Thursday, September 22, 2016

Art Sisters 2016 weekend!! The Mermie retreat!

 August Mermie retreat weekend...
 very colorful and picture heavy~grab a cuppa!

It all started out so innocently...
 a few pieces of this and that from
 along with some homemade treasures and 
store bought bits...
As well as previous made sea life for inspiration
Thank you DecoArt!
 baubles and bling and lots and lots of seashells
 Printed graphics from these talented designers:

Rian Designs 
 Digital Collage Sheet Company
 the table was set with special treats as we waited for friends...
thank you Kristin Hubick💞for the extra goodies!


  sweet Sherie came bearing gifts...she made me this phenomenal journal for me TY sweet friend❤
Candy in the gumball machines,with loads of pennies to get it out,all nutritional snacks to keep us creating-hahaaa

Karenliz aka Karma,finally arrived and even though she was in pain,made the drive 6-7 hrs here,ready to play for the weekend!Yay!
Well,more gals were invited but either became ill or just couldn't make it,sad but true...
 so...onward went the three of us to paint and create like the artful party sisters we are!!
 Riley helped with the photography
(as well as everything else!)
 I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful, creative and giving husband!!
 Little did I know these two jokers were making funny faces...I would have joined in!!

on to the fun...first up,our main project was designing a 3 dimensional piece that would represent the sea,seashore,beach, mermaid, get it-huh?!

DecoArt was having their under the sea challenge at this time,so timing was just right
(actually I planned it that way! heehee)
 you may remember my project from  the DecoArt post..


 these are the two beginning pieces
next,painting up some some sea life...

 adding seashells and auditioning for her spot!
Art barn with a view!
 Sherie's gorgeous beachhut!!
her back-side is just as beautiful! heehee
and yes we did learn how to laugh together!

look at that yummy DecoArt 

 Spectacular piece Sherie!!
Here we have Karenliz,looking to our Mermie board on Pinterest for inspiration...
She starts with a frame...
Whoa-la!! A sea masterpiece!!
 hmmmm, what shall I make next?
 Next project by Karenliz,using paintbrushes
The house for Karma's paintbrush mermie...
to be seen at a later date!
Sherie finished her paintbrush mermie...isn't she beautiful?!


 My paintbrush piece WIP to be seen at a later date.
#DecoArt Love!
and just when you'd think Sherie was done,on to another project she went!!
That gal has inspiration oozing from her pores!!
Sherie made these next two fab pieces as well...


King Neptune and Undine
and this cool piece
Up next was our mermie project using
first up Karenliz Henderson's gorgeous mermie in a shell!
and now,Sherie's articulated mermie
love love LOVE her colors!!!
 I drilled holes in the shell for Sherie to hang her mermie from the bottom

and now mine...
between all of the fabulous creating and laughing and whooping and hollering,
we did eat and sleep...only as needed!!
One last project of the weekend was introduced and taught to us by Sherie...
the lesson was using alcohol inks on sea charms, to make into either a necklace or bracelet.

 these are my charms so far...
Karenliz was totally into this!
 and here are Karma's and her beautiful charms!! Great photography as well K-liz!!

and that my friends and followers, pretty much sums up the art for this wonderful mermie weekend in August we had!
 I  can't tell you enough how wonderful it is to have met these gals online and to have the pleasure of their company for a long weekend of just having fun and being creative!!
Friends for life is what we are~
 I love you my art and soul sisters! xo

Thanks so much for your visit- hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did reminiscing while writing it for you! 
Jackie ")


Valerie-Jael said...

What a fun time you three gorgeous girls had in your arty barn, and your creations are all totally inspired....wish I could have joined you there, pity that our bus doesn't go so far!
You cn all be proud of your super artwork. Hugs, Valerie

Joi at RR said...

Ohhhh - how wonderful. So fun to see all your glorious pictures and especially the ones of each of you playing and being together. How WONDERFUL. Thanks bunches for sharing Jackie - made my day! Xj.

Artfully Musing said...

Beautiful work by all! Looks like there was much fun to be had!

Redanne said...

What a great post Jackie, you clearly all had an amazing time and you all created THE most wonderful projects too! Crafty friends really are the best! Hugs, Anne xx

Roz Willoughby said...

Wow...such wondrous pieces of art!!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Looks like a total blast! Awesome projects!!! Thank you so much for the shout outs!!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

What a terrific time it looks like you all had - and what wonderful pieces that were created - so much color and texture and movement and inspiration! Love them all.

Bev said...

Totally awesome thanks for sharing all the beautiful work you all did....

June Walker said...

What a great fun time! I love all the mermaids you all made. What a cool project. Inspiring too.

Janet Ghio said...

What fun you guys have! Lucky you to have such great arty friends!! All your mermaid creations are just wonderful especially yours--I love the shell behind her head and just everything about her!

Sanda Reynolds said...

Fantastic post Jackie and absolutely FABULOUS artwork my friend!!! I enjoyed so much reading and watching all the awesome photos! So inspiring... What a great time and how much fun you all had there! TFS! Big hugs, Sanda xoxo

denthe said...

omg Jackie, what a great way to spend your weekend! Your artbarn is just perfect for this, and I LOVE the gumball-machines :-) And all those wonderful and colourful things you all created, I can't even pick a favorite....

Angela Radford said...

Jealous me? well just a bit! You lucky things what a brilliant day and glorious projects too. Thanks for sharing all this with us. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

Win Dinn said...

Well, talk about a visually rich post - I am beyond jealous, you know! Your art weekends with art sisters are so dear to my heart that I almost feel I've been there to experience it all. LOVE the work, love the camaraderie, love the fun I see. xo

Gio said...

OhMY, you put me in such a wonderful mood with this post, Jackie! Full of friendship, art and colours, you couldn't ask for more. Really pity for the friends who invited that cannot come. I am so inspired, thank you! :-)
And the artworks really amazing, wow!

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a fun time the 3 of you had and what beautiful art you created!I am in awe of all that creativity in one place! I love how colourful and inventive it all is and those mermaid brushes - wow! Thank You so much for inspiring us and sharing with us! xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Wow, I don't know where to look! So many amazing 3D projects! Love those little huts. The sisterly love just radiates from these photos! What a lovely art gathering! Well done you three!

Dorthe said...

Oh Jackie, the 3 of you had a wonderful weekend, together. So much fun and so many amazing creations . The under water life is spectacular :-) at least when you all, uses your great imagination. Thank you for showing,. dear.
Dorthe, xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my godness - what a blast to see you three girls together - seems you had the most fun ever in the arty barn, and all those amazing creations - totally awesome!
An incredible post is that Jackie! Thanks so much for sharing!
Happy WEEKEND my friend!
I am thrilled about all the art and the love and friendship shown here!

~*~Patty S said...

WOWEE you've gone and done it again!!!
What amazing eye candy and creativity JEEPERS!
You are a doll to share some of the fun with us (thanks to Riley for snapping some pics too!)
I am a mermaid fancier so all of these creations struck a special cord with me.
Happy September Missy Mermaid
I have missed everyone being kind of unplugged trying to bring some order around here...It's a BIG job hah.

Sara Barker said...

Jackie, what a fun and inspiring post this was to read and oggle over this morning--my only bloggy visit for today! This was two cupper; as I poured over all the fun it was obvious you had over this weekend. I really do love to see you all having so much fun, and I'm so happy you share with us...even if I do turn a little green with envy looking at the venue. (Your work space is absolutely incredible and inspiring!) It's no wonder so many fabulous, sparkly pieces were created over this magical weekend! I bet all the others that were invited are sorry they had to miss it! Great time with friends--makes my day to see this! Hugs!

Electra said...

Glorious, glorious art, Jackie!

aimarii said...

Oh Jackie, Wish I could much better understand English! You have spent nice time together with doing art. I see happy smiles in the heat of enthusiasm, gorgeous art and a lot of stuff.

Claudia N. said...

Wow - looks like you all had loads of fun and a happy time together! So happy for you!

Claudia x