Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Around here...

Last weekend was gorgeous and we decided to put down the tools and go walking with Chum- who was totally excited when he heard "Walk"!!

 We headed to Fair Haven Beach State Park and walked the trails for a couple hours and then walked the beach for awhile so Chum could go swimming-his favorite thing in the world! heehee

a love note from my husband❤

These photos are beautiful but sad,as the shoreline keeps coming in further and further-very odd since the lake is so low.This erosion has taken place over the last 3 years,the cliffs were further out,who knows what will be left in the next 50  years- 

Back on the trails,my sweetie was having his own bit of fun,he makes me smile so~
It really was a great day-walking for a few hours and when we arrived home,delicious,hot beef stew in the crockpot,made by my sweetie!
It's nice to take a break from the homestead chores!
 On to some other fun things...
I have some more yummy mail goodies to share
 This fab package I received from artist
 Theresa Martin~
 on her blog
and as a designer for

 beautiful atc created by Theresa

Thank you so very much Theresa for the lovely package of art!
 A few months back,before we left for our x-country trip(heading home post coming soon) I was the lucky winner on
 Shari Replogle's blog here,
you can also watch her videos here:
Just look at the delicious treats she sent me!!

I just love this shellacked piece by Shari 
This is the class I am taking from Shari
Thank you,thank you,you are too nice,Shari!
  and my book from the amazing
also find her on her blog
came from Amazon the other day!Yay!!
 I only wish I could have been at her book signing to have mine signed as well...
I just might have to mail my copy to her! ")
 Roxanne's class I am taking
 All three artists above are amazing and ever so talented-I encourage you to check them out if you have a minute-beautiful artwork from them all!
and finally a few pics of my latest creations!
 These are our beautiful Concord grapes this summer before they ripened.
When they did,well,
what is better than a grape pie?
Why,seven of grape pies,of course!!
Chum says,"what? did I hear pie??"
Chum likes the whipped cream that comes from the can!The one little "bad" treat he has on occasion-
 If he is at the other end of the house and hears that can spraying,he comes a running! lol Cwazy dog!
Thanks for your visit,see you again soon! 
hugs,Jackie & Chum ")


froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh yes.. you had a beautiful day out there and all the fantastic art mail you got! So intersting artists all of them! Great!
Your grapes look wonderful and those pies--wwoowww!!
Chum is a happy dog for sure!

Thanks for sharing this lovely post Jackie!
oxo Susi

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Oh, gosh, what a rich post, Jackie, I don't know what to comment on! Let's start with Chum, awwww! He's like my favorite dog now! And whipped cream, LOL? Lovely outings and pies and classes and happy mail! Oh and that book - I totally have to look it up! Happy Wednesday! :)

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

PS: I've just bought that book! It looks awesome and just what I was looking for!

Valerie-Jael said...

Chum has got good sense, of course the pie was the most interesting thing for him! Glad you had a good outing, and enjoy all the lovely art you got. I wouldn't mind getting a few of those pie in the mail either! Enjoy! Hugs, Valerie

theresa martin said...

I LOVE, LOVE the photo of Chum in the water. Great post and glad you received my envelope in the mail :-)

~*~Patty S said...

Such a beautiful park... nothing stays the same it seems.
Chum has the right idea about whipped cream me thinks ;-)
I was just saying that to our son last night that as good as the peaches are, the whipped cream is what I could happily eat gobs of!
(You just reminded me that there is a bowl to scrape and clean!!!)
Grape pie is new to me.
Lucky you getting so much yummy art mail.
Theresa is SO creative!
Thanks for sharing

~*~Patty S said...

your sweetie is too too fun
milk weed pods can entertain me for hours !

Bev said...

Fabulous post Jackie thanks for the links and I love me some Chummy , Oscar sends a slobbery kiss know I never heard of a pie made of grapes ,wine maybe lol

Gio said...

You put a smile on my face, I adore Chum! Beautiful post with gorgeous pictures, Jackie :-)
MaY I have one of those pie!!!just one, ok, half...

Sanda Reynolds said...

Such a wonderful read Jackie and the photos are quite fabulous!! Chum is so adorable, you can't resist those eyes! I absolutely love Shari Replogles's work too and her Wax on Wednesdays videos! Hugs, Sanda xxx

Angela Radford said...

Great post Jackie, you sure have been busy. Big hugs for Chum. Have a great week, Angela x

Win Dinn said...

What a terrific post - love the walk photos (so nice to see you all in situ), and of course, the colour of the artwork and joy expressed is amazing. Happy weekend, my far-flung friend! xo

UUna said...

Lovely and very delicious pictures! Greetings to Your two sweeties :-)
Have a nice weekend and autumn!

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a lovely post - so full of joy! I enjoyed every bit of it and I'm only sorry I just got around to checking it out! Chum looks amazing still - just like a young dog and what delicious food - grape pies and beef stew! What fantastic courses you're taking! Story-telling with collage sounds like a fabulous idea too! And the fantastic gifts from these artists! Your blog is always such a wonderful, fun-filled, generous place always filled with the joy of life! Thank you, Jackie! xx

Dorthe said...

Dear Jackie, such a wonderful tour you made with your husband and sweet dog. It looks so beautiful there, and yes ,so sad about your coastline. It happens here too, in many places.
Your meal sounds great ,and all the other delicious things you made , sounds GREAT :-)
Lucky you, as well receiving such amazing gifts, from your friends.
Wishing you a beautiful autumn dear friend, and a new lovely week !!
Hugs, Dorthe

Penny said...

Posting for the blog hop. Penny

aimarii said...

I like whipped cream too like Chum.
Wau, so lot of pies there. I wish I could taste.