Sunday, November 8, 2015

Art Retreat In Michigan- Junking day!

 Welcome to my second episode in the adventures of the Michigan Art Sister Retreat!
Before I go into today's post...grab a cuppa 

While we were busy gabbing,laughing,eating m&m's and creating like mad artists...
 Riley was out riding riding miles and miles exploring and secretively searching out garage sales for us to visit.
Riley would non-nonchalantly come in after a few hours and we would say-wow-how far did you ride?He would tell us and then say,I found a garage sale!The next sounds you hear are paintbrushes slapping in the water tubs,paint lids clicking closed and us scrambling for the*Art Mobile*aka Riley's truck.
 We all had our seats and were in ready to fly ! 

I wish I had more photos of the couple of sales we hit as the first one was at the home of the sweetest older couple. The name of the place is Dee's Lakeshore Farm and it was so darling when she needed her husband,who was across the yard,instead of yelling out his name,
Dee would call,YOOOO HOOOO! 
OMGosh it was just adorable! When she told me she was 80 something,I said I thought she was 60 something and her husband sweetly replied "and she acts 60 something"Dee,demurely put her head down and giggled! 
 I'm telling ya, you could feel the love!
And here's a shout out to Dee's Bees! They make the sweetest,best honey I have ever had!
Our next place was this ever so cool inside-outside antique/junk/treasure trove place.
 I don't think it even had a name!!

Our scout Riley! Handsome guy if I may say so!
  Karenliz has an amazed look on her face as this was her first time antiquing/ junking! Or maybe she was just amazed at the beautiful moss growing on the roof!
  "Stuff" was all over the property, housed in cool buildings and out openly in the weather.
 For entertainment purposes,some things were even posed! heehee
 Everything for sale-for a price ")
These outdoor carpets have been on the ground so long,they are now part of the landscape
I adore these fences and gates!!
 We each picked up a few trinkets as the prices were absolutely"antique"prices,heck we were out junking,not antiquing! lol 
 Sherie fell in love with a vintage one of a kind Santos style cage lamp that we ended up going back for and she worked her magic and scored at a great price! Yay Sherie!! 

Back at our lodgings,we all did a bit of nature photography.
 Guess who fell in love with this Wasp nest and wanted to bring it home? 
Sherie Dahling! sorry,too far up to bring it down !!
Here we have the HUGE spider Riley almost ran into on his bike-it was so huge he could see it hanging in his pathway! Yikes!
We took lots of photos, because, really, he is a gorgeous spider...
in spite of being creepy!!

and yes,we all screamed like girls when the spider's web caught my sleeve and it started crawling towards me!!
Back inside it was time for Karenliz to teach us about YUPO and alcohol inks!
 Preparing for class? heehee
 there was always something to smile or laugh about-no silliness left to chance!
 Here Sherie is telling us how"Obsessed"she is with this Yupo thing-really? LOL

Gorgeous piece done by Sherie   
Karenliz going over her notes? heehhee
 Thanks for teaching us fun YUPO stuff Karenliz!! xo

 These next few shots are my YUPO pieces
 This first one, I added delicious DecoArt Crackle Glaze too- Yumm!!
 The colors are gorgeous and the YUPO is really fun to work with,and yes,very addicting!!

Today I leave you with a photo of my special journal page that Sherie made for each of us...
I absolutely love her art! Sherie's creations are so fun and free spirited! playful and colorful and more! Thank you sweet Sherie xoxo!!

I love my art sisters- I am so grateful to have them in my life! 
Pammie Wildeboer,Sherie Eddy&Karenliz Henderson
-You gals rock!!
  the beach-Lake Michigan
Thanks so much for joining me today!
Please come back for the next episode and more photos!


June Walker said...

wOW!! I love that junk hunt! Also I have yupo but never tried it with inks!

Corrine at said...

Packed full of adventurous art and junking, ooh what could be better. - friends. Xox

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my gosh.. what wonderful event and such gorgeous photos... and all your great yupo art ... wow! Thank you very much for sharing with us Jackie!

I am a little bit jealous I must admit.
Hsppy new week my friend!

Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like you gals had a more than wonderful time. Riley is a star - do you lend him out to others who need a scout?! You made lovely art and those shops were fantastic, but that spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiider, 'Au Backe, Scheisse, ich kann so was nicht sehen!' Oooops, it even made me forget which language I am supposed to type in. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

TaborTooth said...

Beautiful Michigan! !

TaborTooth said...

Beautiful Michigan! !

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I so enjoy reading about your adventures, Jackie! You have the most amazing people and places in America! Must try yupo! I'll go research it right now! You all created some stunning pieces of art with it! Is there a part three coming up?

Astrid Maclean said...

Gosh what a totally amazing place you were staying, the surroundings look incredible and then antiques to boot.... that spider is one amazing creature too. The art pieces look wonderful, I shall now have to find out more about that yupo....

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow. Jackie I was absolutely riveted by this fabulous post. Your adventures, the sweet old couple and that amazing property with all the arty junk, especially those mannequins! I was laughing out loud at your antics and I loved the brilliant art you girls created! Your posts are like going on holiday! Thank you so much for sharing! xx

Bev said...

Well there must be some law about having so much fun lol I love Yupo too and loved reading your adventures hehe

denthe said...

oh Jackie, I've just been reading back to the beginning of your art retreat journey. What a fun group of people you are, and how great to have a hubby who goes round on his bicycle to find garage sales for you. I sure would've liked to look around in those places, I think I would spend hours and hours browsing. And how great to make art together and learn from eachother. These really are days to cherish ....

Monica D said...

This is awesome...I really love that you are able to get together like you do...I've never had anyone close enough to create with me so I think it is absolutely so inspiring to see you all get together and do such fun and amazing things and art...and your hubby is an amazing scout...makes my heart so happy to see your posts...


Seth said...

This just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for taking us along!

~*~Patty S said...

Oh what fun you all had!
Having a handsome scout to spock out sales and such is priceless too.
Oh Honey :-)
You had me hanging on every word.
Great photos of your adventures and art time.
I have never played with Yupo but it has been on my list for awhile now.
Lovely and colorful results.
You do have me wondering Jackie ... just how BIG was that spider?
Great pix!
AND Lake Michigan looks like the Caribbean ...who knew!!!
TFS Missy...such fun fun fun

butterfly said...

Looks like a fabulous time all round - YUPOing and junking and photographing and generally hanging out. Also curious about the exact size of the spider - those colours say "run!" to me! Off to find Part 1 now...
Alison xx

Pam Wildeboer said...

When I read your posts it feels like I am time traveling and experiencing the weekend all over again! Missing you, the laughter and of course the creative energy we fed off of! The beach was nice too ;) Love you xoxoxo

Anita Houston said...

What an ultra cool place! I'm sure the classes were fabulous too! LOVE all the pics!

Pamellia Johnson said...

Wow Jackie, looks like such an amazing time was had by all. Love the artwork but I have to admit, I am a little distracted by the creepiest spider I have ever seen. Honestly, I think I would have passed out if I ran across that guy! YIPES!! haha. hugs :)

Uuna Syrjäsuo said...

What a place and what a course!!!
There were really treasures...

Very beautiful paintings, so bright colors and interesting shapes!
I love these paintings, I think You, too.
Greetings my friend and a big Hug...

aimarii said...

What kind of fantastic time you had together. Nice to paint together and laugh and play the fool. Just like that!
And Riley! Handsome guy. I think so too. Was he your splendid assistant?

Ria Janta-Cooper said...

Jackie, wonderful! Loved it entirely. Well done! Minus the spider! NO, thank you very much :-)

Sara Barker said...

Oh, so late to the party, but I truly enjoyed reading about your Michigan adventures and the fun girl time you had with the sistas! (and Riley, too!). You know I love some junkin', but I'm afraid the hornet's nest and spider are a little too much information for me! I love nature, but not mean nature! Thank you for sharing this wonderful time! Big hugs! PS The photos are amazing!