Tuesday, November 10, 2015

and still! more from the Art Sisters Retreat in Michigan!

 By now you are all wondering- where do they find all of that energy?  
I have learned that when you are in such creative energy with wonderful like minded souls, everything just comes so naturally. I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for this experience- it has totally enriched my life and filled me with such happiness! 
I believe,given the chance,everyone should experience this or something similar. I'm just saying! ")
 Today as promised I will share more photos of the art dolls and a few more Yupos.
so again, grab a cuppa-and on to photos and fun!
 Pam with her art doll and close ups of details
 The domino's three is significant as Pam has 3 children. And the photo of the children,2 girls and one boy same as Pam.
 The cool legs were a score from the junk hunt- Sherie found for Pam!
I love the dollies curly hair from wires and beads-and look at her bow!
  Next up,art dollies from Sherie.
Sherie was on a roll and was able to finish four art dolls to our one!NO stopping that girlie when she is in her creative zone! 
 Check out this sexy Garter Gal by Sherie!
She is absolutely delightful in her vintage undergarments.

gotta love that "Madonna"-esc bra!
 FULL C Cups as her  side shows!
 I think she was my fav that weekend!
 Love those real garter legs!! lol

 here are two spool fairies made by Sherie- again...where does she find that creative energy?!! 
Did I mention we ate real well,and snacked even better? heehee
can you say M&M's and Bit O Honey?

 Loving that beachball she's holding!
and now on to Sherie's other beauty! 
Gorgeous in all of her Glamour!!!
 Gorgeous bejeweled headdress- perfect fit!

 I love Sherie's wordage and how about that darlin stashed Chanel bottle?
(where did that come from?heehee)
The S on Sherie's doll is another junking score- I found it for her!
 Always decisions on what's next?! 
Another day out-we went to Crane's Fruit Farm for some pie,we already finished two French Apple ones I made and brought along! I told you we snacked well! heeee

 Dancing machines!
Karenliz,our resident photographer,striking the pose!
Well, we ended up stopping at a garage sale, that had-NO LIE-all vintage Ashtrays!! Literally hundreds and hundreds and the like paraphernalia! It was quite odd I will say!
While Pammie scored some mini tobacco tins at the sale,
 we also went on to score Blueberry pie and delicious vanilla gelato from Crane's Pie Pantry!!
I will tell you,I have never had a "bought" pie packed with as much fruit as this one!
 I liked it as much as my own!! teehee

a little bit more art play the night before we leave...

Yupos by Pam
Our last morning,we head down to the beach

for some reflection...
 and sand art!
  Can you see the A R T  Love?
 Once back at the house we packed up our artists supplies then went outside for farewell photos
we said our goodbyes...

 some photo bombed others!!! hahaaaa
and then we wished on our puff that it would not be so long till our next gathering
Thanks so much for coming along on our artful journey. I do hope you enjoyed it and could sense the kindred-ship and love that was shared.

 I'll be back in a few days with more from Michigan and what was awaiting me on my return home!")



Bev said...

Absolutely delightful you had such fun and loved all the dollies. Xxx

Annette said...

Love seeing these pics, of y'all having a blast the dolls and might have to try and make one. Yall were on a roll. oxoxox

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Love to be virtual with you all and your amazing art is a delight ! Must have been a super event! Thanks a lot for sharing all the wonderful photos with us!

aimarii said...

Lovely ladies are doing wonderful things. It's been fun and now a big miss.

Lisa S. said...

Love your funky projects! Great photos too, looks like you had some serious fun. xx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh my, did you have fun! the art dolls are amazing! They are so full of fun and originality and freedom! This is such a lovely, hear warming post. xx

Pamellia Johnson said...

Amazing creations Jackie and great photos. Love that one of the shadows on the beach, well done! lol hugs :)

Win Dinn said...

What a wonderful post, Jackie, and I can see that you've had an amazing time. The artwork generated (never mind the dance and garage saling) is amazing! :D xo

Darlene Campbell said...

Beautiful scenery. lovely artists, fantastic art work...but I think you ate too much pie...me back here in Ohio trying to avoid sugar and everything nice. Ha ha !
I'm very curious as to what you found waiting for you at home. Oh yes, did the hubbies get to go to Michigan?
(One of us must ring the other!)
Hugs, Darlene

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Jackie to tell you just how I freeze the apple slices..
first I shock frost them on a tablet, afterwards I fill them in packages.
It comes so handy for applecake or apple strudel during the wintermonths ....
last year I made that for the first time and had apple-slices until March of this year.. I bake applestrudel or applecake nearly each week I must admit...lol. Our apples are not meant to store ..so I came up with this unusual idea.

Angela Radford said...

Not sure I can look at these photos anymore Lol! you are all having far too good a time and I am very jealous.
Sending big hugs to you all, Angela XXXX

butterfly said...

It really does look like an amazing, inspirational time... you can feel the joyful energy in the photographs of all of you, but also in the wonderful art dolls and creations and sand art. Sounds like the eating was pretty good too. Thank you for letting us share in some of the uplifting fun and creativity.
Alison xx

Sara Barker said...

More fun, more great art and photography! Thank you for sharing! You all look like you had a blast! I'm sure it was sad to leave! Hugs!