Friday, August 25, 2017

Fabric Art Journals & fun at the 3rd annual Art Sisters Retreat

Get your cuppa whatever- lots of photos and lots of fun ahead!
The weekend last was our 3rd annual Art Sisters Retreat at our home. The main theme was dolls, but you know artists- we all loose our sense of focus sometimes! LOL

Sit back & relax and enjoy the show!

 Chum is excited that we are all together again!

 Look how we started out so organized!
 Here we having our sewing station...and I have to give a shout out and HUGE thanks to our Pammie Wildeboer for all of her reading of the manual on how to properly work the sewing machine!


This Husqvarna is a computerized machine which is a bit more involved then my Singer, and Pam actually took the time to read the manual(makes sense-huh?) and teach us! Thanks sweetie!!

Now,onto the art!

These are our fabric journals we made representing our art sister weekend together
BTW(some of us have not finished-heehee)

 First up we have Sherie Weiser Eddy's journal with
Frida gracing her front page
One of the things I love about Sherie's work is she is not afraid to go all  in with color, textiles,textures and mediums! 
And the result is a gorgeous tactile piece of art!
  this sweet girl's head is from Mischief's Circus- 
 I just adore this coral page,it's Amazing!
The beautiful lady is from itKuPiLLi
 I could pour over these pages again and again!
 These ladies below are from TumbleFish Studios-Marsha Jorgenson
and her sweet back page
totally mixed media! I wish you could have seen Sherie's hands when she was done!! Took a few days for the paint and ink to wear off!

Next up, Karenliz Henderson's journal-
 Karma,(Karen's nickname) likes to work smaller-
she made this adorable leather mini journal with her first ever sewing!
 I must say after I showed her just once how to stitch,she whipped right through this-she's a fast learner!
Isn't the Tim Holtz doll just too sweet the way Karma dressed her!
 great use of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts dress form
Beautiful layering! 
Karenliz bound more pages,just not finished yet...

Are you still with me?

now showing is Pam Weiser Wildeboer's journal
 Pammie's layering is absolutely gorgeous!
 again, we have classic mixed media work-textile style!
the mini stamp is from Sandra Evertson at Stampington
 this page represents Pam's two daughter's and son~isn't that sweet! 
she manages to add something similar in most combined projects
I love that she used this vintage age from a 1918 Good Housekeeping magazine,just look how crisp the colors still are!
 love the Sisters stamp and the mesh fabric on top

and this one underneath with the photo - LOVE!
 I need to point out here-both of these pages contain used and saved mop up baby wipes as well as painted paper toweling!
 Beautiful and resourceful Pam!!!
a few in process or planning photos...

Some friends may recognize their paperdolls hanging here- I belonged to a paperdoll group several years back and we had the best time swapping!
So,I am thinking about organizing a swap through my blog- say yay in the comments if you would be on board to participate!

Shout out to the Dollie creators JoAnn Robinson,Darlene Campbell,Mary Jane Chadborne,Janet Ghio,Linda Edkins Wyatt, Shel C. and Marilou Bain.
and now on to my pages...not finished,but off to a good start!
Lynne Moncreiff's stamps used here
 and this sweet girl is by LONS
Up next is my Frida page
 vintage hankies are lovely for fabric journals!
 one of my new MUSE stamps from Sandra Evertson
found feathers from my yard

The pointed,viking,Madonna style bra!
 Who wouldn't want to wear this to please their man!
(not my words,something similar in the ad!)
 Distress Oxide play in the background
 and the dress I cut off of a vintage doll



as I said, still in progress... I'll be sure to post when I finish my journal!

and the final photo for today...
and you thought those gals stayed for free??
 No way!They had to pick their dinner!! LOL

Thanks so much for your visit~
more art retreat fun on Monday!

Jackie ")


Karenliz Henderson said...

Yes we had to work for our dinner but it was so worth it. Fresh veggies were amazing!! Amazing as you Jackie doing this. As Sherie says it is truly our Zen place. We leave changed for the better.

Felicia Aaron said...

Jackie, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S THREE YEARS ALREADY!!! I love what you guys do during your retreats! FABULOUS!! I love each and every one of these journal creations. So much yumminess! I love that Chum kicked off the retreat!! LOLOL And I'm ALL ABOUT picking and working for my dinner! I would have LOVED getting out into your garden!! Thanks as always for sharing these GORGEOUS pictures! We all REMAIN pea green with envy that you guys spend that wonderful time together. Happy for you guys though! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings

Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like you gals had a fab time, and you all made oodles of wonderful art and journals - *****FAB*U*LOUS***** Hugs, Valerie

Gerda said...

Oooh, my eyes are popping out, to see all these gorgeous things you girls have made. Love those colors, stitches and fabrics. I love your art barn!😍 🤗😘

Sandee Setliff said...

What a perpetual feast for the eyes!!!!!!! I would to hold all of these journals and enjoy the textures!

Dorthe said...

It must have been a wonderful art retreat in your home, dear Jackie,- so much fun, all together,- and the pages are so amazing all. I love all the layers and fun pieces, you have all used to make every journal special. The colors are gorgeous, and every one telling a story of your own . I`m a bit envious not to have been there ;-)
Thank you for the photos, I enjoyed them all, Jackie.
Have a wonderful weekend Jackie, dear- Hugs from Dorthe

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a WONDERFUL ART RETREAT! I am thrilled about all your fabric journal pages and journals! You all made AMAZING pages!
Looking forward to see more photos of the retreat!
Thanks a lot Jackie for linking the beautiful page from yesterday to AJJ!
You made me happy!

oxo Susi

Darlene Campbell said...

Hey Jackie, Totally enjoyed the Sister's Art photos. Perhaps I'll be in one of those event photos one day. The talent there was huge. Love that you made journals with sewing...something I want to learn to do more know once I get a machine (a simple one.) ha ha I appreciated the links to what stamps, etc was used. I was laughing at that last photo in the garden because I was thinking "Want to make art? Do your choress first." Thank you for the shout out regarding the paper doll...and YES, I'd LOVE to participate in an exchange. Can't wait to see the rest of your is divine so far. You have a talent for color palette harmony and placement of collage fodder, building layers, etc. So happy you got to experience genuine, soulful, creative fun this summer. Hugs-Darlene

Marilou said...

Hey Jackie, thanks for the shout out on your post and the mention of paper dolls (it sure was a fun time), it looks like ya had a blast and your Journals are wonderful!!
Keep creating and you will be forever young my friend!!
Sending Hugs your way, Marilou

rose tresures said...

Wow Jackie, y'all had very fun time. Thanks for sharing pictures. It is awesome that y'all can get together and have such a great time. So happy. I love all projects! I love your found feathers too. I'm never lucky enough to find any good ones. But I guess that's good for the birds. hahaha Love the garden too. hugs, patty

Brenda Brown said...

Well didn't you ladies have the most wonderful time creating those gorgeous journals and having fun. It was a delight to scroll through and see such fabulous textures, layers, colours, fabrics and beautifully dressed dolls. Thanks for sharing Jackie xxx

June Walker said...

A wonderful get together! And beautiful fabric pictures by all. It must have been great fun.

Pam Wildeboer said...

Love you, Jackie! I enjoyed everything from picking ripe veggies from your garden to hearing and you and Karenliz swat the flies! Even figuring out the machine taught me a thing or two :) I can't wait to finish my textile journal, I have lots of ideas to add to those pages :) Your work is so beautiful and I'm happy I got to see it all up close and personal! Xoxox ❤️

Pam Wildeboer said...

And yes on the swap :)

Angela Radford said...

You lucky things! What fun and fabulous work. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous makes, Jackie - just fabulous every single one of them! What a wonderful initiative for you girls to meet up every year - if I had been there, I don't think I would have made anything though - I would have been too taken with Chum LOL, and I would have just wanted to play with him! xx

Nancy TeWinkel said...

Clearly you inspired each other to create beautiful books! So lovely!

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, my goodness! Eye candy galore! These pages are stunning! I love the colour choices you ladies made so much and all the wonderful textures and fabulous images! This post was like visiting a wonderful gallery of superb artists' work! No wonder Chum was excited - or was that just all the attention from adoring friends?:) xxx

butterfly said...

I've got a nice large cup of coffee, so I decided to do the retreat posts in the right order. What a wealth of creative energy and colour and life... the fabric pages are so glorious (your first one with the LM quote might be my favourite, but one shouldn't have favourites amongst such treats!). What a gift to spend time sharing creative energy and ideas and fun.
Alison x

Lynda Shoup said...

I'm really enjoying looking at how each of you made different design choices - no two alike! So much texture and color. I'm guessing there was a bit of laughing too...