Thursday, March 23, 2017

Around here...

I had the greatest surprise on March 8th!
 My husband said he was going out for groceries and I was in the middle of important stuff(reading blogs)so I opted to stay home.
 Well,Rile wasn't gone a half hour when the winds were whipping so hard,our power went out! No more internet,phone or tv,so I grabbed a book to read and promptly fell asleep on the couch!(good book!LOL)
 I was awoken a couple hours later by the sound of the front door opening and my husband standing there still with the door wide open.
Chum gave a bark,waggled his tail like crazy and in walked my son,Lenny!!
 Lenny and Riley had worked out a secret plan to surprise me~I can tell you,they sure did! After blubbering all overLen,I finally let him into the house!
 We only had a few days as Len was on to Baltimore for work,but I savored every moment with him.
 Len let me dote on him and make his favorite foods as we played his favorite card games over and over(which I am now the reigning winner!) Phase 10 and UNO.
 Thanks for letting me share my happiness with you all!
 Next up is a piece of art I created for our grandson Brady. 
March 11th,Brady was in the play "Annie Jr." as the Dog Catcher!
 I knew right away that I had to make something special for him to remember this time,in case he finds he does not care to return to the stage! (he made a fuss about wearing the makeup) Anyway, I had made Len's favorite cookies,Butterforms,by request and cut some shapes into dog bones for Brady's project.


The circled area"dogs last seen here"is around where they live.
Handsome Star!
 Brady played a servant extra,as well as dog catcher.
I added a bit of video clip,if you have a minute;the show was great and Brady made us laugh so! heehee

 Here is the link to YouTube~I could not get the video uploaded here

 After the play we went back to the kid's house for Brady & Declan's birthday party. They both turned 11 on the 11th!
 Declan is on the left,Brady on the right.
 It was also a super mail week as I received a package from my sis Julie,whom had just returned from a vacation in Hawaii!
 Jules had told me all about these wonderful cookies they had while there and said she brought some home for me
But this is what I found when I opened them!  What a joker!
Really they did eat all but his little tin they brought back for someone else! Oops!
The cookies were delish and,now I know why she couldn't help herself! hahaa

 Julie also bought me this adorable sundress I can't wait to wear! 
Thanks so much my sweet sissy!
I Love youđź’•
 Sometime around Monday afternoon,March the 13th,the weather changed drastically!
 We had Blizzard 2017,full blown by Tuesday morning and it was crazy! New York state closed down government buildings and the Governor closed the Thruway for travel,visibility was 0!
 Up till then we had no snow to speak of and I was quite happy with that,now it worried me because my dear friend and art sister Sherie,was flying in from Chicago on Thursday!
Even Chum was feeling tired of the wind and snow!

  There is a deck under there somewhere!! (photo to the right)

Happy to say,by Thursday morning the sun was out in full force and melted down the snow and dried the roads clear-nothing short of a small miracle!
 Sherie's flight was on time,and it was a gorgeous sunny day!
more on Sherie's visit,on Monday morning's post!

Now finally,a few of our visiting bird photos and I'll let you go...
  First up is a Red Belly Woodpecker,no idea why they call him that because his head is redder than his belly. He/She is a fat one!

This beauty snacking on the Sumac is a Northern Flicker. I wish I had a better shot of the back of his head,because the red back there is in the shape of a heart-on all of them! So beautiful!

Thanks so much for hanging in there with me till the end today- hope you have enjoyed a bit of this and that from my neck of the woods!
Sending Love,
Jackie ")


Valerie-Jael said...

What a wonderful surprise you got, we all need things like that from time to time. Great doggy art, too, but I am sure you could have managed without that big dump of snow! A lovely, entertaining and heart-warming post Sweetie. Hug, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a lovely and uplifting post Jackie! Great that your son visited you and I love this fantastic doggy box you made and all the wonderful photos - and even the fat amount of snow wasn't able to stop you being happy and having fun and spreading love! Fabulous!
Wishing you a happy rest of the week and an enjoyable weekend!
Thank you for sharing all the photos and your art and life with us!

Karenliz Henderson said...

Oh Jackie! I'm so happy for you. What a wonderful surprise!!! Riley, 100 million thumbs up for you!!! What a very very happy post. Love it!!! I'm so glad Sherie was able to get out there. I can't wait for Monday's post. OXOXOXOXOXOXO

Jean Moore said...

Your posts always make me smile. The memory box for Brady was awesome. your yard and birds are wonderful and WHAT A COOL SURPRISE!

Win Dinn said...

Oh, you lucky, lucky Momma, to have your son surprise you like that! I can see you'd be grinning from ear to ear after the blubbering! :D

I love your dog catcher gift - didn't you do a bang-up job on that. Your creativity is totally outstanding.

Lovely to see Chum in all that snow - what a bright spot!

Sending you happy day wishes from now-snowless (mostly) Creston, BC. xoxo

Dorthe said...

Jackie, you truly have had some wonderful days both with your son ,and your grandson`s birthday , so much to be happy for. The box you created is an amazing gift, and a wonderful dog catcher :-) I must say though that all that snow, looks a bit terrible , now, so late in March. I wish you a soon to start spring dear, for you and your four legged friend.
Have a great weekend, and smiles from Dorthe Xoxo

June Walker said...

That was an exciting week! I love those photos of the woodpecker...and the dog box. I hope you get the weather to wear the sun dress soon. I have only visited Hawaii for about an hour on stop-over from UK to NZ. I'd love to go on holiday there.. one day.

sirkkis said...

What a exciting, lovely post, Jackie! You made beautiful dog art. I'm a dog lover, too.
Have a happy day xx

aimarii said...

Very exciting post. Happened to you so much. Lovely what surprise you got!
From television I saw your "winter" so much snow. Now I think has Chum begun to become old, when does not like snow?
I think there is soon any way Spring....

Astrid Maclean said...

Thank you for sharing these little snippets of your life with us Jackie, family is so very important and your art pieces are all stunning!! Your grandson looks so happy with his gift! Hopefully Spring will soon arrove in your part of the world....

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, what a lovely, joyful post, Jackie! That surprise visit sounds like the best thing ever! I love the gift for the 'Dogcatcher' too!The case is fantastic and the cookies look delicious! My goodness, your grandson is such a handsome boy! Our daughter acted in Annie when she was 11 years old too! She played Molly. Poor Chum in all that snow! I do hope he has some lovely spring weather to frolic in soon. What beautiful bird studies too - wow, this was a fabulous post! Thank You for sharing all your wonderful, positive energy with us and all your creativity! Jackie, you always make my day! xx

Angela Radford said...

I bet you were over the moon Jackie, what a lovely surprise. Bit of a change with the weather! Bet Chum will be happy when the sun comes out Lol! You asked me about that massive cardigan and as far as I could tell everything on it was knitted, it looked amazing. Happy weekend, Angela xXx

Angela Radford said...

Just noticed Jackie that you asked about the flower dies I used on Monday 20th March, they were Memory box. I had mentioned it but right at the bottom of the post. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

What a beautiful post Jackie and a wonderful surprise! Lovely to see photos of your son and grandson. You really are too young to be a granny! Very creative doggie box and biscuits! Chum is such a sweetheart! xx

~*~Patty S said...

That handsome flicker looks like it has a lace coat on!
Great photo...lots of great photos and sharing here dear Jacki!
Oh how sweet your husband and son were to brew up such an amazing surprise.
That is just the nicest thing ever. Made some very special memories with that one.
I think Chum was in on it too and did a good job keeping the secret ;-)
Precious grandson you have there and I can only imagine how lively the double 11 party was. Great Dog Catcher box you made.
Now I must go back and watch the video.
I got excited to try and comment before I forgot all I wanted to say (which I did way of refreshing my memory because your comment section and blogpost are separate from one another. Next time I'll have to jot down some notes ROFLOL!).
Thank you for making me smile and oh and ahhh again and again.
Hope you're seeing some green grass by now?
Hugs from Virginia oxoxo