Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Journey in June~Part 2

Before going into the second part of westward photo journey, I wanted to share the video I made yesterday of the glorious rainfall we finally had!
This is only the second time we have had rain at our home since May-it was very much a welcome sight!


In our case, driving straight across the country became long and monotonous,and mountainous as well. We did not stop to see sights till on the way home as we wanted to get to my son's in Washington.
I did manage to shoot some beautiful photos taken from our moving motorhome....
Our ride through Wyoming was brief but beautiful! 
 These are Pronghorn Antelope- they dot the landscape all across the mid and west states
 We saw many scenes like this,of horses along side of the road, with no farms or homesteads in site
  Chum could care less...he just "acted" totally exhausted")
 The landscape out here is covered with sage brush and is it ever ouchy!!
 I just thought this was the coolest picture!

 Into Montana Big Sky Country they call it....
 When you see the Yellowstone signs,they are deceiving as Yellowstone covers more than 3,468 miles
 Vintage steampunkery on the hillside
 These fabulous rock formations are all along the

  and did I mention that my husband doesn't like heights or mountains? heehee
Ask my Riley how he now feels about heights and mountains..
or maybe you shouldn't! LOL

More mountains,but Idaho is in sight!
 I absolutely fell in love with this landscape- is it not GORGEOUS!! I have no idea why the colors are  what they are, but it was truly stunning to see!
  At last...
 there is a sheer drop off cliff to my right...I'm not looking I'm not looking...

going through the Snoqualmie Pass
right into Washington- AMen!!!

   The Columbia River....
 Thank you Momma for opening the bed,I am just so exhausted from all of this riding!
 Please no more mountains!
Only another 4+ hours to go- argh!!
 You know with kids how when it gets quiet,you'd better check on them?
 I turned around to find Chum like this!!!!
 I don't know if the heights got to him or what!
Silly dog!!!
 just outside of Seattle- 
 Chum walking Daddy
Chum and Momma posing
 okay, more mountains, yes, but does anyone else see what I saw here in these photos???
Let me know in your comments what you see
  and for the next time...Len &Neda's and some sweet artwork!
Thanks so much for your indulgence today...next post of the trip will have no mountains,promise!but some totally cool art!!
Jackie ")

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How I spent my Sunday~Painting with DecoArt in the Art Barn

 Today's share is a project I recently finished for the Art Barn, using DecoArt Chalky Finish Paints.

This is a curb find shelf unit that needed a bit of dusting,some paint and a nice corner as well as special art pieces for the shelves.

My colors of choice are DecoArt Chalky Finish in order on the shelves:
 ~on the outside of the cabinet & finial on top

DecoArt Chalky Finish paints glide on so smooth and they have such a rich color,which I was not able to capture so well.
 Even though I am a glossy kind of gal,I do love the matte finish of these paints,they have a clean and modern look when dry.
The reason for my choosing this palette is because the colors are similar to the colors of my flea market paintings next to the shelf 

The artwork is by:
second shelf~Maggie Nemetz
bottom shelf~Maxfield Parrish
I decided that my wooden box could do with some updating in color,so this also sports DecoArt Chalky Finish in 
 & Yesteryear

 Thank you for visiting today!
 Have I inspired you to give new life to a garage sale or curb treasure?
I bet,DecoArt's Chalky Finishes might be just what you are looking for for that project!
Have a super creative day!
Jackie ")