Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Art journaling & atc's

  Sharing a page I did recently using my new Andy Skinner stamps I won on a blog hop over at Stampendous
Thank you Fran and Andy!
 showing a bit of texture here
  my graphics are from a LIFE magazine from the 50's lovely way to sell a women's Bra? hmmm? 
Sure makes me want to buy that one-especially if I am going to feel this way! hahaaa

  Next up are my Atc's  with the theme Music.
We have a group on Google+ called Creating &Sharing Mixed Media where we have a swap/trade every 3 months.
Here are the ones I sent


  Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin

 Stairway To Heaven is my partner Kimberley's favorite

 I did this last on by Billy Preston because for some reason,out of nowhere I find myself singing this song on a regular basis!
 and this is one of those songs,that just gets stuck in your head!
Are you singing it now as well? heehee

Thanks for stopping in,no real art details today because these were made a short while ago. 
Life has been a bit upended here as of late,more on that another time. 
As always, your visits and comments,truly make my day! 
Here's hoping your day is a beautiful one! 
Hugs,Jackie ")


Julie Ann Lee said...

I loved the art you included on this post, Jackie. I hope your life has not been upended in a bad way! I love those bra adverts from the 1950s. I've seen some amazing 'Maidenform' ones with ladies in orchestras playing in their bras!That Jack-in-the-box really appealed to me. Beautiful 'Stairway to Heaven' art too. Once again I do hope all is well with you. xxx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I love this fabulous page and the fantastic ATCs dear Jackie - hope nothing too bad has happened to you -
Always so wonderful to see with what you come up- your art is so happy and beautiful!
much love from

Renee said...

Love these especially the bra one! Hope all is okay with you I'm here if you need me. Hugs

Valerie-Jael said...

Lots of wonderful art again, and congrats on winning the gorgeous stamps - enjoy. Hope your life soon calms down again. Love that bra advert.... BIG hugs, Valerie

sirkkis said...

Love the "bra" work, it's fun, creative and so well done! ATCs are great too.
Hugs ♥

Sara Barker said...

What a fun post to read Jackie! Hmmm...my bra doesn't make me feel like jumping out of a box! Must look further in the lingerie department for that special one! I'm in on your upended life and raise you one! Hope things smooth over real soon! Sending hugs and some of that terrible hot weather you love!

Dorthe said...

Fantastic texture and dept you have created in the first art page, and I love the Stairway to Heaven , Jackie , a real fairytale to look at, dear friend. And so fun an idea with the text written around the bobbles - your head always have so many amazing ideas!!
Jackie I hope it is not too much upended for you, and that it is nothing seriously. Hugs from Dorthe

Win Dinn said...

Oh what a fabulous page...dreaming of being a Jackie-in-the-box is SO you! :D And your ATCs are marvellous as well - right out of my era, and beautifully illustrated. Lucky Kimberley! xoxox

Sugar Lump Studios said...

This is such a fun page Jackie and you did a great job with it! I love the Stairway to Heaven as well! Love seeing what other people make in the journals. I have had the itch to try, just not time to do it!

denthe said...

Love the texture on that journalpage, and the stamps fit wonder well! The adds from the 50's are really something. Can't believe what I read sometimes :-) Love your music ATC's as well, especially the stairway to heaven. Hope life is treating you well, and that the upheaval isn't anything negative ... Hugs to you ♥♥

aimarii said...

I like your work.
I stopped to the front Stairway to Heaven. I stayed to think.

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

A very cool journal page and you managed to cram to much goodness into those tiny ATCs!