Monday, February 20, 2017

Pretty & Pink atc swap

 Recently,I took part in an atc swap over at 
 Kimberly hosted the swap which was "Pretty & Pink" 3 for 3 atc's. 

The first 3 are the ones I made and sent .

 This beautiful roll of lace was a gift from Kimberly,the hostess-thank you 💖

sent this lovely atc along with some confetti hearts
 and this atc came from Maggie Raguse of 
I just love the tiny heart!
 And this sweetest atc came from one of my longtime favorite artists, Nancy Maxwell James
I have followed Nancy and her art since I started surfing the internet!

 If you have a minute, please stop by these lovely blogs and say hello- each has some really beautiful material to share!
 And again Kim,thank you hostessing this fun swap.


A note to everyone who read and left such beautiful and heartfelt comments on my last post...
I have shared all of these with Neda and Lenny. They both were brought to tears and want me to say thank you from the bottom of their hearts for all of the love,thoughts,prayers and support from everyone. They are as I am,eternally grateful and beyond blessed to know and connect with such caring people as you all.
As of this writing,Neda's paperwork to become a US citizen is back in progress and we will wait patiently as there is nothing more we can do at this time. The government office has told them it could take up to 8 months,so we pray for no more bumps in the road.
Again thank you all
Much love and blessing to you,


Valerie-Jael said...

The ATCs are all more than gorgeous, the ones you sent and the ones you received. I hope the citizenship will be granted soon so that your lives will all be more peaceful. Love and hugs to you all, you are in my thoughts. Valerie

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

All gorgeous! I never tire of pink and pretty things whether it's Valentines day or not

Joi at RR said...

All the ATC are just REALLY GORGEOUS. I'm not a pink person but it truly is lovely to see all these makes in pink. Of course, I'm prejudiced but I love yours the best Jackie! You did a FABULOUS bit of creativity on each of them. Xj.

Dorthe said...

Dear Jackie, so much Valentines love, send and received , they vare all beautiful, and little treasures to keep. Kim is such a sweet hostess and an amazing artist. I have bought many of her things , through the years .
Jackie, so good news, that the paperwork has started again, and that ,hopefully, it is now, only a matter of months, before your daughter in law , can call herself for an American citizen!!! Best og wishes for you all, dear friend. xoxoxo

Angela Radford said...

Gorgeous ATCs Jackie, so love these. Pleased to hear things are moving along for the citizen ship. It does take a long time and you really seem to have to jump through hoops. My cousin married an American girl and it was ages before she could stay in the UK as an official citizen. In the UK they have started testing people to see what they know about the country and if you can't pass the test you can't stay. She asked us some of the questions and there were only a few that we could answer and we've always lived here so what chance does a newcomer have. Take care and happy crafty week, Angela xXx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wonderful artwork - I love this feminine touch in all the pieces you made and received!
A fabulous swap and it sounds so much better now - I am sure Neda will get the US citizenship soon!!♥♥♥ I keep all my fingers crossed for her and your son♥♥♥

with much love

Kimberley Johnson said...

The ATCs you created are absolutely gorgeous, Jackie, and the ones you received are so beautiful! I am so happy to hear that things are moving along for your daughter-in-law. With all the love, prayers and positive energy being sent their way, everything is certain to work out. I will keep your family in my thoughts and continue sending love and positive prayers.

Marjie Kemper said...

Beautiful ATCs Jackie, and such good news to hear the paperwork is moving forward. Hope to hear a very good update on Neda soon.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

What a lovely collection of Valentines! - such a shame they had to be broken up and separated! LOL I especially love that faery Valentine - saucy little wench! LOL

Happy Valentine's Day!

June Walker said...

Beautiful atcs in pink!! All the hearts and roses fit so well with a February love theme.

Brenda Brown said...

Such pretty atcs Jackie with lots of wonderful feminine colour and images. You did a great job xxx

Gio said...

These are so darn lovely, Jackie, and such pretty details on every one of them. LOve!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

These are all absolutely gorgeous! I like how they all belong to the same theme. Just think of the possibilities with that beautiful lace!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Hi Jackie~
I just got my awesome swap package in the mail today, and your ATC is one among the gorgeous mix. It was just the pick me up I needed (I came down with some sort of flu bug in the night.)
Love it!

sirkkis said...

I adore your most charming pink ATCs, Jackie.
Thank you for visiting and a lovely comment on my blog ♥

butterfly said...

Absolutely lovely ATCs - there are times when I completely understand the uplifting qualities of pink, and this post is one of them. And uplifting to be engaged in artistic swapping at a time when so many people are just at one another's throats the whole time. I do hope that things go smoothly with the application for Neda - and I'll continue to speak out whenever opportunity arises.

In answer to your questions, yes, the figures are freehand (a couple more of them coming up soon in the first tree post), and I don't know yet about what will happen to the pages. The meadow grasses were in a smaller watercolour journal and I did take that page out to put in the kraft journal. But the main experimentation has happened on very large pages, so it would have to be a giant journal for them to go in! For now I think they'll just live in the pad. It's quite nice flicking through.
Alison x

~*~Patty S said...

Precious ATCs you created Jackie and the ones you received are really lovely too.
The words you added to yours are so lyrical and just right.
Still sending up prayers and good vibes for the very best outcome for your beloved son and daughter in law.
Sending all good wishes your way dear one oxo

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a lovely swap! I love every single one of these superb ATCs. Every day I think about you and your son and daughter-in-law. Sending love and hope to you all. xx

Win Dinn said...

What lovely ATCs and gifts, Jackie - delightful all. I am so glad to hear that Neda's paperwork is back in progress. Remember if it fails, we would welcome you all in Canada, and preferably in beautiful British Columbia. Sent with love, my friend...xo

Sara Barker said...

Wow! hat a beautiful trio of ATC's and in PINK! Squeal! You know I never was a pink girl, and then I saw what Pamellia did with pink, and I have to say it sits pretty high on my list of favorites. (Although I rarely use it) Your designs are divine, and lucky you,too, to get so many pretty ones in exchange. What a fun activity! I'll be starting a round robin with journals next month--I hope I can do it justice! Sending hugs!

Annette said...

All are so pretty young lady. Lots of creativity here and love seeing it all. xooxxo

denthe said...

So much detail on such a small space .... these are all beautiful Jackie! And such good news about your daughter-in-law! Keeping my fingers crossed here that there will be no more bumps in the road. Let's just hope the orange one will be impeached within the next few weeks .... Hugs to you and your family ♥

jorunn`s Fristed said...

I love this ATC, all of them, and the color and detail is so beautiful. Thank you for shows us all ♥