Friday, April 29, 2016

Sharing some Gecko Galz love!

Good Friday morning!!
 Hope it is warm and sunny where you are! 
Here, Mother Nature threw us a curve and gave us not two..but three more mornings of hard frost! Yikes! Hoping she is done now~thank you very much MN!

On to my post,today I am sharing a few pieces I have put together using my Gecko Galz collages...
sit back and enjoy the views!
and ps...don't forget to pick up your free digital stamp and the end of the post!

This is an accordion book I have laid the background coloring for years ago.
 Recently found in my hoard,it was time to begin again!

 Seems lately I have been finishing up previously started projects-Go Muse!!

 Please Feel free to right click and save to your computer your FREE digital stamp here from Gecko Galz Blog!
Gecko Galz Collage sheets used:
Butterflies Fly Free
Little Asian Girl 1
Steam Powered
Butterfly Kisses

and here is a sneak peek of my upcoming project!
  See you again soon!
Jackie ")


Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely work! Don't understand why you were having problems leaving comments on my blog, sorry!

Bev said...

Boy you sure are having fun such colours and I love the last one best I think....

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

You've used some very striking images in this, Jackie! Love the overall visual impact and well done for finishing some of our UFO's! We've had some frosty mornings too and some parts of the UK has even seen snow, even though it's almost May! Enjoy your weekend!

Electra said...

Yeah! GO MUSE! Your muse is amazing, Jackie! Love your use of colour. And thanks for the stamp!

Sara Barker said...

I'd say MUSE has been working overtime! Love the colors and individual page compositions in your accordion book (2 great minds...I just thought I ought to get one of those accordion books going). I particularly have my eye on that one with the sun and little interesting birdie in the corner. Oh, and the purple/blue! Yum! Stay warm; hopefully MN will curve the other way for you on a consistent basis. We are having cool and cloudy today, but I like it! Perfect yard sale weather! Oh, and what a haul of crafting goodies I got today! Big hugs!

Julie Ann Lee said...

Such beautiful colours and imagery, Jackie. I love your accordion book. Let's hope warmer, more springtime weather comes for us all soon. These lovely warm colours in your art should help Mother Nature along a little! xx

butterfly said...

Wow - "go, Muse" indeed. You have been so productive, finishing up pages and creating such joyous works of art. Such an uplifting post as you scroll from one to the next. And I grew up on the Cicely M Barker Flower Fairies, so the free stamp makes me very happy, thank you!
Alison x

Darlene Campbell said...

Whoo Hoo for the accordian book that spreads into a visual treat. I could see this published in a magazine. The colors and collage elements are so unique.