Monday, October 31, 2016

on this All Hallows Eve...let me introduce, Hegitha

do you recall the witch prototype I shared with you?
witch one you ask??

why this one of course....

  My friend Jen came and picked up Hegitha,and was she ever excited and surprised! 
Jen had seen the above painting ahead of time,so she probably was thinking something similar.
But you know how we roll as mixed media artists, sometimes(ok,most times)after layer upon layer,the real beauty comes out!
 Here are a few pics of along the way,not many as I was lost in the process of altering the canvas! Bwwaaaahaahaahaaa

Adding vintage sheet music for texture and I had to add the same to the back of  the canvas because it was so very fragile.
hey,what do you want for a 100 year old portrait


adding gauzy texture to Hegitha's hat as well as a bit of color and some stars that glow

at this point, hmmmmm,Mr.Neal says she's just not scary enough...

 I am digging the nose !!
 ROTFL~OMG! I crackle myself up!! heehee



lots of yummy color...better to cackle on my dear (oops crackle!) 

Okay,time for a redo...
new coloring
a couple of warts
oh, let's not forget those hairs on the warts...

 these eyes
  a new do before her hat goes on

a bit of detail to her frock 
and a glowing pentagram

and we have Hegitha,in all of her glorious color!!

I hope I have not scared you with my Hegitha canvas and maybe you could leave a message letting me know what you think! 
As always,I love that you take the time to visit with me! 
If you celebrate this day,or however you celebrate All Hallows Eve,I do hope it's a pleasant one!

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Products used:
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics
DecoArt Media Gesso 
Americana Weathered Wood Crackle Medium
Americana Glow In the Dark Paint
DecoArt Glamour Dust Paint~Black Ice

Vintage sheet music
Sari Ribbon
Craft Ribbons
Craft Fur
Femo Clay
E6000 Glue

Saturday, October 29, 2016

A few more tags...

are you ...
   I just love using turquoise/teal in place of traditional Halloween colors-sets it apart-don't you think?
Van Morrison helping me out again with another of his songs,probably one of my favorites...
(if you have the time,this whole album is fabulous!)
 "Bedazzled and Bewitched" tag I am entering into

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge #29 - Mood Board

 and sure to come back here on Halloween eve as I re-introduce to you "witchy"

 bwaaa haaaaaaa

"Fall Into Autumn" tag art

Back so soon? Glad to see it!

I do hope you had fun with GeckoGalz blog hop.
Make sure to download your freebies and enter for prizes!
 Here are a few tags made for
"Fall Into Autumn"

  representing the colors of Autumn...

I will be participating in Emerald Creek Dares
with my "Too Cute To Spook" tag   Bwaaahaaahaaaa

Images from GeckoGalz
leaves Background from~10TwoStudios"GoMakeSomething"
DecoArt Liquid Glass 

Thanks for visiting-more on the way! 
Have a beautiful weekend!
hugs,Jackie ")