Friday, March 31, 2017

Altered Dollie light boxes

Day 2,and the creativity kept a-flowing!
Sherie had picked up these light-boxes on clearance and brought along with her these gorgeous porcelain Charlotte dollies.
After a cup or two of coffee for me and diet Coke for Sherie,the inspiration was off unstoppable!teehee

Up first is my light box...
I had no idea where I was going to go with this until I started thinking about small items I could use for Dollie's props-Lightbulb moment! 
When we were in Washington last year visiting my son and dil,Riley and I managed a newspaper full of garage sales and a map and headed out on our treasure hunt. Score! See these teeny tiny artists pigment colors in the vial-ed corks (to the left of her feet)
As soon as I remembered I had those,the"Artist"theme was no brainer!

The Color Wheel stamp behind her is a recent purchase that I had not used and was dying to give it a go-what a perfect fit!
 I knew I had great art collage ephemera from my time with Altered Pages,so I gathered those pieces,and any other tiny art related bits and bobs I could find.

 dried tube of paint came in a box of stuff from a sale-glad I saved it!Also on the lower right are vintage photograph oil and watercolor cakes-garage sales of course!

Pigment bottles I told you about above
And a tiny piece by my favorite artist Klimt made it's way in the box- Klimt is Dollie's favorite as well!
The hard to read stamp on the front of the transparency reads
"And away she went with her dot" 
This and the other stamp "Paint goes here" belong with the Color Wheel set I mentioned above.
Let me also mention that it was Alison Bomber aka Butterfly who turned me on to these stamps! 
Thank you Alison!💜
I tried to get as many photos as i could of each area and it really is difficult to photograph transparency! just saying ")
notice the paint splatters on Dollie's apron? She has been busy creating!
here is the box without the lights


a few mosaic tiles and call it complete!
 Chum wanted you to know he was ever constant with us and watching over Sherie. Good boy,Chum!

(I apologize for the lack of photos,of course we waited till we were packing Sherie up to take pictures of all her art!while mine I was able to do at my leisure.)

Now,on to Sherie's dollie who is an altered faerie.

Sherie's beautiful Dollie wrap is tulle sprinkled with faerie dust.
In her hand she holds a tiny bottle of faerie sparkle,to make wishes come true!
I just adore this little bell that Sherie thought to hang in the faerie garden!
The moon and stars on the back wall are a perfect match with
 Red Lead's stamp...
"may the moon restore you"

a doorknob finial and beautiful leaf complete the light box!

Next up is another doll project that Sherie thought up and brought vintage glassware from her stash to make it. 


  Here,Sherie stamped on the transparency and cut the piece to fit in the salt pinch for her face

 underneath the glass she used Tim Holtz deer painted in pink as well as a tiny frog with a crown(this is a Sherie thing~ribbit)

Such a Beautiful piece Sherie!!
Well that's all for today,I do have more to share,but will wait till Sunday for the rest,please come back then to see!
As for my glass doll,well I am a bit slower at my projects than Sherie is-teehee Sherie managed all of her projects, Plus a bunch of journaling-that girl moves a mile a minute! LOL

Thank you for your visit and lovely comments~
 you make my heart so happy!

Links for products used:
Artistic Essentials Stamp set-Andrea Ockey Parr
Light Boxes-Heidi Swapp 
Tiny Deer-Tim Holtz
May The Moon Restore You Stamp-Red Lead Paperworks
Artist collage graphics-AlteredPages


froebelsternchen Susi said...

Absolutely FANTASTIC! I am thrilled about your amazing Dollie Light box.. every detail is a WOWSER- I am with her about Klimt and think it was great to create with your lovely friend - she is a wonderful artist!Her pieces are really artful ! Good that Chum was as always a good security dog! Artists need much care and observation since they often have nonsense in their mind!Chum knows this!
Happy weekend my friend!
oxo Susi

Karenliz Henderson said...

The light boxes are fantastic! I love your artist doll and all the little artists supplies. Sherie's - Loving that star with the face and the little bell! Sherie's doll is gorgeous. I don't know how she thinks up of all this stuff and how she gets it all in one suitcase!!! You know if I was there my light box wouldn't even be done by the end of the trip!!! It's amazing how fast and quickly her mind and hands work. LOL

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful work from you gals again, you really seem to have had BIG fun and enjoyed every moment of your playtime. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

June Walker said...

Such wonderful assemblages. I love the dolly artist and the altered fairy very much. I would just love to try making something like that sometime...but when I wonder? I used to like making papier-mache sculptures many years ago, but never tried assemblage..

denthe said...

Wow, so many little details! What a wonderful piece of work! And I love Dollie's apron :-) It sure looks like you and Sherie had lots of fun!

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, Jackie, I love both these light boxes! I'm so in love with your little doll's apron especially! She's a real 'hands on' artist definitely! You're so right about photographing anything shiny too! What a nightmare! But you've done brilliantly here! I once again thoroughly enjoyed seeing all those ingenious details in your light box! Sherie's was really magical! I love that glass doll too. There's an artist whose name I forget, but who I've seen on line and it so reminded me of his work - must look him up - if only I could remember his name! Lovely to know Chum was there in his capacity as guardian! xx

Dorthe said...

Dear Jackie, oh, you both created wonderful light boxes, - so many amazing details, and fun collections to create sweetness and smiles. The dolls are ever so adorable, and the glass doll so fun, with the exebition :-)
You have had so much fun, I can tell - :-) Xxx

ArtyDiva said...

All I can say is LOVE!!!!! What else can add to your creativity?? I call Jackie and Riley's house; my "zen" house! It is full of all my faves and it's the best place to create!!! Full of amazing inspiration, Jackie's creativity, and an art barn full of my favorite things!! The backdrop isn't so bad either!! Wonderful surroundings, beautiful home, filled with lots of love!!! Colorful love to all of you creative girlies!!! XXX

Angela Radford said...

Oh Jackie so wish I could be transported over to you such fun! Loving all the details, so much to see. Have a great crafty week.... which you obviously are doing! Big hugs, Angela xXx

Pamellia Johnson said...

So many beautiful projects Jackie! I'm not sure why, but the first box took me right back to the town fair when I was younger. All of the game booths with the colourful prizes, the spinning wheels and the lights dangling, wow how I love this piece!! Chum is just adorable, ha! I adore that centrepiece with the little deer in the grassy field. So many fabulous details there and what a lovely glass display piece! Amazing projects my friend! sending hugs :)

Team Clark said...

Hi Jackie, these projects are so very creative and speak volumes to me since I'm a paper doll/vintage doll lover! I love how you incorporated the lights. Brilliant my friend! And PS. biggest congratulations on winning the coffee stamps at Darkroom Door! I'm so thrilled that you were one of the winners. Can't wait to see what you create with these stamps. Hugs, Autumn

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I'm a sucker for lights! Tea lights, fairy lights, LEDs all sorts! Lovely idea to light up your projects like this. When I got to the photo of Chum I literally went "awww" - he seems such a friendly dog with those doggie yes. One day I want to have a dog too! I like walking so there's no excuse not to get one!