Sunday, November 29, 2015

Time for a sneak peek-Guest Designing for #StencilGirl!

What are you doing this Friday December 4th?
 I do hope you will tune into StencilGirl Talk Blog to see my Guest Designer Post for them!
I'm so excited to share this with you!
For my designed piece,I have used stencils from Stencil Girl designers
Maria McGuire,Laurie Mika and Nathalie Kalbach

While we are talking StencilGirl ...tune in Cyber Monday,November 30 for StencilGirl's huge sale!
9x12packagelabel copy
Monday, November 30, 2015
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See you over at StencilGirl Talk on Friday,the 4th!
Jackie ")

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sugar Plum Fairies

After having been down and out with a bug,when I finally returned to my studio,it was time for a bit of fun! 

I present to you, my Sugar Plum Fairy Banner in time for the holidays!

The vintage sugar plum garland and the vintage mica snow are from my stash/aka/hoard in the Art Barn!

No instructions here,because it was just playtime,but if you have a question,please ask me~I'd be delighted to share!

Faces of my sugar plum fairies are from 
the"Little Miss"sheet from Gecko Galz 

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Thanks so much for your visit today-
make sure to come back soon...I have exciting news to share!
Jackie ")

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Warm colors of Autumn

Today I am sharing a journal page I made using my Silks Acrylics by ColourArte

 My background is covered with vintage stamps from all over the US that I found at a garage sale. The beautiful lady image is a Maxfield Parrish cut from one of my old calendars. 
Also used are Micro beads and die cut leaves from the Thinlits Leaves Set by Tim Holtz.

My verbiage is an excerpt from a quote by the
designer,William Morris
Simplicity of life
even the barest is not
a misery,but the very
foundation of refinement
                                William Morris
Silks colors used:
Pink Anthurium
Pretty Peridot
Teal Zircon
Ginger Peach
Sky Blue
Radiant Rain Mists used:
Apple Blossom

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 ColourArte Blog Challenge Fall Colors

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**Art*Journal*Journey** Inspired By Autumn 
Challenge 11/2015

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Jackie ") 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Home again, home again!

When we arrived home from our adventures in Michigan, I was delighted to find packages in the post!
not just one,but two!! Lucky me! 
The first was from friend and fellow artist, Renee Zarate'
If you are not familiar with her name right away,perhaps you have seen her art published in one of many Stampington issues?

Recently I had won this The Groove Tool as a giveaway on Renee's blog!
 I will absolutely post when I use it to show you how it works!

Also, in the package, from Renee was this generous bunch of Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko Products!! Renee Zarate' is an Artist In Residence at Imagine Crafts-have a look at some of the projects she shares there.

Look at this yummy score! Woo Hoo!! I can't wait to get my hands in it and play!
 (I have not as of yet,because I had been down and out with a flu bug the past week and a half!)

And still there was more! My favorite in the package were, these wonderfully,creative and fun atc's that Renee made for me! I just love them and have them hanging in my studio-
 thank you thank you Renee!!

Don't you just love happy mail?

My second piece of happy mail came from my
 dear friend Darlene Campbell. 
Darlene is my first ever online friend and we have been sharing art and fun,ever since we met on a Strathmore workshop!
 What struck me right away about Darlene,was her humor. She commented that she had just cut up her lace kitchen curtains to use as a stencil! and ya know what? she wasn't kidding!!LOL
 From then on we were kindred souls and good friends! 
A bit more about Darlene...she is a cartoonist,writer and very much published artist as well! She has created this cartoon character named,"Zebra" who is always up to the funniest antics-give a read sometime!
 I love my new piece of art Darlene,you knew this was one of my favs!! Thank you dear friend!! 
and Congratulations to you and Gary on becoming new grandparents!! YAY!!

Besides the packages...
there was also a large wood pile waiting for us!
 Riley to cut and me to stack!
this photo shows the end of it

 yup, I stacked all that!! That is what you get when you want to be warm and cozy during those long cold winter months! ")

Thank you for joining me today.
 As I am on the mend from this flu,finally,I hope to be up and creating again soon! 

An Indian sand artist finishes a sculpture in Bhubaneswar, made in tribute to the victims of  the terror attacks in Paris

 I leave you today with wishes for Peace throughout the world.
I also ask that we all join in solidarity in sending healing thoughts and prayers for Paris.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

and still! more from the Art Sisters Retreat in Michigan!

 By now you are all wondering- where do they find all of that energy?  
I have learned that when you are in such creative energy with wonderful like minded souls, everything just comes so naturally. I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for this experience- it has totally enriched my life and filled me with such happiness! 
I believe,given the chance,everyone should experience this or something similar. I'm just saying! ")
 Today as promised I will share more photos of the art dolls and a few more Yupos.
so again, grab a cuppa-and on to photos and fun!
 Pam with her art doll and close ups of details
 The domino's three is significant as Pam has 3 children. And the photo of the children,2 girls and one boy same as Pam.
 The cool legs were a score from the junk hunt- Sherie found for Pam!
I love the dollies curly hair from wires and beads-and look at her bow!
  Next up,art dollies from Sherie.
Sherie was on a roll and was able to finish four art dolls to our one!NO stopping that girlie when she is in her creative zone! 
 Check out this sexy Garter Gal by Sherie!
She is absolutely delightful in her vintage undergarments.

gotta love that "Madonna"-esc bra!
 FULL C Cups as her  side shows!
 I think she was my fav that weekend!
 Love those real garter legs!! lol

 here are two spool fairies made by Sherie- again...where does she find that creative energy?!! 
Did I mention we ate real well,and snacked even better? heehee
can you say M&M's and Bit O Honey?

 Loving that beachball she's holding!
and now on to Sherie's other beauty! 
Gorgeous in all of her Glamour!!!
 Gorgeous bejeweled headdress- perfect fit!

 I love Sherie's wordage and how about that darlin stashed Chanel bottle?
(where did that come from?heehee)
The S on Sherie's doll is another junking score- I found it for her!
 Always decisions on what's next?! 
Another day out-we went to Crane's Fruit Farm for some pie,we already finished two French Apple ones I made and brought along! I told you we snacked well! heeee

 Dancing machines!
Karenliz,our resident photographer,striking the pose!
Well, we ended up stopping at a garage sale, that had-NO LIE-all vintage Ashtrays!! Literally hundreds and hundreds and the like paraphernalia! It was quite odd I will say!
While Pammie scored some mini tobacco tins at the sale,
 we also went on to score Blueberry pie and delicious vanilla gelato from Crane's Pie Pantry!!
I will tell you,I have never had a "bought" pie packed with as much fruit as this one!
 I liked it as much as my own!! teehee

a little bit more art play the night before we leave...

Yupos by Pam
Our last morning,we head down to the beach

for some reflection...
 and sand art!
  Can you see the A R T  Love?
 Once back at the house we packed up our artists supplies then went outside for farewell photos
we said our goodbyes...

 some photo bombed others!!! hahaaaa
and then we wished on our puff that it would not be so long till our next gathering
Thanks so much for coming along on our artful journey. I do hope you enjoyed it and could sense the kindred-ship and love that was shared.

 I'll be back in a few days with more from Michigan and what was awaiting me on my return home!")