Sunday, May 29, 2016

DecoArt bringing Poppies to you in living color!

Hey everyone hope you all have had a beautiful May!! 
We've had lots of sunshine and flowers popping out,birds returning,grass growing like crazy! Ahhh! Welcome back Spring!!

Today I want to share a piece I made,inspired by all the above,using my DecoArt products and Gecko Galz digital stamp

 No step out photos,but here is the run down of what I did...

1.Using recycled packaging cardboard,cover completely with Gesso
2.Paint layer of Pyrrole Red
3.While still damp add drops of Primary Yellow spread out over Pyrrole Red
4.After thoroughly dry,coat with generous layer of Weathered Wood
5.While sticky to the touch,paint layer of Yellow Oxide

6.Add small amount of Glazing to Cobalt Turquoise Hue and a few drops of water,brush this over previous layer of Yellow Oxide
7.With babywipe,wipe back some of Cobalt Turquoise Hue-till desired look is achieved.
8.Let dry slightly,then add another generous layer of Weathered Wood
9.When thoroughly dry,add 2 heavy coats of Triple Thick Gloss

 Second part:
1. Print out Gecko Galz background stamp
2.Fussy cut around left side of stamp
3.Crumple up paper and ink high spots with a dark brown color
3a.Smooth back out (I ironed mine)

Next I used my DecoArt acrylics as watercolors by adding various amounts water to each color 

4.Paint in poppy with Pyrrole Red
5.Paint poppy center with Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide
6.Paint leaves and stems with Green Gold and light details of Viridian Green Hue
7.Make a wash with Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide and water and cover background of stamp
8.Adhere painted piece to background substrate
9.Cover with recycle clear plastic from recycled packaging
10.Use matching tape folded around edges to secure
I hope I have inspired you to create something beautiful today!

DecoArt Products used:
Media Fluid Acrylics in
Pyrrole Red,Primary Yellow,Yellow Oxide,Cobalt Turquoise Hue,Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide,Green Gold,Viridian Green Hue

 Media Gesso White
Americana Glazing Medium
 Americana Weathered Wood
Triple Thick Gloss Glaze

Gecko Galz Digital Stamp-
BG27 From the Beautiful Backgrounds Collection

Inspiration for my piece...

 And don't forget to pick up your free Digi Stamp from Gecko Galz today!!
Let me know or share with me if you have used any of the freebies- I'd like to see what you've created!

Thanks so much for your visit-it always makes my heart smile! 
Jackie ")

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A visit from my art sister and dear friend

Last month,my dear friend Sherie,from the internet world of art came for a visit!!
We had soooo much fun!
 From the time we picked her up at the airport till the day we dropped her off,we talked and talked and giggled and laughed~sometimes so hard,well, we even leaked,from our eyes!heehee

Today I am sharing photos of the time spent together and some of the treasures we created.
 so,grab a cuppa- lots of photos ahead!

Not only did Sherie arrive with art journaling supplies,but with gifts galore!
Look at the stash of stamps she gave me!
 Sweet Sherie brought something for Rile and a special toy for Chum,aka Chumski as well.")
One of Sherie's requests was to see Lake Ontario.
 We took a ride to Chimney Bluffs and strolled the lake shore for treasures

After the lake,
 we stopped at the Pie Boy stand for some 
Heluva Good Cheese and an apple pie.
The pie lady who was not impressed with our antics...
sharp,extra xxx sharp,no curds,let me try the curds,no I think I want the xxx,better give me back the curds as well....
too many flavors to choose from!

Here,we took Sherie to an auction-OMGosh she was like a kid in a candy store!!!
 This was too much fun!
Riley checking out the heavy equipment ")
Sherie"guarding"her lot that she was to bid on!
After a few auction etiquette lessons,Sherie was like a pro!(except for saying out loud how awesome something was,then everyone running over to check it out and i lost the bid!heehee
Not like I needed that bin of old rusty tools anyway!
After all the lots outside were done, we moved under the tent for some fun

check out Some of the auction views....teeheehee

At the end of the auction,Sherie had won most of her bids and we were so proud of her sticking to her guns with what she would spend on each one!
When we got home it was time to sort through the treasures...there is actually a bit of a tune we sang before each piece was pulled from the box...
dun dun dunnnn lol
This is what I came home with.I scored!
 Don't know why I had to have it,just did! Probably will list it for sale-just thought it was cool!
Even though we created in the barn in the daytime,we set up shop in the livingroom by the fire place and created there in the evening.
We both did some  journaling...actually Sherie is fab at this and rocked out some cool pages!


 I also managed to journal a few pages...

next are the altered pieces we worked on...


 only sneak peeks from me as mine is not finished. Geesh I spent almost 2 days just on building texture!!

However,Sherie's piece is fabulous and done.
here is her altered cigar box!

don't you love these wooden dolls!!
Gorgeous is what I have to say!!


Something I asked of Sherie,was to create some of her artwork on the wall in the art barn.
and my friend was happy to do this for me
here she is in her zone with her muse

I am so grateful for the artwork Sherie created and grateful for the friendship we have created!
Thank you my dear friend,for everything! xxoo

This was a fabulous visit and I look forward to the next! 
So happy to share this with you and hope you enjoyed it as well!
Peace to you ")