Sunday, June 21, 2015

Catching up...

So here is the long and short of it...May flew by and now June seems to be doing the same.
 I never had a chance to post a few things I was excited about ,so I am cramming them all into this one post- if you are too busy, either come back later or grab a cuppa and read on-mostly photos...

 My sweet dil Julie Neal,bought me this lovely basket of flowers for Mother's Day! Thank you Jules!
Chum did not want to be left out of the excitement so he decided to grab Mommas slipper to be photographed with!
 A huge box arrived from Amazon and in it was a huge blue velvet bag with a letter saying do not open the card yet- keep the surprise going!

 Inside was a beautiful treasure trove of sweets and treats and gardening gloves and tools as well as some flower seeds! 
Best of all it was from my wonderful children,Lindsey, Lenny &Neda!
    I love you all soooo much and miss you!!xo
 Next up came a package from my sister Julie, do you remember the Grandma's Little Cupcake Brag Book I made? Julie is the sis I made it for. So she and Tim are always finding cool things and they found this mini fridge for me!!
 Such a riot-look at these cute little pieces inside!!
 Freezer tape(lol),mini basket with,vegetable pushpins, Pineapple stapler,
  Celery stalk pen and block of butter sharpener
Strawberry Cheesecake tape measure
 and crafting scissors tucked in the back!!
Such a fun little surprise! Thanks my sis and Tim!! Love you!!

 Next up...the first of our barn,lawn/weeding out sales! More came out as the weekend went by, but ohhh so much more stuff still to come!

...and then there is picking strawberries every two days. 
Yes, they ARE as YUMMY as they look!

Covered head to toe and sweating profusely!! Too many mosquitoes and hot sun for me!!
 Next, I received some lovely art from my online art friend Pam Wildeboar. You are just a honey Pam!

 Okay, here is where you find out,just how sick I really am! So we are having sales to get rid of things right? Well, we certainly cannot drive by a (okay,maybe 2 or 3)good garage sales without checking it/them out!!
 Anyhow, check out this score!!!


 Also,we went camping for eight days! And let me tell you, it was glorious! -More photos another day!

Momma and Chum swimming and playing catch the ball!

 And finally for today...
last Sunday, my husband surprised me by packing up a picnic dinner and took me and Chum down to the lake,Lake Ontario...
 It was 90 something that day with 100% humidity and Chum needed a swim! I would have gone in, but about an hour before we left there was a huge thunderstorm with lots of wind and rain and the water was a bit choppy-Chum didn't care- Obviously!

filling my pockets with treasures!

As always, I love that you have stopped to visit!!
Have a beautiful Sunday-and Happy Father's Day to my reader's and their families!

Jackie ")


Valerie-Jael said...

What oodles of lovely photos and goodies on show today. My mouth is watering when I see those strawberries, and I just LOVE that little fridge with all those great things inside it! Great post! Hugs, Valerie

Shel C said...

It is so fun to see a peek into someone's real life. The things they love that inspire their art. It lets us get to know a friend we never met :) thanks for the photo filled post and I wish I could grow those strawberries!

Julie Ann Lee said...

Jackie, I so envy you those strawberries! They are my favourite fruit and these look super yummy! I totally agree with Shel C who commented before me that taking a peek into your real life is like getting to know a friend we never met - such a lovely and perfect way of putting it. You really enjoy life, Jackie, and that is so reflected in your art, which is so full of radiant colour and a spirit of adventure and fun! You don't do anything half-heartedly. Visiting here is always a tonic! xxx

Bev said...

Well you have been busy and spoilt as you should be lol your gifts are wonderful and your Sis sure gave you a fun gift ,how cute...what a haul all those goodies lol you are having fun ....swimming fun and strawberries , bliss ....and hello to Chummy....

Janet Ghio said...

What fun to see all your photos! You are one busy woman. I'm sure you will come up with all kinds of creative ways to use all those treasures you bought! Oh the strawberries--yum, yum--but the picking not so much yum And you know i always love to hear about Chum's adventures!!

Joseph Cuccurullo said...

Love your photos, looks like you are having a good time. Have missed you but glad you are doing well. BIG hugs.

Win Dinn said...

What a fabulous summer you're already having...LOVE the garage sale scores, and that mini fridge is too cute for words. Wishing you more of the same on all counts - family, friends, finds and freedom...xoxox

aimarii said...

Mansikat. Oi taivas, miten herkullisia ne ovat. Tuoksukin on herkkua. Nyt en näe postauksessasi muuta, kuin mansikat. Täällä ne eivät ole vielä kypsiä.
Minä olen ollut myös retkellä. Kiipesin tunturille juhannukseni ja vaeltelin muutenkin. Oli seitsemän päivän retki.

Sara Barker said...

I'm late; I'm late! What a fun post to read, and I didn't even have any caffeine! What a wonderful DIL you have to send those beautiful flowers! And sweet kids to send you a gift! Now this cute is that???!!!! a DOOR able!!!! And what a garage sale score you have there! Don't you just love trying to find a place for everything? NOT! And, hun, that's not camping, that's RVing! We used to camp a lot as kids, and we slept under the stars! Not now; camping is staying at a Holiday Inn! I just might be talked into RVing sometime! Thanks again, for a lovely post and all the photos! Made my day! Hugs! PS Thank you for all your sweet, sweet comments on my blog!

~*~Patty S said...

What a wonderful post full of gifts and goodness and so much more.
Precious gifts from your special ones Jackie!
Your berries have me drooling...I would be in trouble being around them because I get hives when I eat too many (same goes with tomatoes and I adore both!).
I would have been in big trouble at that sale where you scored all of those treasures too. So many of the things I have a weakness for.
I have been knee deep in clearing out paper and stuff stuff stuff that I won't be using many decks of playing cards can one person alter!!!
My collecting days are drawing to a close...found so much good stuff while digging it will keep me busy for a long long time.
Lake Ontario sure looks inviting.
Really fun post Missy!

Pia Rom said...

What an amazing post full of joy and treasures! I am sitting here mouthwatering about the gorgeous strawberries! I so loove them! Seems you have had and awesome time! ♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling

denthe said...

So many great pictures and surprises! You had quite a lot going on in June! Love that cute little mini-fridge, and in that shop I would've been walking around for ages.... And those strawberries..... YUM!

Angela Radford said...

Wish I could be with you Jackie dearest friend! special person! lovely girl! Lol!
However it would be rather a long flight so guess I will just have to go back and have another look at your photos and watch you enjoying yourselves.
Have a great week, Angela xXx

butterfly said...

Well, what a treasure trove of a post, from your vintage haul (just as well you've been clearing things out... now you'll have room for this lot!) to all those yummy-looking strawberries to the tiny fridge - so cute. Looks as though you've been making the most of your summer weather too - I'd love to go for a swim in that lake, it looks amazing.
Alison xx