Thursday, July 14, 2016

home again, home again!!

So, if you have been wondering why I have been MIA from husband,our dog Chum and I took a US cross country trip.
 After our annual Memorial week of camping in May,we left the 1st of June for a month long road trip!
Starting here in New York and traveling across 9 states or more,we found is definitely not for the faint of heart. I mean, pleassssse! you are together 24-7!!heehee
For the next few posts, I won't bore you with Alllllll 1300+photos,LOL, but will share some highlights of our trip.

And before i even begin, thank you, thank you to all who stopped in even when I was away to leave your gracious comments on my scheduled posts- you are awesome!!I'm sending love&hugs your way!

Day 1 got us through New York and into Ohio safely. We stayed at the very nice
so clean and full of nature!heehee
Turkey Vultures taking in the sights

The next day-yikes!! Indiana was a breeze but we entered Illinois and ended up just before noon hour in Chicago-the next 4.5 hours we poked along or sat in traffic. Did I mention it was 86+ degrees?
 Only day 2 and we are wondering why we decided to drive! 
Finally making it of Illinois and decided to find camping in Wisconsin. 

On our way to the campgrounds we ran into a tremendous storm! 
I swear I thought the motorhome was going to take flight and land on a witch somewhere in Kansas!!!
luckily we didn't! lol
 the wind was so strong I was trying to snap photos and hang on for dear life!!
 but we did see light at the end of the tunnel ...
  By the next morn we were refreshed and ready to travel!
thank goodness for a good nights sleep!
The plan was to drive straight through and in retrospect that probably wasn't a great idea! 
Who knew?heehee
 While riding,I wasn't able to create much as I was reading maps and giving directions,getting drinks,planning meals,keeping up spirits,keeping Chum busy and well,everything but driving!!

This is the only art I worked on the whole way to Washington~5 days worth~
I'm thinking that my page grew from the road weariness

 On the road again...
wow!we sang that song so often! lol
 and if Chum asked once...he asked 1000 times, "are we there yet?"
 typical scenes crossing the vast expanse of open land- heeheee
 South Dakota really is a beautiful state
 Wall Drugs in South Dakota,yes,your typical tourist stop,but Riley had to see where all that
"Free Ice Water" was coming from

 oh!!! I leave him alone for one minute!!
And look where he ends up?!!! Rascal Riley!!

We decided to camp in Deadwood ,South Dakota , where the infamous Wild Bill Hickok was murdered!! 
And for you bikers, Deadwood is right outside of Sturgis,where the annual motorcycle rally is held each year-

  This is where we stayed- Fish N' Fry Campground
 It was a quaint little park where they had a pond stocked with Rainbow Trout,that,for a fee,you caught em,they cleaned and cooked up fresh for you!
 So Riley went fishing for dinner! heehee 
Rile said it was comical because the Trout literally jumped on your line!!
 In spite of the tiny bones in Trout,the freshness of the fish was yummy!!

 The park also had some great yard art
and more yard art that Chum wasn't so sure of!!
Scarredy Dog!!!

 That's it for today...more to share with you next time! 

Off to mow the lawn again and care for those neglected flowers of mine!
 Have a great Thursday  and thanks for stopping in!
Jackie ")


Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like you had a fun trick, with scary storm as added spice! Enjoy being home again, hugs, Valerie

Karenliz Henderson said...

Looks like a great adventure and fun. My daughter would love that alligator and your storm pics are fabulous!

~*~Patty S said...

Oh I do enjoy travel photos and you took some fab ones on the beginning of your adventure month!
24/7 I hear ya + traffic jams oh my!
Looking forward to more story telling and photos pretty please.
Nice that you're back.
It takes awhile to settle back in after being on the road for so long I'm sure.
Happy you are back Missy oxo

Sara Barker said...

Hey, sweet thing! I'm happy you made it home safe and sound! Are you still married??? Loved seeing all your shots and reading the narrative. I have been to a few of the places you Dad, bless his heart took us on a summerlong trip across the country in a pickup with a shell on the back (where I spent my time) and pull along pop up tent trailer. There were 3 of us girls and a boy cousin from Belgium. My oldest brother was off somewhere on one of his own adventures, and my middle brouther had to tend the farm. Little brother, well, he wasn't going anywhere! Looking back, it was fun, but I just don't know if that's the summer when Dad's Alzheimer's started to kick in. PS I got lost in Disney Land! Have I mentioned I don't like theme parks??? Loved the national parks and camping. Boy do I have stories to tell! I'm sure you do, too, and I can't wait to here them! (I guess this means you didn't plant a garden??)

Your artwork is fabulous, and I'm happy you got to do it and share with us! Big hugs!

Bev said...

Hehe what fun glad you are safely home looks like Chum loved it and Riley,s saucy new girlfriend looks interested lol

Felicia Aaron said...

Oh my gosh Jackie, you are in my element!!! You KNOW we are campers! The storm and that traffic would have been not so pleasant, but the rest looks like you guys were having fun and seeing some pretty cool sites!! Now, the 24/7 thing, the hubs and I would really have to work through, lolololol!! But you take it one mile, at a time! LOLOL The fishing ordeal looks like it would have been a gas and the eating soooooo yummy! So glad you, Riley and old Chum made it home safe and sound, but I look forward to seeing more pix of the trip!!!!!��

Vicky Christensen said...

Thanks for sharing photos of your trip. It looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, that was so awesome. Thank you for letting us peak at pt 1 of the journey journals!

Redanne said...

Wow Jackie, that was a great trip! I have travelled across Canada by road but never the US and would LOVE to do it. Your pictures are fantastic - those storm clouds looked amazing. Love your piece of art and those other great pieces of art too. Glad you had a good time and survived the 24/7 element - I guess the singing helped - lol?! Hugs, Anne xx

butterfly said...

Looks like such a great trip - such huge skies and incredible vistas as you drive, and those storm clouds are so dramatic. Love the yard art (as well as your own 5-day flowers too!), and seeing Chum trying to work out that creature made me laugh! Thanks for sharing your adventure... looking forward to more.
Alison x

Joi at RR said...

Hehehhe- what a wonderful post Jackie - loved reading every word. Dear me what an adventure you have had. Whew. Thankful you are home safe and sound. Loved your artwork - so bright and cheery in the midst of your stormy photos! WELCOME BACK!! Xj.

Win Dinn said...

Looks a fabulous trip, Jackie - so much to see and do, and SO much travelling. :D Glad yu enjoyed it so much!! xo

Dorthe said...

Hello Jackie, wow to be on the road for a whole month, waht an adventure ,it has been. So much to see, and experience.
Awful with the storm , and the much traffic, but it belongs to a vacation in the country ,and camping, I guess. Good you are well back home, and thank s for showing highlights from your travel.
Dorthe, xoxo

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie, I bet you had a brilliant time and covered a massive distance. It's difficult for us in the UK to imagine the size of the country. You asked what a Wellie is? It's a Wellington Boot which we wear in the rain and was named after The Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. This novel "Wellington" boot became popular for hunting and outdoor wear for the British aristocracy in the early 19th century but now just about everyone will have a pair.
Have a great weekend and happy crafty day, Angela x

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

A road trip! How exciting! The best thing is that you could take Chum with you! Love that last photo of him with the statue! Thanks for taking us along with you! xx

Nancy TeWinkel said...

I would have loved to meet you for breakfast! Next time you literally blow through Wisconsin, let me know. I live almost to Lake Superior. Glad you had a great trip. SD is so full of beauty and fun. We often talk of going back one day.

denthe said...

Oh, that last picture of Chum with the yard art is hilarious :-D It looks like it was quite an adventure, your road trip. Such beautiful places you drove through!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What an adventure Jackie - Good that you returned home safe . Love your wonderful artwork!
oxo Susi

Gio said...

Wow, the trip of my dream, in USA, one month! Please share more pictures,Jackie. And your page is fabulous and bright, despite the surroundings :-)

aimarii said...

I have read your this trip story of your many times by google translator or without. What can I say- so great a month long trip! A lot have you seen about your big country. Thanks for the showing all these nice pictures and writing about your travelling month.