Friday, June 17, 2016

June happenings and a garage sale find!!

Time for a little more "around here" catch up!

First up is a beautiful handmade card from my dear friend and art sister Sherie Weiser Eddy.
She sent a package after she was here to visit along with a few things

This gorgeous thank you card with Sherie's own artwork...
A re-purposed telephone book for holding atc's and artwork. Sherie thought I would like it as it is from NY!City that is!  I have done some artwork on the sides and it is drying in the art barn waiting for it's atc's-will show another post!
Sherie also sent along her travel tag and ask that I art it up for her~so I did!
Lots of yummy color that will absolutely stand out with her new luggage and "Fly" went rather well~ don't you think?
The past month,I spent a lot of time making new curtains for the motorhome. I say a lot of time because,I started out using re-purposed vintage curtains,the same material as we covered the couch with. (see below pic)
The originals were pleated and had the rubber sun-resistant backing.
 After ripping stitches sewing,rewashing,cutting hemming and remaking them,I finished two sets for the main room and went to hang them.
 Guess what??That rubber backing stuff doesn't slide!No matter how much of a rod pocket I had, would not slide! Argh!!!
On to set of vintage curtains number two!This material was not rubber backed,but somewhere in my haste of cutting and sewing,I lost quite a few inches,and this set-well,wayyyy to short! ARGGGH!! 
 Finally,I had a large piece of small print cotton that I had bought to use for a quilt back (I never finished)...
The couch was kinda tattered in back and needed to be recovered-
So the mid section done!  
Next,i had some bright yellow vintage material,for the bunk curtains,just not enough,so I added some of the cotton to it and whoa-la bunk curtains finished!
We took the bed out for now and added this board for traveling so we could utilize this space
For the bedroom, another set of repurposed curtains,taken apart and remade to fit our room! 
All in all even though I was really annoyed once or twice during this,I did not spend a cent on material or supplies!And the motorhome has lovely new curtains!!


Next up...
 Riley had to go out for some garden supplies,a few more plants,fertilizer,you know...
He comes back 40 min. later saying,get dressed,I bought you something and we need to go pick it up! 
I told you before,he loves a good sale as much as anyone!!

Puffer fish-circa-1960's- $2.00
✨✨So look what we had to pick up!!!✨✨
Not one, but two cabinets,with drawers full of nuts,screws,bolts,washers,bulbs,metal findings,drawer pulls,bits and bobs...the list goes on!
The cabinets measure 3ft wide  x  4 almost 5ft high!  Lots of cleanup and new paint on the cabinets and we are going to keep the drawers the original color-will share later this summer.
There are so many drawers,we decided we will each keep a cabinet.
And don't you just love the original mottled look on the drawers?!

And finally for sweet nephew Greg and his wife Katie,recently had their first child.
A son they name Owen.This is a gift I made for Owen's room.
Photos are not that great as it was very overcast when I took them-sorry you can't see the brightness of this cute banner!

Well, I guess that's enough for today! I do hope you had plenty of coffee or tea to get you through this post! 
And if you made it all the way to the end...THANK YOU!

If I haven't said so recently,I thank you so much for joining me and leaving your thoughtful blog love. This really makes my day!!
Jackie ")


Sara Barker said...

Jackie, I enjoyed reading through your post and seeing what you've been up to! Sewing...uggh! Good for you, though, making over those curtains without a single outlay of a dime! Love your frugality, girl. That's what makes us so creative, don't you think???

The artful travel tag is beautiful and a fabulous way to find the luggage. I must try this!

Owen is one lucky baby to have this banner flying in his room to welcome him. He will be spelling his name in no time! What a special gift from his auntie!

Riley spotted a great find and I'm galvanized green with envy! I'm afraid it wouldn't fit in the Closet, though, so I'll just admire from afar! Can't wait to see the updo!

Lucky you to get such great happy mail from a wonderful friend! Love the artwork on the card and the phone book, so cool!

Big hugs to you!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful artwork and needlework, the curtains you made are fantastic. But the star for me today are those cabinets - wow! What a find. Enjoy! Hugs, Valerie

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Wow, so much to look at Jackie! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your motorhome! You've given it a lovely spot of colour! Lucky you have somewhere to store all that treasure - I wouldn't stand a chance! Wonderful art received from Sherie and I can see how the telephone book might work for ATCs. Great idea - I might try it too as I was just looking for a storage solution!

Bev said...

What an exciting post could almost hear you telling us lol love everything and especially Riley's cupboards ,wow what a guy xxx

Shel C said...

Great post Jackie :) love to see what you are up to!

Win Dinn said...

I love how you have always so much going on in your life, Jackie - you're creating a masterpiece just by living! I'm excited to see what you'll do with that cabinet - you go, girl! :D xo

Becky Wentworth said...

Hey Ms. Jackie, you are a fountain of creativity! It almost makes me tired to see everything been up to :-). You and Riley always have rocked the garage sale finds, I can't wait to see the finished cabinets!!! Glad to see you're doing so well, have a great rest of the summer. XO Becky

Deb said...

Wow great curtains and love the wall piece of Owen, thats a great find those two cabinets. It would have been hard to pass them by.

~*~Patty S said...

Hello Hello You Busy Bee you...
I've missed ya ♥
Your patience and talents paid off for all of those great curtains you made Missy!
So much eye candy and friendship and fun when I come to visit.
Happy June and little Owen is lucky to have you for an auntie.
The banner is sweet.

Peg Robinson said...

Wow the motor home is so cute. I think you have a big job ahead with the cabinets. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Jackie, you've been so busy! My heart went out to you over the trials of the curtains - how frustrating; but it is great that after all that you managed to create really sweet curtains and save on expense too! Well done you! I love Owen's banner and what great finds from Riley! Have a great weekend, Jackie. xxx

ArtyDiva said...

My sweet art sister/sister! I love coming along with you on your creative and personal adventures via your blog! You are so creative, it's infinite as is my last be for you, Riley, and Chumski! I LOVEEEEEEE my luggage tag, and will be able to show it off soon, when I come see you!! Xoxoxo

ArtyDiva said...

****as is my Love for all of you*** hahhahahaha not as is my last be for you! Wth, Siri doesn't like me and sometimes her autocorrecting is annoying, but I always laugh at it! I recently texted s friend of mine via dictation to Siri (I was driving) I said; "I'm bringing the Guac" it "auto corrected" to; (Wait for it....) "I'm bringing the glock" hahahhaha hahhahahahahahahahhahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahah then I see my friends answer and she said; "glock ?????" "Your family must be a rough crowd" (I was on my way to my son's to celebrate Father's Day) hahahahahhahahahahahaaaaaa Jackie, please tell Riley, I know he will LOL!!!!

Karenliz Henderson said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAaaa I'm bringing the glock! Too funny!!! Jackie, all the work you've done on your new home away from home is gorgeous. I don't sew, I use hot glue!!! I give anyone credit for doing all that sewing. I can't wait and see it up close and personal!!!!