Monday, March 14, 2016

ART BARN POST!! Upcycling with DecoArt!

So,do you know all of those really cool barn doors you see on tv remodeling shows and on Pinterest? You know the vintage looking barn doors that are on sliders or rails that people are putting up in their homes?
(the ones that cost over $200.00 just for the hardware?)
Well,hubby and I put our creative minds together and made our own for the Art Barn!
Riley says,you know what would be cool? How about a sliding barn door hanging off the loft?
 I was-yup,yup-I'm all for it!
To be honest,we did go to Lowe's and and a few rehab stores to look first,and well,sticker shock sent us flying back home to check our stash!
Last fall on my way home from the hairdresser,I spied a beautiful 10 foot 6 panel solid wood vintage door on the curb,sadly destined for trash pickup.I made time getting home,grabbed Riley and the truck and said let's go!
 Good thing too,because that became the base of our Art Barn sliding door!
(btw,the trash haulers were just down the street when we got there-in the nic of time!)
Warning:Totally photo heavy post! so make sure your cup is full!
 The first thing we did was to measure and cut out the space for the window we were to use.
The original color was a pale yellow on one side and even paler on the other.
piece cut out for window
 Once the center was cut out and window nailed into place, my creative and resourceful husband cut strips from the removed piece to use as trim around the window.

  I had four of these windows I had bought well over 8 years ago from Craig's list
(before used materials became over-priced expensive)We used another of the windows on our porch renovation  and sold the 2 broken windows at a yard sale.
Next,a bit of caulking and little more scraping,leaving some of the found original Olive Green paint showing as well.

Ahhh, my favorite part....
Brushed on a liberal layer of Weathered Wood Crackle Medium and let dry over night.
In the morning using Americana Snow White acrylic,I thinned it down with a bit of water and brushed it over the door,some places heavier than others.
if you look closely you can see the Weathered Wood already started to do it's business.

Let the crackling begin!

Once the crackling had dried,I used DecoArt Chalky Finish totally thinned down with water and brushed over the door wiping back areas as I are the yummy results
(shows much darker in the close ups,but the actual seen in full length door photos)


 Is that crackle gorgeous or what?? 
Looks pretty well worn to me!
All that was left to do now was add the hardware.
The hardware,we have no idea what they are; found them at a barn sale and had to have them! 
If you have a clue, please share!
The rollers came off our the doors that were originally on our barn when we bought the place

sorry for the blurr

 For the doorplate I used a piece of Spellbinders Media Mixage and ran it through my embosser using an Em-bossing plate. 
Next I gently brushed on and wiped off DecoArt Blackboard Paint
 added a piece of porcelian I found dump digging when I was a kid
 a new old stock doorknob and plate,a rusty slider, a bit of brass decor and a marble in the middle!

So there you have it...
 We now have a $300-400(at least) "new old" barn door!
Our cost-all supplies on hand already.
Thanks so much for your visit and I hope I have inspired you today! Go Green! 

Products used:
DecoArt WeatheredWood Crackle Medium
DecoArt Americana~Snow(Titanium)White Acrylic
DecoArt Chalkboard Paint
DecoArt Chalky Finish~Rustic 

Paintable Acrylic caulk
Spellbinders~EmBossing Plate~Persian Splendor
Spellbinders Media Mixage Foil~Copper color
embossing machine
brad nails
found vintage items 

Thank you for your visit!
Jackie ")


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

This looks terrific - it's not my style - not a weatherbeaten type guy (except for my face :P ) But, you did one heckuva job - it looks like it's been painted and repainted and weathered for years. And I love the hardware you created and/or found. Good on you!

Joi at RR said...

BEYOND AMAZING Jackie - Wow wow wow. That Weathered Wood looks FABULOUS but of course, it wouldn't have anything to do with the ARTIST that used it - would it???? Aaaaaaa YEAH!!!! YOU DID A FABULOUS JOB dear girl. And seriously so much better than if you had just gone out and bought it because it's UNIQUE, ORIGINAL, and ALL YOURS!! Just INCREDIBLE.... you and hubby are a GREAT team in all that you do - that's for sure! XXj.

Karenliz Henderson said...

OMG it's amazing. I can't wait to see it in person!!! You two did an amazing job! I love it.

Corrine at said...

Just absolutely fantastic. Time for a new HGTV show with you two as the stars!!!!! xox

Darlene Campbell said...

HA, you would love my old historical house as I have natural "crackling" "worn" look everywhere. You two amaze me how you have an idea then make it happen. Cool how you both have specific talents to contribute to the project. I love the glass in this door. You are fabulous. Cheers-Darlene

Nancy TeWinkel said...

Fabulous job! Do a video of it in action! I just love it!!! Well done.

Jeannette said...

omg,this its amazing,the door looks so fabolous,i love the old touch and shabby look.
sweetie you are so talendet.

please, look of you toube,i have a song creadet,you must go of jenny singt no good,than you can see my homevideo,iam so happy when you give me a feedback,thank you dear so much,its my first video,hehe :-)

big thumbs up jenny

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wow... I am thrilled about your wonderful and unique door... incredible ! You both did a fantastic job!!! Just GREAT!
Thank you so much for sharing with us Jackie!
big hug

Bibi, Rubber Dance Stamps said...

Fantastic!! Your door turned out FAB! I love old doors and I think you did a great job on this one, making it come to life again. If doors could speak, this one would say "Thank You!" ♥

Shel C said...

Very cool Jackie :) I love the look of that crackle!

Valerie-Jael said...

Oh my, what a wonderful treasure you found and love the transformation. Hugs, Valerie

Elly said...

Brilliant....what's next? I guess ...a layout like *we are team* :)) The door is just incredible and i loooove this sliding Barn Door Design. Very fashion....Great done!! Hat off ♥xoxo

Pamellia Johnson said...

Wow, I can't believe you DecoArt-ed a whole door!! Gorgeous effect, and I really love the Spellbinders embossing plate you added. What an amazing transformation!! I have no idea what those metal things are, but I am sure am curious! hugs :)

Astrid Maclean said...

Wowzers, that sure is one amazing alteration, wonderful make over. Hubby and you together make one awesome team! Did you manage to do the whole door with just one bottle of Weathered Wood?? Anyway, the effect is amazing!

Bev said...

Great project it's beautiful you make a great team xxx

denthe said...

I am all for recycling, and I think you did a terrific job here! That window is so gorgeous, and I love how you gave the door its weathered look. It's a beautiful door, so good it didn't go to waste! Well done, both of you!!

Chana Harris said...

WoW! This is a beautiful recovery project! I love that this project uses several recycled/upcycled elements. Love it!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

You and hubby did a marvellous job with this Jackie! Loving those weathered, distressed textures! One man's garbage is another man's (and woman's!) treasure! Super cool!

~*~Patty S said...

What a thing of beauty and for so many reasons!
You and Riley definitely rock = two creative geniuses for sure.
Every detail is amazing.

Annette said...

You had fun we can tell and a wonderful job. Makes your heart feel good when you come up with something this awesome. way to go xoox

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow, Jackie! What an amazing undertaking! This door is terrific! Will you be taking commissions? I can see you and Riley going into business providing these highly original home decor pieces! What a sense of achievement this must have given you to have created such a beautiful piece of your very own - you can be sure no one will have anything the remotest bit like this, even if they did pay a small fortune for it! xx

Jeanne Draachreider said...

Your door is worth more than you think. I've looked into getting the sliders for hanging doors and if I recall correctly it was more like $700...that must have been with the door, I can't remember, but it was too expensive to purchase when I know it could be done for less. Just need to have the right hardware, which you were lucky enough to have on hand! We have a door store here that is great for picking up old doors. Remodeled a house using them once and they were gorgeous.
Well done you. :)

Angela Radford said...

So much work Jackie but definitely worth it, GORGEOUS indeed!!!! Happy crafting, Angela xXx

Wen Sylvestre said...

I love how it came out, Jackie, a beautiful door! And a whole lot of work indeed, wow...

Gio said...

Wow, totally in awe. Amazing revamping, really! And I am pretty sure you had some serious fun during the process :-). Gorgeus details as well, great great piece!

Dorthe said...

What a most wonderful job you did on that door, it is looking amazing now, and such beautiful old windows it has.
Things are the same here Jackie, SOOO expensive if you can find beautiful old doors or windows, not to speak of furniture .....
You was so lucky, and this door ,also with your old treasure, from childhood, is a keepsake for ever!!
Dorthe, xxxxxxxxx

Dana Tatar said...

Wow! Amazing find and remodel! Thanks for sharing!

Dee Adams said...

Wow Jackie love the effects absolutely amazing. Dee x

butterfly said...

A makeover worthy of your wonderful art barn - what a stunning door!
Alison x

Seth said...

Oh that is just amazing. Loving the close-up shots of the surface texture. Yes!

Win Dinn said...

What an outstanding job, Jackie - you've got my mouth watering with your repurposing project! Love it...

Electra said...

Amazing!! How I wish I could could come and visit your Art Barn!