Friday, July 31, 2015

Art Sistas retreat weekend

Today I'd like to share a recap last weekend. okay, backing up, for the last 5 or so months,four internet friends,(this would be  Becky Wentworth,Karenliz Henderson and Sherie Weiser Eddy and me), having been doing an art journal collaboration.

 Over time we decided to call ourselves the Artistsas aka Art Sistas.
 Then one day, I had a "scathingly brilliant idea"** to invite said Artistas to our home to play art for the weekend!
No, we did not know one another personally,just from the net- sounds scary huh? Well, I took my chances sent out the email and all three were ecstatic!! So we planned dates,travel,food preferences,etc.
My husband Riley was fabulous about the whole thing, helping me reorganize,paint and set up my side of the barn for art playtime and arranging sleeping quarters.

  Rile and I did the meal planning,grocery shopping and last minute details together. 
I must admit, we are an awesome team!!
The weekend finally arrived and luckily the two gals flying were coming in 10 minutes of one another. So we show up at the airport- me carrying a sign in front of me with ARTISTAS on it!! It worked!!    
I heard- I'm Sherie!! After laughs and hugs we looked for Becky and there she was as well!! More laughs and hugs,grabbed their luggage and headed home to wait for Karenliz.
Handpainted canvas gifts for me from Karenliz! Gorgeous-thank you!!

Karenliz arrived a bit later than planned because of car issues, but once again,there were laughs,hugs and whoops lets get this party started!!
The next few days went like,laugh,play art,journal,cut and paste,stencil,stamp,etc.,some sleep and do it all over again,but, we all agreed,it all went by way too fast!

 We also ate real good,with fresh veggies out of the garden.
Karenliz and Sherie fell in love with the chickens and Sherie hopes for some chickens of her own some day! ")
Sherie-our resident egg gatherer and chicken feeder!!
 When Riley, our resident chef and fire starter wasn't busy with us, he was working on a project of his own-more to come another day on this!

   oh,and then we had a bon-fire, roasted marshmallows and ate smores!! Karenliz likes her marshmallows burnt!and I mean to a crisp!Yum???

During the weekend,I taught the gals a class on creating altered bottles and we used our DecoArt products which they were so generous to supply through the Helping Artist Program.
We used DecoArt Modeling Paste,Media Acrylics Line, Traditions Paints,Americana and Chalky Paints,Crackle Glaze and Matte Medium as well.
Trying to look teacherly,instead,displaying a goofy face! teehee

Becky enjoying the process

Proud Student!

happy student-Sherie!

These two are totally getting into what they are doing!

 and here we have our photographer in residence- Karenliz!

 Karenliz's photos here show the gorgeous bottles created by these wonderful gals who have so much talent and I feel such a special connection to!!
Created by Sherie

 Created by Becky
Created by Karenliz

Created by me!

  Chum was our mascot in residence
- He made sure the chickens stayed in line, slept under our table in the art barn-day & night.
 And made Karenliz play soccer ball and chase every chance he got!
They bonded real well- even taking selfies together!! heehee
I freakin love this photo!!!!!!

We also each painted an abstract using some inspiration from Pinterest. It really is amazing how we each had such different interpretations of the photos we were using.

 This gorgeous canvas is by Sherie Weiser Eddy- and can you believe she gifted this to me before she left? 
Tears of joy well up when I look at this!

The weekend was beyond any expectations I had and the time spent together learning,sharing and creating was beyond my words. I can tell you we did not sleep much,laughed a lot and really enjoyed one another s company.
The one thing that I did learn,was,at one time,I toyed with the idea of doing this as a business...I really believe to go any larger or try to recreate this for money,for me,would loose the essence of the art&soul that was here at this retreat.  

 I thank you all for joining us today and hope you have been inspired in some way! 
Jackie ")

** the quote"Scathingly brilliant Idea" is from my all time favorite movie- "The Trouble With Angels" starring Haley Mills and Rosalind Russell **