Friday, September 11, 2015

Windmill upcycle with DecoArt Americana Chalky Finishes


Hello and welcome to the weekend!
Today I am sharing with you my last entry for the DecoArt Second Chances contest, our upcycled windmill. 
(The contest is now over,and no,I did not win but had a great time designing and creating pieces for it! Congratulations to all the lucky winners!)

Back to the windmill,I thought I had posted about this when we bought it a year ago-but,after just spending the last hour going through ALL of my posts,I cannot find it!! I have been known to write posts in my sleep,and just forget to translate them to the computer! heehee
 Anyway, we picked this up at auction- a real steal at $5.00!! Guess I was the only one who could see the potential here!
 We decided right away that we both liked the "beat up" blade as it is-it adds to the charm ")
 Cleaning it up removing some UN-necessaries  and tightening her up before the paint!
Gessoed the blades first
 added color and stenciling

I wanted you to see the close up of the center-After looking through my stash,Riley had the idea to use the old muffin tin to cover the mounting bolt! I love it!! Thanks my sweetie!

Chum wanted in on the photographs- he is such a poser! ")
  I have to say,my inspiration for this design was our American flag.
 another photo with the sun shining on it!
Here we have our bit of Americana,
on the "Art Barn",as my artistas lovingly named it!

 Americana Decor Chalky Finishes~
Carbon Black
Americana Multi Surface Satin~Cottonball
Americana Decor stencil"Distress Harlequin"
Andy Skinner "Tornado" stencil  
 Andy Skinner "Whirlpool" stencil 

I do hope you enjoyed your visit! Thanks for stopping and if you are not a follower- why not join me now? Have a super weekend!
Jackie ")


Jeanette House said...

That looks AMAZING all done up and on the side of your house!!! So cool!!! x

Karenliz Henderson said...

Jackie, another amazing piece. It's beautiful. Love it.

Janet Ghio said...

Love the stencil choice Can you spin it as you walk by? And as always Chum looks quite handsome posing next to it!

Sara Barker said...

Very cool piece of Americana! Love the colors and those amazing stenciled blades! Perfect place of honor on the Art Barn and three cheers for Riley adding the muffin tin to the center! So cool! and one of these days, I'm going to take a trip to see these wonderful creations in person! Trust me, I'm plenty old enough to know Jodi Foster's name, I just can't place the face! HA, Ha! Ha! Maybe too memory slips! I'm just one of the odd people who does not process faces...I didn't recognize my husband at first when I delivered my babies and wonderful who in the heck this person was in the delivery room! Tee hee!

Valerie-Jael said...

What a fun piece of barn art for your art barn. Great idea, and your doggie is, of course, a natural beauty. Great idea with the muffin tin, well done, Riley! Hugs, Valerie

Lisa S. said...

Love the way you used the stencils on the blades. Cool project Jackie!!!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wow.. you used the stencils so well.. it looks great Jackie... and your doggie model is beautiful!!!

Monica Zúñiga said...

Ho Jackie, I love how it looks I am just wonderiyif that flips or spins for real? I am not sure what is is! Lol! Love your dog, it always makes me smile! 😄😘💕

Darlene Campbell said...

Hello Jackie...great title for your barn, "Art Barn." Now I just need to come and have an arty time in your barn with you! Yes, I agree with others who asked if it spins...tell Riley he's not done with the project until it spins naturally in the wind or by electrical powers. I think Chum would fancy that too. Every time I see you using these chalky paints I ask myself why I haven't got them yet. You two are a creative gem and I admire how much you get done...especially with recycled materials. Hugs-Darlene

Jeanne Draachreider said...

Well there's hardly anything left for me to say that hasn't been said already, other than I LOVE what you did with the windmill blades. Even that you saw the potential in it. It looks gorgeous hanging there on the Art Barn. I think you ought to expand your Art Barn into a retreat but I think you'd be overrun by all of us who would love to come play!! Gorgeous job my dear, love the colors and the crumpled blade. Cheers to Riley for thinking of the muffin tin, it works perfectly. :) XOXO

denthe said...

Love these colours, and your choice of stencils was perfect for this!

Bev said...

Wow it's huge and beautiful and love that blue and that Chum lol

Win Dinn said...

Fabulous job, Jackie - loving that colour combination and the way it looks on the Art Barn! Grinning from ear to ear here....:D

butterfly said...

I love your upcycled windmill - looks so great on the Art Barn. Am very cross your amazing veggie barrow wasn't a winner - I'm off to find out what stole it from you!
Alison xx

~*~Patty S said...

WOWEE what a really great project Jackie!
You do no shy away from any art project be it large or small.
Your Chum is one handsome/cute poser that's for sure :-)
Happy Weekend to you and yours oxo

aimarii said...

At first I thought you are building some kind of airplane. Heh, heh!
I guess wrong that usually. You painted the work and the ready work is nice work of art.

Candy C said... just have the coolest ideas! Your old, tired windmill blades look amazing!That red white and blue are such beautiful contrasting colors and man, do they pop on your garage wall! Looks fabulous! I also love the stenciling you've done to the blades. Your dog, Chum is darling doing his posing! Love it! <3 Candy

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a great idea, Jackie. I love how colourful and bold this is and so original. It certainly adds loads of character to that door! Chum looks his usual handsome self posing in front of it. I'm sorry I've taken a while to comment. I was away visiting friends and I seem to have caught some kind of throat infection now I've returned. Ah well, I'm sure I'll soon be back to my old self. xxx