Thursday, April 6, 2017

a bit of Marie extravagance and more fun!

 Today I have the Marie shrines to share
 that Sherie and I made on our visit a few weeks ago.
 Sherie's is the gorgeous Marie in pink on the left,
along with her vintage jewels and gold lion.

And the Marie in Monet Blue on the right is mine.
 As you may know,Marie was all about the glitter and gold and the latest fashions!
Some say that "Fashion" was born in France,
along with Marie,Louie and their court.
and as for the most popular"Let them Eat Cake" phrase,Marie actually never said that of the peasants; although she might have thought it!
 We still like to imagine she did and love to add sweet cakes and desserts to her array of treasures!

the bits and bobs used are from various places and came from my hoard stash!
These shrines were such fun to make as I love working in miniature and also playing with paper dolls!
💜💜Thanks again Sherie for all the wonderful playtime! 💜💜
 Hope you enjoyed the share of Marie extravagance,
now go Eat some Cake!!

Next up to share is a beautiful pin,an artist friend created and sent to me~Sue Marrazzo~
Sue is a mixed media artist and teacher and does some of the most gorgeous canvases! 
I have added her link below
 Mixed media art pin by Sue Marrazzo

and finally for today...
 This fab package of goodies I received in the mail from another artist friend and blogger Brenda Brown.
 Brenda had a giveaway on her blog recently and I was the lucky random draw for this Tim Holtz die!
  Not only did she send my prize but all the other goodies in the photo above... and
 she included this gorgeous tag she created! 
Thank you Brenda~I just LOVE it!!

So happy you came by today~
I do hope you had a pleasant visit!
Jackie ")

Links to products:
Shrine kits,Marie digitals,Fleur-de-lis,corner scrolls~
Moments Alterations Die,Stickles~Ranger/Tim Holtz


Valerie-Jael said...

Love your sweet shrines, you two Sweeties did great work there. Congrats on your win, and enjoy your new goodies, hugs, Valerie

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh I still love Marie Antoinette and the ones you gals made are wonderful
I still have a magazine ? maybe somerset that came out few years ago when Marie was the hot item
YOu did a marvelous job on her

ArtyDiva said...

Thanks sweet girlies! Again, it is free flowing creativity when I am with Jackie! Especially with her amazing "stashes" (my 'stash has to be waxed, hahahhaha)!! Jackie is thebest!! XXX

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Amazing shrines! Oh my gosh - you both made such fantastic art together! Unbelievable that two friends not only are chatting when they meet. Marie would just have made smalltalk when she had visitors I guess.. she would perfectly fit in todays Facebook & Twitter-world.
Maria Theresia was not very happy with her ... she was not what her mother taught her to be. But Marie is much more popular than her mother!!!
I gave my daughter Marie as a second prename. In rememberance of my granny Marie.
Wonderful made those shrines - absolutely WOWSERS!
And wow .. to have an original little painting from Sue! Great!
Fantastic gifts from lovely artists Brenda!
You are a very lucky girl - but no wonder that you got so much love sent- you are such a lovely artist and blogger!♥♥♥

oxo Susi

Joi at RR said...

Your Marie extravaganza is EXQUISITELY ELEGANT AND ELABORATELY INCREDIBLE Jackie. What a treat to see so much BRILLIANT GLITZ. And what fun to get such lovely things from friends!! Plus a prize win too!!! Loved this post! Xj.

Dorthe said...

Oh what eye candy here, also today, dear Jackie!
Your Marie?s are so gorgeous, both yours and your friends- and I love all the glitter and gold, you added, that this little girl-queen surely was surrounded of .
Your wonderful gift from Sue, looks amazing, and I also love what Brenda creates, -how lucky you was to win her prize - con gratulations, and hugs :-)

Jean Moore said...

The shrines are so over the top! Adore them.

Redanne said...

The shrines are both beautiful Jackie, I love both of them and the canvas your friend Sue made is lovely! Congratulations on your win from Brenda, her parcels are always such a pleasure to receive!! Hugs, Anne xx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Such a lovely post. Both those Maries are gorgeous! I love all the little details on both of them. Such a lovely prize from Brenda too! Congrats on winning the draw. You and Sherie had such a wonderfully creative time. It must have been so much fun. xx

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


I want/need/require/MUST HAVE these!!!!!
I must live with these every day of my life!
How uber uber fabulous!!!!!

I L<3VE THEM!!!!!

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie, I so love art shrines and this is just brilliant! beyond brilliant actually and what fun you must have had making them. Well done with the win too. Happy crafty week my dear crafty friend xXx

Renee said...

Wow! I love anything Marie but this takes the cake! (pun intended)

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Wow, you girls really went to town on these! Full of glitter and magic! Love the pin Sue sent you as well - it's got her signature style!

Win Dinn said...

I LOVE both of those Marie pieces...didn't you have fun?!!! And your pin from Sue is a delight...I'm loving mine too, and tip my hat to her for her creativity!

denthe said...

Seeing these pieces just gives me a vision of you two having fun together, picking out small bits and bobs and throwing glitter around :-) Your Marie looks positively regal. And how fun to see all the presents you received again! Enjoy them, and have a beautiful weekend! xxx

June Walker said...

I just love those Marie shrines!! Congratulations on the draw win! A lucky week!

~*~Patty S said...

Ooh la Laaaaa the Marie's are magnifique!
Such lovely details ... each creation is a delight.
Funny how rumours get going and kept going even back then.
I just watched the Netflix mini series VERSAILLES
Mon Dieu! It has a bit of everything and more going on (hot and steamy some violence too).
I guess Marie moved in well after The Sun King ;-)
And how fun to get such lovely art mail!

Sara Barker said...

Oh, what fun it must have been to be creating these with a crafty friend! Both are gorgeous and I loved seeing all the details on yours close up! Congrats on your win at Brenda's blog (am I green? yes!), all the goodies looks amazing including having that special piece of artwork from Brenda herself! Lucky, lucky YOU! And what a fabulous canvas from your other friend! Wow! You are really cleaning up! Hugs!

butterfly said...

What a happy post - from the glamorous excesses of those splendid Marie Antoinette extravaganzas to your lovely happy-post sharings. This brought the sunshine out for me!
Alison x

Brenda Brown said...

Oh my gosh how did I miss your magnificent Marie Antoinette shrines, they are gloriously full of rich and opulent colours and embellishments, so delightful. I also love the gorgeous little canvas and thanks for the shout out with the giveaway and bits, you are very welcome and deserving. Glad I was just catching up with your posts. Happy weekend xxx