Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A visit from my art sister and dear friend

Last month,my dear friend Sherie,from the internet world of art came for a visit!!
We had soooo much fun!
 From the time we picked her up at the airport till the day we dropped her off,we talked and talked and giggled and laughed~sometimes so hard,well, we even leaked,from our eyes!heehee

Today I am sharing photos of the time spent together and some of the treasures we created.
 so,grab a cuppa- lots of photos ahead!

Not only did Sherie arrive with art journaling supplies,but with gifts galore!
Look at the stash of stamps she gave me!
 Sweet Sherie brought something for Rile and a special toy for Chum,aka Chumski as well.")
One of Sherie's requests was to see Lake Ontario.
 We took a ride to Chimney Bluffs and strolled the lake shore for treasures

After the lake,
 we stopped at the Pie Boy stand for some 
Heluva Good Cheese and an apple pie.
The pie lady who was not impressed with our antics...
sharp,extra xxx sharp,no curds,let me try the curds,no I think I want the xxx,better give me back the curds as well....
too many flavors to choose from!

Here,we took Sherie to an auction-OMGosh she was like a kid in a candy store!!!
 This was too much fun!
Riley checking out the heavy equipment ")
Sherie"guarding"her lot that she was to bid on!
After a few auction etiquette lessons,Sherie was like a pro!(except for saying out loud how awesome something was,then everyone running over to check it out and i lost the bid!heehee
Not like I needed that bin of old rusty tools anyway!
After all the lots outside were done, we moved under the tent for some fun

check out Some of the auction views....teeheehee

At the end of the auction,Sherie had won most of her bids and we were so proud of her sticking to her guns with what she would spend on each one!
When we got home it was time to sort through the treasures...there is actually a bit of a tune we sang before each piece was pulled from the box...
dun dun dunnnn lol
This is what I came home with.I scored!
 Don't know why I had to have it,just did! Probably will list it for sale-just thought it was cool!
Even though we created in the barn in the daytime,we set up shop in the livingroom by the fire place and created there in the evening.
We both did some  journaling...actually Sherie is fab at this and rocked out some cool pages!


 I also managed to journal a few pages...

next are the altered pieces we worked on...


 only sneak peeks from me as mine is not finished. Geesh I spent almost 2 days just on building texture!!

However,Sherie's piece is fabulous and done.
here is her altered cigar box!

don't you love these wooden dolls!!
Gorgeous is what I have to say!!


Something I asked of Sherie,was to create some of her artwork on the wall in the art barn.
and my friend was happy to do this for me
here she is in her zone with her muse

I am so grateful for the artwork Sherie created and grateful for the friendship we have created!
Thank you my dear friend,for everything! xxoo

This was a fabulous visit and I look forward to the next! 
So happy to share this with you and hope you enjoyed it as well!
Peace to you ")


Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like you two gals had a fabulous time and really went to town with art-play, fun and auctions. Lovely to get visitors, wish it wasn't so far from here! Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

Purnima Agarwal said...

Wonderful, I always love to see your pictures. The lovely natural beauty of the land where you stay. we seldom get such huge open spaces in India , as it is so populated.and ofcourse, liked all of your creative dolls.
Wish both of you all the best.

Jessica Sporn said...

Looks like such a wonderful time! Beautiful pictures of friendship and art.

Karenliz Henderson said...

WOW you two sure had a ton of fun. I love the journal pages. I need a lesson on how to do pages like that. Sherie's wall art is gorgeous and the cigar box, just WOW amazing. Can't wait for August!!!

Kay Wallace said...

Truly a gift!

Kay Wallace said...

Truly a gift!

Joi at RR said...

This was just a WONDERFUL TREAT seeing you two gals having such fun together - playing in more ways than one!!! Thanks bunches for the great narrative of your journeys Jackie - loved it all. The auction was neat and so loved seeing the scenery. Laughed at your pie antics too!!! And both of you created FUN art together too. Your dress form was a great winning bid! And the texture on your altered art is YUMMY - it looks like it will be a FAB creation! XXj.

~*~Patty S said...

Oh what a wonderful time you all had.
Beautiful Lake at the auction and lots of time to play and create!
So much eye candy...thank you for sharing.
Sherie's artwork on your studio wall is WOWEE fabulous too!
Happy May Days dear Jackie oxo

Dorthe said...

Such fantastic fun and great time you had together, dear Jackie.
And time to both enjoy the wonderful nature, bid on "must haves" in auction, and play at home,. You both created wonderful journal pages and yes the dolls are gorgeous.
Happy for you, you had a lovely time with Sherie.

Roz Willoughby said...

very enjoyable to see what you two have done~~

Jeanne Draachreider said...

Amazing! But you couldn't have done all that in the time you had...could you? Everything looks like so much fun. Sheri's wall art is a treasure, and I love her cigar box make over too. So much fon you two had. :)

Sara Barker said...

Jackie, I had fun visiting you today, if only for a few minutes! It's been too long since I've ventured to your blog, or into blogland, period. But what a great place to start, and this is such a heartfelt post of your PRECIOUS time spent with an art sister. Good for her for packing up and heading your way for what appears to be a FABULOUS visit with you, Riley and Chum. I am particularly curious about the auction (tee hee!), being a fan of all that stuff! Great find, by the way!

Loved seeing yours and Sherri's artwork here; lots of good times spent in paints and stamps and such! She's a treasure; hold her close! Hugs!

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a great time you had with Sherie! I love her journal pages and altered cigar box and the fabulous art she created on the wall - amazing! I am eager to see your finished pages too. It is so wonderful to share art and fun times with friends. Thank You so much for sharing the good times with us too xx

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

What fun! love that altered cigar know me, I love the dollish stuff :-)
great time and great art, thanks for sharing in your post.

Renee said...

Wow! What a fun time!! Love the wooden dolls and the wall art

Bev said...

Hostess with the mostess that's you indeed ,love everything you both created and your antics and kudos to Riley he's one brave man ,does he have a brother lol

June Walker said...

Lovely visit and beautiful art!! A fun time!! Love those assemblages.

Gaby Bee said...

What a fun. It looks like you both had a great time. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos with us.

ArtyDiva said...

Thanks to all of you sweet girlies for the heart-felt comments.

I can't begin to tell you what spending time with my art-sister; "Jackie dahling", Riley and Chumski mean to me. Their home & loving environment, love, encouragement, giving natures, and open hearts bring me such beautiful things....A truly Zen experience in all sense of the word. I sleep through the night, I'm relaxed, loved, and completely myself. What better things to have surrounding you? What inspirations to help me be so creatively free to, well, create!

Jackie's "treasures" are an artist's wonderland to look through - what an amazing choice of treasures to choose from!

Riley is always in the background ready to help us goofy girls. I even got him to say a couple bad words. hahahaha! I am one of his "sister" wives. LOL He calls me "sunshine" (tears now) and Chumski was always there making sure my feet were warmed. I went into the house to get something, and Chumski was waiting outside the door. Ready for this one? He led me to the "red swing" outside, pawed at it, as if to say "sit with me for a while". I sat down, he jumped up and put his head on my lap. I went into such a Zen place!! When we were done with our visit, I was so relaxed I could barely walk to the art barn. It was like he knew I really needed that, and I did. I had tears running down my face....

We had many bouts of laughter; Jackie said she had "tears leaking from her eyes", where I had tears running down my leg. HAHAHAH (hence the perfect image I found for the back of the my cigar box assemblage) I always find the perfect stuff there, that just "fits" everything I create. Just like Jackie, Riley, Chumski and I just "fit"....(maybe, someday, I will meet someone on "" that will join us!) Jackie, tell them your idea!

P.S. I will be finishing up that wall art, and my journal pages when I go again in August - and, of course, wearing those same droopy drawers! LOL


Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I can tell you had a wonderful time together, Jackie! Thanks for sharing it with us! I almost feel like I was there too! Amazing pieces of art created - you both have recognizable styles! Love, love, love what Sherie put on your wall! I would have been completely paralysed by such request to be honest! You lucky gal with all those lovely gifts as well!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh wow.. you had an amazing time together ! Fantastic journal pages and the altered art is just GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for sharing Jackie!
oxo Susi

denthe said...

There's nothing better than creating art together with like-minded souls, and it's visible in the pictures. You created great things together, and I love the idea of letting her put some of her artwork on your wall. It'll forever be a reminder of your wonderful time together :-)

Angela Radford said...

That looks like you all had a brilliant time together. Thanks for sharing it all with us. Angela xXx

Sandra Cox said...

What fun! And the pieces are amazing. Isn't it great when an online acquaintance becomes a wonderful friend?

Candy C said... jaw kept hitting the floor, everytime I would scroll further down on your post! Now my jaw is sore...thanks! :) Seriously...what a fabulous post and a super fun time you must have had! Sherie's art work on your wall is totally AH-Mazing! The auction looked like so much fun! It's always fun to troll for treasures! The art you guys created was super beautiful! Loved all of it! Thanks for sharing your really fun adventures! The photos of everything, including the gorgeous scenery were to fun to see!

Gio said...

Ohmy , such a great time you had together, and such fab art! May I say, I so so envy you, because I don't have any craft friend near to me , ah ! Thanks for sharing this littl ebit of your life with us :-)

aimarii said...

Yes! You have had with your fried so great time. Indeed you been little fooling. I like like that. I had the friend for a visit too here. We fished together. It was to her the very first time.
Okay. You created too some art too. My friend, thanks for all of this.

Win Dinn said...

What a fabulous time you two had; envy abounds! I can hardly imagine the amount of laughter, arting and visiting that went on. You two are THE pair!

butterfly said...

It looks like you had an amazing time... the creativity is fabulous, of course, especially when shared with so much laughter and conversation. I'm definitely envious of that trip to the shores of Lake Ontario (and all that sunshine), and the auction looks like a really fun thing to do. What a wonderful post full of smiles.
Alison x