Saturday, December 19, 2015

busy..busy...busy...the elves have taken over!!

 Seasons Greetings everyone!

Just a quick post here to let you know that I am still here,but the elves have moved in in preparation of our holidays!! Hence we have been baking and making and wrapping and packing and shipping off to final destinations! Phew! 
and we haven't even decorated as of yet!
So, just a few photos to share and I will be back again soon!
 Butterforms,Date Nut Drops, Santa's Snicker Surprises,Raspberry White Chocolate Bars,Peanut Butter Dreams,Peppermint Bars,Grandma Smelkoff's Snickerdoodles,Brownies Meltaways and 7 lbs of White Christmas
 Three boxes went to my kids in Washington-so happy they will be together,even if Mom can't be with there "(
 Chum is my "broken cookie" sampler!
 I'm thinking he likes that job!
The Neal grandsons are off to Florida for Christmas,so we loaded them up with juice boxes,fruit,activity books and of course, a ton of Grandma Jackie's(fresh baked)Christmas cookies!!

on to the making part...

Take note of the space I was working with when I started...
 do you see the progression of my craft?
at this point not enough room left to change my mind! lol
packed &shipped

and lastly I leave you with some photos of the beautiful snow we had for one day!

See you soon!!
Sending hugs and warm wishes,
Jackie ")


Pamellia Johnson said...

Wow Jackie, you have been a busy girl! I am so jealous that you got some snow, now that I am out by the lake, I would just love to see a blanket of white, but alas, it's greys and browns for me so far. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas my friend! hugs :)

Valerie-Jael said...

Oh yummy, it all looks so wonderful! Can I apply for the job of broken cookie taster next year? Have a woderful Christmas Sweetie, hugs, Valerie

Sandra Schabel said...

Mmmh Jackie! That's amezing and when i see your craftroom, then i feel me at home ;-)
Hugs Sandra

Gerda said...

Hey busy Christmas elve, looks yummy! Send me some snow! Here we have a warm Christmas, without any snow (12c°). Beautiful snow photos, sorry I'm a little bit jealous, he he! Have fun and a lovely Christmas! ♡

Gerda said...

Hey busy Christmas elve, looks yummy! Send me some snow! Here we have a warm Christmas, without any snow (12c°). Beautiful snow photos, sorry I'm a little bit jealous, he he! Have fun and a lovely Christmas! ♡

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Gosh this looks all sooo super.. the cookies and all the preparations and your busy workspace and all the fab things you have created! I am thrilled about the landscape.. such a peaceful place. I wish you a Very Merry Christmas dear Jackie. I am in love with Chum... my dogs are the Christmas bakery assistents as well. They sit with there back against the oven watching the whole bakery... very busy and safety-conscious - so that no one can steal just one of our cookies. Top league kitchen security !

oxo Susi

Janet Ghio said...

Hope you have a wonderful christmas!! Wish I was ther to sample some of those cookies!! Don't let Chum eat too many!! Hugs!

Shelby Pizzarro said...

May your Holiday be wrapped in Comfort & Joy! "Speak" to you soon.

June Walker said...

You are busy!! Lovely dog! Plus I love your messy art room..just like mine. Have a great Christmas!

Shel C said...

Have a very merry Christmas and a great creative year!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Absolutely stunning snowscapes, Jackie! I can tell you've been super busy - the only reason I didn't miss you in blogland is because I saw you on Facebook! Chum is so cute and I bet he's very good at his job of chief cookie sampler. Wonderful cards oozing colour and warmth! Wishing all the happiness in the world for Christmas and the New Year! xx

aimarii said...

Yes! You got some snow. We got last night a lot. I am wondering how busy you are. How much to do you have. I only enjoy the time before Christmas. Just thinking old memories, writing some stories, watching birds. The candle is burning on the table and my favorite Christmas song is playing.
Your art room is very homey. I like.
I will thank you for your many nice comments in my blog. It was so lovely to read them.
Merry Christmas to you ♥

Anita Houston said...

What a delicious post...I'll take 3 dozen assorted!!! My craft space looks the's that time of year! Merry Christmas!

Jeannette said...

ooohhh love the snow sea and all yummie differents things on your holiday,i wish you a very merry christmas dear jackie,here in germany is not snowing,iam so sad,i love snow,thats looking white sugar :-)
happy christmas dear jackie.

hugs and sending you big wishes.


denthe said...

hahahaa, love seeing your working space! I'm glad I'm not the only one having a hard time finding my desk when I'm playing with paint :-D
That first picture though .... what on earth is that!? Is it something you made? It sure looks impressive! Hope you find some time amidst all the busy-ness to relax and enjoy. The snow looks gorgeous, but I'm still glad it is staying away from Belgium at the moment :-) Have a wonderful Christmas dear Jackie, and stay safe ♥

Annette said...

well Chum is the winner around your home I can tell. Love seeing the goodies, ok ya gotta share recipes for the ones like me that are recipe gathers of friends cooking. The snow is so pretty and love always seeing it. Your craft space is so great and look how it has grown Yea for you. Have a Merry Christmas my dear and I know the kids will love the goodies. oxoxoxxo

Anonymous said...

A positive hive of activity, wow I am tired simply from viewing your creativity!!! Hats off to you for all you have achieved. I must say that Chum has the best job in the world and cannot imagine he is giving up that role any time soon :)
Jackie, wishing you all the very best, have the loveliest of times.
Seasons wishes
Lynne x

Jean Moore said...

AWESOME fun!!! I am so glad other spaces look like mine! Have a fabulous Holiday, gee I miss the snow, but only for a while!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jackie, Me Again!
I caught up with the lovely comment you left for me to read and how you made me chuckle at your statement that Stampington need to have a magazine just for me. Now that only happens in dreams but it was lovely to read and certainly made me laugh so thank you and also to say, it is lovely to have connected with you and so looking forward to viewing your art during 2016.

Nancy TeWinkel said...

Merry Christmas Jackie! I wish you and yours a wonderful year ahead. Sending you love and good cheer.

Bev said...

Merry Christmas my friend ,wow you are as busy as Mrs. Clause so that must make Riley Santa lol have a wonderful Christmas and glad our mate Chum got the quality control position ,perfect choice though Oscar would have loved it and me too lol
Bih Hugz love Bev ❤️❤️❤️and Oscar šŸ¾šŸ¾šŸ¾

Astrid Maclean said...

Wow, wow,wow, you have been a buzzy bee, it all looks amazing!,, I kinda recognise that craft room look ! Wishing you the most amazing Christmas, - waving hi from a super hot ( well into the 90s Australia, where I am spending Christmas this year with my two little grand daughters. Xxxxx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow! Jackie, you're a creative whirlwind! Your treats sound - and look - delicious and the craft creations are so beautiful!Then there is that fairy-tale fleeting glimpse of snow! This is a perfect Christmas post with a lovely creatively chaotic/busy studio! Thank you for all the inspiration, kindness and creative joy you have spread around Blogland in 2015. Can't wait to see what you have to offer in 2016! xx

Win Dinn said...

What a fabulous Christmas house, Jackie - between the cookie-making, card construction and travel boxes, you've created a wonderful atmosphere there. May your season be filled with all that you hold dear! Merry Christmas and Happy 2016! xo

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

What an amazing busy post! Love all the many various projects. Hahaha my creative corner looks similarly chaotic.
I wish you and your loves a wonderful Merry Christmas.
Hugs Anja from germany

~*~Patty S said...

Chum has an enviable job for sure :-)
You busy elf you.
Fun to see so much HoHoHo and FaLaLaaa going on in your neck of the woods.
Beautiful snow for atmosphere too.
Wishing you and yours a Christmas that is Merry & Bright with loads of good wishes for a great new year too!
It is such a pleasure to be connected to you even if it is across the miles.
Here's to more fun and creativity in 2016 oxoxo

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie, gorgeous photos. All we seem to be getting is rain at the moment but it is also very mild. Your place is getting very festive and your craft area feels very familiar as the space to work on seems to get less and less (I know that feeling).
Hope you have a great Christmas, Angela x

Sara Barker said...

Hi Jackie! Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been taking a peek at my comments, and see you have been so supportive in spite of the fact you are up to your elbows in cookies, etc. and crafting yourself! Bless your heart! I think I may have finally come up for air after a whirlwind day of church,shopping,eating and (don't get excited, it was in the building supply store, as we are ready for countertops and flooring for our flip home.)then I made Tim's Dec. tag and two more cards.

Your cookies look yummy! I'll trade you a dozen for a card of your choice! Seriously, I am awaiting for that can at least get a New Year's card! I haven't had one stinkin' Christmas cookie yet!

Snow looks so wonderful! Oh, I do miss snow! Cold here (29 last night) for a few days and then back up to the high 70's this week, just in time for Santa!

Hopefully I can answer your questions: 1. No, I don't always use the embossing dauber, sometimes I use Versamark (for fine embossing) and Distress inks. The dauber works great for stencils and stuff where you don't need precision. 2. The damask looking stencil is from Recollections, and I purchased it at Michaels about 1.5 years ago. It is cheaply made, but I use it a lot. 3. I am FAR from the energizer bunny! And who are you to talk? Ha! Ha! I bet you do more in a day than I do in two weeks! I haven't made a single cookie, my house is only partially decorated, and I don't have a single gift wrapped. I do have off 2 days though this week, and I'm done crafting until the New Year. I actually took the day off from everything blog related yesterday, and I was surprised at how much I got done around here!

Well, this is the longest comment ever! I've got a lot of catching up to do here, and hope to do so in the next few days! Waiting for that address! Merry Christmas to you, sweetie! Big hugs!

Gaby Bee said...

What a wonderful post, my busy Christmas elve. Please send me some snow!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, sweetie!!! Thanks for all your creativity and inspiration through the year.


Marilou said...

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases Jackie, Sending love and Hugs, beautiful snow pics by the way!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

A very Merry Christmas, dear Jackie.
Sending hugs and love,

butterfly said...

Oh my, Jackie - it's Christmas full-steam-ahead round your way! I do hope you've managed to get the decorations up now, and that Chum hasn't had to fill up on too many broken cookies. Your craft space looks very much like mine did a week or so ago, but I've slightly got things back under control now.

Thank you for sharing those gorgeous snowy pictures. We had one sunny day yesterday, but are back to gale force winds and rain again today, and that's due to stay - so I shall just have to enjoy a white Christmas via your photos!

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and joyous festive season!
Alison xx