Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BOO! Haunted House with Gina's Designs & DecoArt

Here I am for my final Wednesday
 with Gina's Designs
 Have you enjoyed these projects I have shared these last few Wednesdays?then go have a look at Gina's store!I just have to tell you,this guest spot has been a blast for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Gina's products!
Gina, thanks so much for asking me along!

BOO! Haunted House!!

For my project I used the


 To begin,I covered the house with White gesso,Cadium Orange Hue & Green Gold,applied with a palette knife.This gave various levels of paint,and yummy colors that would show through the crackle when the top coat,which was a mixture of Dioxazine Purple& Quinacridone Violet,was added.
 Here I added two different sized webs from the Spiderweb Shape Set.
The larger web was painted Hansa Yellow with a top coat of Chartreuse Green. This green was also used to line the doors and windows,as well as the shutters.
The smaller web,the bat,as well as the cat were all given of Titanium White,Quinacridone Violet,Dioxazine Purple&Interference Violet. 
 To distinguish the roof line I used a the Burlap stencil with DecoArt Black modeling paste to create the look of roof shingles.
It's all about the textures with baby!
 Skellies and ghostly children graphics were  then added.
The moon has yummy layers of White Gesso,Primary Yellow,Weathered Wood for crackled texture,Yellow Hansa with a wee bit of Interference Gold. 
 The remaining piece of my Wrought Iron Set  was cut in half to become the gates for the sides of the house.These gates also help to stabilize the house upright as I chose not to use the stands that were included in the kit.

For the gates,I started with a layer of Black gesso. After that, layers and layers of color,Burnt Umber,Burnt Sienna,Cobalt Teal Hue,Cobalt Turquoise Hue,Quinacridone Violet,Dioxazine Purple,Interference Violet and Quinacridone Gold-Phew!!Gotta love the color!
 Oh yes,Verdigris Embossing Powder as well,was added for texture.

And definitely not your typical rusty gate colors-Tristan, I was thinking of you here!
 The tree, which came from the
 Winter Shape Set  was also layered with colors of Primary Yellow&Yellow Ocher,then a thick coat of Weathered Wood for the crackling. Burnt Umber&Burnt Sienna made up the top layers with a highlight of Hansa Yellow.
My pumpkins were painted in Cadium Orange Hue with Stickles Crushed Pineapple for the faces as well as the outline of the trees.
My purple cat got his own dose of Stickles with a little bit of Firefly !
Firefly was also used on the doors,windows,Ghost face and BOO.
 The chipboard pieces, Ghost,Cat,BOO, and Bat all came from the Spooky Shape Set  .
And to help complete my Haunted House, I used some cheesecloth which I dunked in my paint brush water(yuk) then dried and draped it!

I hope you have enjoyed my Boo house and that I have inspired you to go shopping over to Gina's and create some fun of your own!

As always my friends, thank you for your visits and comments!
Jackie ")

Gina'sDesigns Products used:

Media Fluid Acrylics~
Cadium Orange Hue
Titanium White
Green Gold 
Dioxazine Purple
Quinacridone Violet 
Primary Yellow
Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Cobalt Teal Hue
Cobalt Turquoise Hue
Interference Gold
Interference Violet
Quinacridone Gold
Yellow Ocher
Traditions Line~Yellow Hansa 
Americana MultiSurface Satin~Chartreuse
DecoArt Media
White Gesso
Black Gesso
DecoArt Weathered Wood 
DecoArt Modeling Paste~Black

Other Products Used:
Crushed Pineapple
Tim Holtz Burlap Stencil
E6000 Glue
Various Graphics~

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Memories of Mom with Gina's Designs

 Hello everyone!
Today I would like to share something very special to me,that I created using Gina's Design pieces. This past Saturday the 19th was my Mom's birthday,she would have been 84. 
In honor of my Mom,I created this wall hanging.
Using some of my favorite photos of my Mom,I combined these with some of my favorite pieces from Gina's Designs.
 Read along as I share some photos and a few steps of my process.
This first photo is to show you a bit of how I work.
I had the general vision of what I wanted,but not sure of what elements I would use,hence the assorted Gina's pieces,auditioned on and off and up and down,for about an hour before I finally(I use that word lightly)decided! ")

For the substrate,three pages of a book form I had on hand,(yes,Shel,on hand-lol) 
were gessoed,then painted with ColourArte ~Chestnut Brown.
While the paint was still slightly wet,I added Distress Clear Rock Candy Crackle
After the crackle was dry I painted the French Lilac on,waited a minute then wiped it off.
I love the Lilac with the brown!
After these were dry,they were glued together.
 Next up,was painting the
 Flourished Frames Set-Evie(I used all three) 
I gave these a layer of crackle as well. 
The colors I used here were French Lilac & Wine And Roses
oops about the extra bits-darn macro shows everything!

The ColourArte colors I used,
 to paint these beautiful feathers were
Sea Spray,French Lilac,
Teal Zircon,Stargazer,Key Lime 
Gina's Peacock Feathers Shape Set are absolutely gorgeous! These fit perfectly into Mom's piece as she had a beautiful evening dress that my Dad had brought her back from Japan.The dress,iridescent Damask Silk,had Peacock feathers all over and was of the colors I used for this.
After the Peacock Feathers were painted and placed along with the other chipboard,I felt I needed just a bit more.I went through my Gina's stash and found the perfect chipboard pieces!
Again a bit of separation was done-
I told you Gina's chipboard was versatile!
 Here I used the Wrought Iron Set and separated a few of the swirly embellishments for my accent pieces for the center.

   I was painting the words,
"A Moment in Time", when there was Mom 
in beautiful cursive,so I cut it from the phrase and used this in place-I hope you don't mind Gina! ") This was then adhered to one of the pieces from the Stackable Labels Set.

This is a very special piece to me as I said earlier and I couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out! Truly Gina's Design's made this creation of mine-all the more elegant!

 I do hope you have been inspired!
  Jackie P Neal ")

 Gina's Products used:

Other Products used:
E600 Glue

Friday, September 18, 2015

Backyard Water Fountain Upcycle

Happy Friday!
 Today I am sharing a backyard project from this summer,but you need a bit of background story heavy post-grab a cuppa!

 As I have mentioned before my husband Riley is a saver,ya I know,I'm just as bad!teehee
 Anyway awhile ago we found two bird feeder pedestals on the side of the road,surely we would use these for something! Not the same day,but shortly thereafter,we also found 3 bowling balls at the curb!Of course,these also came home-I had ideas!!
Now to the background story
 One of my very favorite blog reads and a great source of inspiration,comes from my dear friend,Patty Szymkowicz's,"Magpie's Nest" .Patty's gorgeous photos with her fountain,drew me right in and I said,I want a backyard fountain too!I emailed Patty and she and Mr. Magpie were kind enough to send some photos as well as tips on how they put their fountain together. Thank you sweet friend! We did not have the same materials, but we went right to work looking through our stash to see what we could use.
This is our creation
We gathered a huge old crock,picked up at auction,small fountain from garage sale,bird feeder pedestal,pottery with a crack in the bottom(too pretty to discard)and a bowling ball. 
The ball and pedestal I painted with DecoArt paints,and then I sealed both with 3 layers of DecoArt Media Gloss Varnish. 
These painted pieces have been here all summer long in all sorts of weather;not to mention the continuous water flow,and have stood up to it all-rather brilliantly I might add! 
now some close-ups...

and for those of you collectors wondering about those beautiful rocks...they came from our beloved Lake Ontario shores...including the heart shaped one! a few more photos of these for you...

 these are the true colors and show brilliantly when the water is on them!
 I have a special love for the fossil rocks as well! Incredible tiny stars on this one!They look like sand-dollars!
In process herb Zen garden
I won't go into details here on the assemblage of the fountain as I have much more to show you. However, If you would like to know more-please feel free to email me and I will be happy to share! 

 Now,I have a few photos of our garden bounty and upcycled veggie stand at work!
 Another of my very favorite bloggers and artist friend, Alison Bomber aka Butterfly,of "Words and Pictures", asked me to share photos of the produce when it was up on the stand-here you are,Alison, thank you for asking dear friend! 

I need more signs!

 Riley had a successful crop of Indian Corn this year,so I have been busy bundling!

gorgeous colors!!

These green beans,fresh picked yesterday,YUM! Only one container for the stand- the rest went into the freezer-for us!
and the pumpkins and gourds...
 can you see the spots of orange? This will be another post as they are still waiting to be picked...

I don't know about you,but I am about done for today!!

Thanks so much for your visit and your wonderful comments-they really do mean the world to me!
 Peace and creative wishes,
Jackie ")

Products used:
DecoArt Media Acrylics
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics
DecoArt Americana Multi Surface Satin Acrylics
DecoArtMedia Gloss Varnish

Lumiere by Jaquard~Halo Pink Gold