Thursday, July 23, 2015

Buried Treasure

This is a repost-do not be alarmed if you think you saw this before-you did-
This is not Déjà vu- it is definitely a repost!teeheehee
This post is being rebroadcast in cooperation with Seth Apter's 
7th Annual Buried Treasure Collaboration

I have been in the studio creating while the snow has been falling outside...
and no, not at all like Buffalo,New York! thank goodness ")
(Today's real date,7/23/15, it is a beautiful 77 degrees F  here and full of sunshine!!)
Today's post is picture heavy, as I show and tell how I created this vintage~distressed memory book with a recycled card box and DecoArt products.

For my project, I used a recycled card box that I painted inside and out first with gesso.

Next I covered the outside of the box with Americana multi-surface Satin~Muted Gold
 I dry-brushed over the spine,back,top and bottom edges with  Dazzling Metallics~Splendid Gold
  On the back of the book,I applied a generous coat of Americana Weathered Wood Crackle Medium
 While still tacky,but almost dry,I brushed Media Fluid Acrylic~Quinachridone Burnt Orange mixed with Glazing Medium.

 On to the front of the book
 For this,I printed out a vintage book plate of Bees picture to use as my first layer.
 I applied Americana Decou-Page Transfer Medium to both the book and to the front of the bees picture. Waited overnight for this to dry.
The next day, I brushed a generous coat of water over the picture and let it soak for 5 minutes. Gently I started to rub off the paper revealing the image underneath.

 Next I added 3 butterfly images that I also printed out and fancy cut again using the Deco-PageTransfer Medium and technique

Because I used a heavier paper to print,my butterflies have added a bit of dimension to to the layers.

My next step was to scrape on modeling paste with sand added around the outside of my butterflies and bees.
Now,I layered colors to this using Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Quinachridone Burnt Orange and Dark Scarlett.  
When these layers were dry, I brushed layers of Worn Penny and Venetian Gold . 
Next, added was another layer of modeling paste through a Damask stencil.
 When this was dry I continued to build up layers of color using the Worn Penny,Venetian Gold, Splendid Gold,also adding a hint of Carbon Black.  
I also used the golds and black on the edges of the sides and back of book as well.

 When dry, I gave the inside design on the front cover a generous coat of Triple Thick Gloss Glaze.

                                On to the inside of the box

 After securing my ribbons, I cut and glued the inside papers using scrapbook pages from my stash.

Time for another transfer-this time on the inside cover of the book; again using the Deco-PageTransfer Medium and technique

   After the transfer was complete,a bit of distressing around the edges was added.

                                                                 My completed Book

 I do hope you enjoyed my step by step and hope that maybe you were inspired to create today!!

Jackie ")


Valerie-Jael said...

WOW! This is indeed well worth showing and seeing again, a fabulous treasure. It must have been a lot of hard work, but really worth it. Well done Sweetie! Hugs, Valerie

Astrid Maclean said...

Wow, and to think it all started as a recycled box! Fabulous image transfers, and brilliant textures, also the colours look fantastic, - a truly wonderful make!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Wow! What a gorgeous work (a lot of work) of art you have created here.

Pamellia Johnson said...

Holy cow Jackie, this is spectacular! I just added about a dozen DecoArt products to my wish list, yipes!! The gold antiquing is so wonderful, this could have been a treasure lost at sea, so distressed and worn! Beautiful images too, just love love love!! hugs :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thank you for this repost, because I believe this is my first time visiting your blog. You have a lovely box and lots of wonderful DecoArt products to create it with. I so enjoyed this.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my GOSH! SPECTACULAR! What a fantastic project!
Great to see the progress ! Thank you for sharing dear Jackie!
Have a happy rest of the week!

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Delicious, yummy colors and textures

Joi at RR said...

For sure this was before my time peeking in at your incredible posts Jackie.... because I missed this one AND..... oh my my my my my.... it the BEST OF THE BEST. One of my very favorite ones of yours - for sure. I absolutely adore everything about this wonderful creation. The colors - some of my favs, the crackle/textures are intriguing, just love the bees and the way you added that page, the inside, the ribbon... whew - just can't say enough about the WONDROUSLY MARVELOUS project. Hugs. j.

Bev said...

Oh yes I remember it's a wonderful keepsake and you put so much love into it....

Krystal Barto said...

Wow I really love this project, such beuatiful colors ready for fall :)

Catherine R said...

Wow! That's some box! Love all the textures. Thanks for the details.

Sara Barker said...

Oh, am I ever inspired to create today! I love a good recycle project, and you have done wonderful justice to this hollow book! I believe we may have had the same book, Jackie! Tee Hee! I love your transfers; they came out perfectly! And that textured front is to die for with that modeling paste layered on twice--very cool indeed! And your crackle finish on the back is perfection! Well done, and I'm so jealous of your gorgeous New York weather! I'll be in touch via regular e-mail. Hugs! Sara Emily

Julie Ann Lee said...

Well, I never saw this post before Jackie: it must have been a while ago? What a treasure it is indeed. How lovingly and how beautifully you created it. I love bees and these look such a wonderful contrast against the rich gold. xx

butterfly said...

Well, that was certainly worth a re-post! What an outstanding creation... I've already googled the transfer medium to see if I can get any here in the UK, and I'm in love with the crackle you've achieved on the back - what a fabulous effect. Gorgeous distressing of the papers inside too - this is an absolute treasure.
Alison xx

Jean said...

Wow- this is amazing! I love the step by step! Such amazing details and layers!

Becky Wentworth said...

Fabulous Jackie, I love how you show all of your steps with great photos and great descriptions. What a lovely piece!

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jackie, great tutorial and the box looks brilliant.
Many thanks for the visit to mine too. Happy crafting, Angela x