Sunday, June 21, 2015

Catching up...

So here is the long and short of it...May flew by and now June seems to be doing the same.
 I never had a chance to post a few things I was excited about ,so I am cramming them all into this one post- if you are too busy, either come back later or grab a cuppa and read on-mostly photos...

 My sweet dil Julie Neal,bought me this lovely basket of flowers for Mother's Day! Thank you Jules!
Chum did not want to be left out of the excitement so he decided to grab Mommas slipper to be photographed with!
 A huge box arrived from Amazon and in it was a huge blue velvet bag with a letter saying do not open the card yet- keep the surprise going!

 Inside was a beautiful treasure trove of sweets and treats and gardening gloves and tools as well as some flower seeds! 
Best of all it was from my wonderful children,Lindsey, Lenny &Neda!
    I love you all soooo much and miss you!!xo
 Next up came a package from my sister Julie, do you remember the Grandma's Little Cupcake Brag Book I made? Julie is the sis I made it for. So she and Tim are always finding cool things and they found this mini fridge for me!!
 Such a riot-look at these cute little pieces inside!!
 Freezer tape(lol),mini basket with,vegetable pushpins, Pineapple stapler,
  Celery stalk pen and block of butter sharpener
Strawberry Cheesecake tape measure
 and crafting scissors tucked in the back!!
Such a fun little surprise! Thanks my sis and Tim!! Love you!!

 Next up...the first of our barn,lawn/weeding out sales! More came out as the weekend went by, but ohhh so much more stuff still to come!

...and then there is picking strawberries every two days. 
Yes, they ARE as YUMMY as they look!

Covered head to toe and sweating profusely!! Too many mosquitoes and hot sun for me!!
 Next, I received some lovely art from my online art friend Pam Wildeboar. You are just a honey Pam!

 Okay, here is where you find out,just how sick I really am! So we are having sales to get rid of things right? Well, we certainly cannot drive by a (okay,maybe 2 or 3)good garage sales without checking it/them out!!
 Anyhow, check out this score!!!


 Also,we went camping for eight days! And let me tell you, it was glorious! -More photos another day!

Momma and Chum swimming and playing catch the ball!

 And finally for today...
last Sunday, my husband surprised me by packing up a picnic dinner and took me and Chum down to the lake,Lake Ontario...
 It was 90 something that day with 100% humidity and Chum needed a swim! I would have gone in, but about an hour before we left there was a huge thunderstorm with lots of wind and rain and the water was a bit choppy-Chum didn't care- Obviously!

filling my pockets with treasures!

As always, I love that you have stopped to visit!!
Have a beautiful Sunday-and Happy Father's Day to my reader's and their families!

Jackie ")

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"I Am An Artist" Pocket Letter Page

Remember this pile of fancy cut collage pieces and and embellishment treasures from a few weeks back?
 This is what I created with my Altered Pages.Com
Each piece methodically chosen and collaged into place onto atc's using matte gel.

All the cards fit nicely into the Pocket Page Protector,which folds nicely into thirds for mailing.
Bits and pieces and other treasures are packed in behind the atc's; and now are ready to take flight to their new destination! 

All Products used are by Altered unless otherwise stated:
Protector Page
German Scrap
Gold Opulence Stickers
Kraft Clock Face
Ephemera Treasure Pack items
Glitz Paper- Laced With Grace
Glassine Envelopes

Altered Pages Collages used:
Old Masters
Really Red
Tools For Artists
Red Collage
Through The Window
I Create,Therefore I am
Create Art
Vintage Tea
An Assortment
Green Woman

 Thanks so much for your visit -why not make a pocket letter page of your own to send to a friend?

Jackie ")

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Muse

"Summer Muse"
Kristin Van Valkenburg is back with her
 Although I have always followed this challenge, this is the first time I am playing along.
Each week Kristin gives a palette of color and she challenges us to create with it. 
I have to say it was a challenge staying within the 3 colors, but glad I did because I really love my results. 
Go have a look and join in,if you are so inclined.
Thank you Kristin for the fun play!

  I love seaglass, and was so excited when my order arrived just in time to use some on this canvas! 
Seaglass is part of some wonderful Summer memories for me!
     Isn't the scrollwork gorgeousness?! 
The header was longer than my canvas so I cut off the edges and placed the raw edges underneath on the sides. I had to use those pieces,right?!!
The photographing in the sun shows the colors the best and this is about Summer,
and Summer=Sun!

 Scrollwork Header,Corners and key are by Gina's Designs
Stamps are Lynne Perrella's Collection from PaperArtsy
Seaglass is from Alpha Stamps
Glass Flowers-garage sale find

Linking up with SummerOfColor5~Week1

Thanks for joining me today!! I love to read your comments and appreciate your visits! xx
Jackie ")