Thursday, February 11, 2016

A bit of tag art to share

Good morning everyone!
I have been off the blog grid again.Still working on the art barn as well as a few other exciting things,more on that later...

To be honest,my muse had been a bit too idle lately with creating art.Happy to report,she is now working with me again.")
Here to share are a few tags that I recently made and swapped out. 

Up first is my tag I made titled
        If you are on Google+,we have a community there called 
Creating and Sharing Mixed Media Art
Go have a look,you might like to join us.
We have a tag swap and our January theme was
Words for 2016.

For my tag partner in Washington,I also sent a little bit of Valentine tag love,using a sweet graphic from Gecko Galz Holiday Icon Set
I hope she likes them!

I received from my tag partner,these goodies!
A few vintage papers,mini Sue art,and tag.
 These fab pieces came from Sue Marrazzo. 
 Sue is a talented collage and fine artist as well as an art instructor,from Pennsylvania,and her work is currently on exhibition at The Whitaker Center, Harrisburg, PA



I just love the monochromatic scheme of Sue's tag
Artwork by Sue Marrazzo
Thank you Sue,I love my treasures!!

Next up is a tag I created for my artist friend Denthe.
Denise was very curious about our Indian Corn we grew this past summer,so along with some of the kernels,I sent her this tag. 
 I am sure many of you are familiar with Denise's art,if not,be sure to follow the link and have a look.


 Finally,in regards to the other things we have been busy with...
 We picked this up on Monday this week! 
Yes, that is Riley checking things out and Chum watching on in excitement!! and yes, it looked like Spring!
We are planning a road trip cross-country to see my sons!! Yay!!!
 I am so excited I feel like running around the yard with Chum!
I'll share more photos another time,as I think it's probably time for another cuppa-so I'll leave you here!

 Thank you so much for all of your visits and wonderful comments! Seriously, you make my heart swell with gladness and gratitude!

Jackie  ")


Karenliz Henderson said...

Oh Jackie! I love your tags. I'm so excited you going to go see your sons! That will be such a fantastic trip!!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wow, lovely art made, sent and received, you have been busy. Love the look of that camper, that is promising to be a BIG fun trip! Enjoy, hugs, Valerie

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Terrific tags - love all the color and texture you've achieved. I have to admit I have a favorite (but that's okay, I'm not their mother) - I love the Indian chieftain-ess!

Astrid Maclean said...

Fabulous collection of tags Jackie both the ones you made and received, and so glad your muse is with you again! Now as to the other exciting happenings, wow, that does look like one exciting camper, - I bet you are going to love every minute both of the trip and the visit! When will you be off???

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Super that your muse is with you again - wonderful art and tags - sent and received!
And that camper looks amazing! WOW.... will be a wonderful trip!

Joi at RR said...

This post is truly full of YUMMINESS Jackie.... wow. Let see - where to begin... I think CONGRATS are in order for your new "home away from home" and seeing your sons - YEAH!!!! Awesome!! Just be back in time for us to see the veggie harvesting!

Now onto the tag - yes - love the monochrome one too - your tag partner did an incredibly wonderful creation there - very interesting just to keep looking at all the different in and outs of it. So intricate and meticulously done.

BUT.. I have to say that your tags are just a SUPER. The directions one is really intriguing - I love the colors and the rich depth of it. It like looking at a big pile of jewel tone stones - donno if that makes sense but it's really LUSCIOUS artwork (to me)!

And dear me - the Valentine Love tag for your partner takes me back to childhood. It reminds me of some of my Grammie's Valentines! It is WONDERFUL - just WONDERFUL. So bright and happy and fun. It is every bit as good as what she sent you (in a different way, of course) and she will LOVE it. My fav part is the XOXO at the bottom - it just seems to be perfectly placed... and I love the fluffy "bow" you added too.

And finally - the tag for Denise is OVER THE MOON MARVELOUSLY STUNNING.... seriously it is. This tag needs to be in a museum somewhere.... it is so representative historically. It definitely needs to be published in a magazine. I hope you will submit it to one - PLEASE DO. Needless to say... I just love it. It is perfection - everything placed so well and the colors so intense and harmonious.

Oh well... I will stop rambling but... I guess you figured out that I really meant it when I said that I loved this blog post. And you will never convince me that your muse has been idle... you have enough creativity in your little finger to make art girl! But glad you are working on your art barn - that's exciting too!! Hugs. j.

Stampendous said...

Wait! Art Barn??? We must hear more about this project!! Love your tags, thanks so much for sharing with us!

Win Dinn said...

What a wonderful collection of tags all around, Jackie - the ones you created and the ones you received. Looking forward to hearing all your news when you're ready to share. Happy Valentine's Day! xo

Sara Barker said...

Oh, shoot! Now I can't see all your lovely post and I'll have to write from memory--BAAADDD move!

First off, your new ride looks like fun waiting to happen! That trip sounds like a blast. I believe if you drive due south and a little east you will reach your ultimate destination much faster, and you'll get to see MOI! But I guess a visit with your sons will just have to do!

Secondly, I think your Muse is present and accounted for by the looks of these tags! Your work is so insightful, but I have to say the Valentine is my favorite. So fresh and full of delightful color!

You are blessed with many generous and talented friends, and all your gifts are wonderful to see--thank you for sharing!

Enjoy your spring like weather--we are having winter temps, but clear days. 2 or 3 days of rain and spring like temps expected here and there next week. We have four seasons here...usually in 24 hours! So good to see you posting, but I've enjoyed your comments--they really make my day! Hugs!

Julie Ann Lee said...

We walked over to see my mum this afternoon and guess what - it really felt like spring! The birds were singing; the daffodils and crocuses were showing their faces and it was wonderful! I love all the tags you've shared, Jackie from the abstract to the more figurative ones: they all look marvellous! How exciting about the upcoming road trip to see your sons! I can totally understand you dancing around with joy! Have a lovely week, my dear friend. xx

UUna said...

Now I understand why it is in Your painting colors from spring :-)
Great car! I am sure You'll be very wonderful time.

I am not any more in google+. It was too busy to me, because I have so many other places to do and paint. I keep a blog and my www.-site this time.

Have a nice and warm Valenti's Day and waiting for spring, too.
Greetings and hugs my friend :-)

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Really cool tags, Jackie! Awesome textures in the first one and I really like the one you made for Denthe too. That is some kind of a vehicle, wow! You can only see these in America! A road trip sounds fantastic! Don't forget to take your art supplies with you and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Incredible collection of tag art!
Jackie, how amazing, a road trip. Can we all come along and join you LOL.

Bev said...

Wow it's all happening love your tags and the new trailer looks fabulous you will be traveling in style woo hoo...

denthe said...

Lovely tags, but of course my most favorite one is the one you have given me so generously and is waiting to be hung on a wall in our new house (soon, hopefully ....):-) Wow, that is quite a camper, no wonder you are excited about going on a road trip! And seeing your sons will make it even better! When will you be going?

~*~Patty S said...

VERY excited for you and all the adventures that are sure to come with your house on wheels Whoppee!!!
Your tags are all lovely and such a varied style = Beautiful!
Mr M's birthday is 19 Feb ♥
Thank you for your visit and precious comments.
I appreciate you and them so very much dear Jackie!

Sanda Reynolds said...

These tags are totally FABULOUS Jackie as is all your ART. I love them all, but the "Direction" one it really speaks to my heart! :) I can feel your excitement about the trip, so happy for you! Big hugs, Sanda xoxo

June Walker said...

Beautiful tags Jackie! I love the little vintage girl. I haven't made tags for ages! Yours make me feel like trying again! My muse is slow this year too!! Have a great weekend!

Dorthe said...

Hello Jackie ,
Such wonderful tags, -so many styles, I admire them, as I`m feeling it difficult sometimes, to create in different styles ! The one you recieved back in the swap, is great, too.
Here it is still cold, and only a few tiny spring flowers have shown their heads.
Congratulations on your new "house " it will be so fun, and lovely hours, traveling with your own home, and on top of that, visiting your boys !!
Dorthe, xoxo

butterfly said...

Wonderful tag art and great swapping all round. The tag you created for Denise is amazing in particular.

And wow, that RV looks a monster... but what an exciting trip in store!
Alison xx

Kelly Deal said...

Hi Jackie! Beautiful art made and received! Congratulations regarding your RV! How fun! The plan for the hubby and I when we retire is to travel all over the place in a RV.

Anita Houston said...

Love the rig...lucky you! These are all great tags! LOVE them all!

Pamellia Johnson said...

Great post Jackie. Looks like your swap was a success, I love your directions tag!! Have to say I'm a bit jealous of your motorhome! Something my husband and I have always dreamed of, touring North America with our girls in a big motorhome! Congrats to you, hope you put er to good use! hugs :)

Angela Radford said...

Great tags but I especially like the first one. Fantastic new motor, look forward to seeing where it takes you. Happy crafting, Angela x

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Hi Jackie-- me again:
GLÜCK -- in german means happiness

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ruth said...

Just love the first tag Jackie, all the little elements work so well. It has a geometric feel to it which always speaks to me...thanks so much for visiting and leaving such lovely comments, I really appreciate it. Hugs and enjoy your'rig'? Ruth xx

Barbara Rankin said...

A wonderful tag collection, and I can just imagine how much fun you are going to have visiting your sons in that rolling scrapbook room! LOL Hugs, Barbara