Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Gina's Steampunk FANTASTIC Journey

Hello and welcome everyone!
 I am over the moon excited to be the September Guest Designer at Gina's Designs!!
The first time I saw Gina's laser cuts used were on a friend's blog. 
 Straight away I had to go check out the store and you know what-sent my first order in that day! ")
Thank you,Nichola Battilana for

 turning me on to Gina's Designs!

 For my first project, I went all out with Steampunk!
 When I received my pieces I knew I had to use the steampunk parts first thing-
 I love the chipboard assortment that Gina's has
​to offer,so much to choose from​ and so detailed & intricate.
"Fantastic Journey"

The substrate here is an upcycled jewelry box. 
 Perfect to showcase Gina's steampunk elements!
I tore out the insides and gave an overall coat of black gesso.
After the gesso dried I added vintage dictionary pages which were stamped with steampunk shapes to the inside,back and sides of the box.

 This little lady with the missing hand became my Steampunk star once she was refitted with a Corset and Dressforms turned Caged Hoop Skirt from Gina's!

For my Gears,I coated them with embossing powder and then layer and layers of paint for a grungy,rusty look.​
With the Black Steampunk Cardstock Doily Set, I used embossing paste  mixed with Mica powder through a gears stencil over areas on the doil​e​ys. 
When dry,I added color with Media Line Acrylics to the embossed areas and then I cut and molded the doilies onto different areas of the box,inside&out,using 3D gel paste.


for this Doily I used embossing powder as well as embossing paste
Here I used hands from the Clock Hands Set
which I attached with a furniture tack.
Next for my Steampunk lady, I used two different sizes of the Dressforms cut and fitted to make her cage dress. After cutting off the leftover netting from the doll,I wet down the cages to make them pliable.Then,I molded these,glued in placed and continued to paint them once the glue dried.Next,the Corset from the Dressforms Set was glued on and tiny watch gear embellishments were added.At this point she needed coverage for her 1.5 hands,so gloves were made and glued in place.Her ensemble was then finished off with black lace for a bustle and along the hem of her skirt with a layer of red trim.After her top hat was glued in place, more tiny watch parts were added to her hat,gloves and hem of her skirt.

 Here you can see my lady was also fitted with glorious Wings painted,drybrushed and edged in gold.

Inside the box you can see more of the Steampunk doily as well as
 FANTASTIC from the Word Ribbon 3 Set. 
Vintage tube bulbs were glued in the box and more Steampunk Doily added to the front corners .
and now for some close ups...

the circle piece was off of something I disassembled and kept parts from- I have no idea what!

feet were added using large tacks glued into drilled holes

Other products used:
Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Powder-
Vintage Photo
Wendy Vecchi Embossing Paste-
Finnabair Art Ingredients Mica Powder-Copper
​Finnabair 3D Gloss Gel​​
DecoArt Media Line Paints
E600 Glue 
StencilGirl Stencil-Gears by Mary Beth Shaw

I absolutely had a blast making this piece and can't wait to show you more of my creations over the next few Wednesdays- so be sure to stop back!!
 Please stop in at the teams blog and have a look at the design teams projects as well as Gina's FB page for challenges and more inspiration!

I can't thank you enough for all of the blog love you leave as well as your encouragement and support!! You are the best!!
Hugs & Peace
Jackie ")


Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Wow, so colourful and full of life! I never would have thought that's built around a porcelain doll! Another winner, Jackie! I hope to be around a lot more than I have been lately! xx

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Wow, you sure had your creative juices flowing! One of your coolest pieces ever. Love it!

Valerie-Jael said...

Truly fantastic, brilliant work here! Hugs, Valerie

Joi at RR said...

Ahhh Jackie - this is ASTOUNDINGLY FUN. My favorite part is... well... dear me - ALL OF IT. But... I love that you used BRIGHT COLORS. I am so used to seeing dark, rusty, steam punk - which is always lovely in it's own way but YOURS IS FABULOUSLY JOYOUSLY WONDERFUL. Those vintage bulbs were the icing on the cake too! The jewelry box was genius and that doll - perfect. It's all just so very very SPECIAL - totally makes me smile. The colors are just amazing inside and out. And... I have already been to visit Gina's store. There are some great things there! SUCCESS Jackie - it's a KEEPER! j.

Astrid Maclean said...

Fabulous Jackie, love this colourful fun piece, so much detail and interest! Brilliant treatment of the chipboard and fantastic background to it all, as the the embellishing, - just perfect!!

I am sorry, I probably missed quite a few of your recent posts, trying hard to keep up with things after my long absence from blogland.... :o(

Christine Kiehl said...

Amazing and so creative!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a large job!! Very interesting, I believe. So much beautiful details and wonderful ideas - and there she is - ready on her wonderland.
Great work my dear friend Jackie :-)
Greetings, Uuna

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my GOSH.. what an AMAZING project Jackie! UNIQUE!
I am thrilled about it!
wow wow wow wow!

Teresa Arsenault said...

What a fantastic work of art! Thanks for sharing your process. It makes me appreciate the beauty of this piece all the more.

Karenliz Henderson said...

An amazing and colorful project. I love it especially her dress.

Becky Wentworth said...

Wow!!! So many layers and so many fun and interesting details involved in this project. Great work Jackie!

Bev said...

I love the colour you have bought into this ,steampunk is not my thing but your colours draw me in....

Anita Houston said...

LOVE your imagination and LOVE the bright colors instead of dark tones! SO CRAZY FUN!!! Way to go!!!

Seth said...

Way cool. Such an explosion of color!!!!

Darlene Campbell said...

Jackie...Exceptional! I love the use of the vintage tube bulbs. You really made the gears and sprockets look like metal. My favorite is the design of the girl. I'm amazed at how you built her. The color scheme ROCKS!

Dee Adams said...

Loving this Jackie you need to look at Sandee & Amelie's Steam Punk Challeneges and enter it into the challenges.x

die amelie said...

Absolutely amazing, Jackie!

I LOVE your adorable steampunk lady and your colourful approach to steampunk in general! This is just brilliant. You've put a lot of love and labour into this - obviously! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!
(sadly it doesn't fit with our actual challenge over at SanDee&amelie's...sigh).

Thanks for sharing this highly inspirational piece of steampunk art!
Claudia x

butterfly said...

Wow - what an absolute showstopper! I love the vivid colours and rusty textures and effects - her cage skirt made with the dressforms and decorated with the watch parts is completely brilliant. The whole thing captures a steampunk circus fantasy vibe that is such a delight. Wow, wow and one more for good measure - wow! Gina must be thrilled at what you've done with her designs, and I'm looking forward to see what else is to come this month.
Alison xx

~*~Patty S said...

What a fabulous and amazing creation AND you took us along while you created!!!
Definitely extra points for that too Missy :-)
Your vibrant and colorful take on the Steampunk style is so original and WOW!
You've outdone yourself dear Jackie.

Sara Barker said...

Ok, Jackie, now you've done it! This is my all time favorite of your artwork, and I must have it! I'd trade you my toolbox, but my hubby confiscated it for "hisself". I sat and looked at this with amazement when you first spoke of up cycling the jewelry box, but then there was surprise with each additional paragraph! Now the photos are not in front of me as I write, so I will just touch on my favorite bits that I can recall...Love the amputee upfit, I have a few of these waiting patiently for me to "fix" them. Love those steampunk doilies and how you treated them...fabulous! And all those tiny gears and cogs...they just melt my heart. This is being pinned to my all time favorites board right now! Big hugs!

Win Dinn said...

Jackie, you are sheer delight. What fun this piece is, and I'm loving that you've taken the steampunk look all around it. The colour is fantabulous, and you've obviously been having WAY too much fun!