto hurricane season :(:(. Sending wet hugs!

Team Clark said...

So happy that summer brought many good times as well. I love your lake life pics and gorgeous journaling. I had forgotten that you won that stamp set too, and now stencils - yay! What fun! Your pages are so fun and I love your use of color. Love the peek at the barn too! Hugs, Autumn

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow! Jackie, how did you cram all that into 1 summer? I love all your pictures. My favourites are the beach combing ones and the rusty gear - and I love what you conjured up with the bones, very Georgia O'Keefe! It was so lovely to see Chum having a great time joining in with all the camping fun too! Lovely journal work on your return too - so full of colour and joy! I love Lynne's stamps - they look just perfect on your

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Wow, you've certainly made up for your absence, Jackie! Looks like you've had your hands full - beautiful boys! I bet they tired Chum out as well as you two. Love the photo when they're all zonked out LOL. Glad to to see you've sill found time to art journal - gorgeous pages! And wonderful finds on the beach - why can't I find stuff like that? Enjoy the rest of your summer! xx

Win Dinn said...

Your summer photos are just fabulous, Jackie, and I LOVE it that you've managed to squeeze in some 'arting around' time as well. What a job that pond must have been (I'll look forward to that post), but the rusted bits are a beautiful find. Lovely to see you there, and to know that you've been enjoying family time! xo